Handsome Furs

Handsome Furs, the duo of Wolf Parade co-leader Dan Boeckner and his wife Alexi Perry, are no more. The band announced their breakup on their Facebook page last night. Here’s the complete text of their announcement:

With a heavy heart the time has come to let all of you know that Handsome Furs are no more.

The most important thing that needs to be said right now is how extremely grateful we are to all the fans all over the world that showered us with love and support over the years. Thank you for everything! It’s been an incredible 6 years and we owe it all to you.



This is a pretty intense bum-out. Over their three albums, the duo crafted a deeply satisfying and singular sound, one that married Sprinsteen-style anthemic howls to chilly new-wave textures. They were persistently one of the more underrated bands in the indie rock world, and they also seemed to be having more fun than most other bands in their sphere: Posing for sexy and sensationalistic promo photos, touring mainland China while Vice’s cameras followed them, stuff like that. They will be missed.

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  1. This is terrible news, not only because I love their albums, but also because this is the first time I’ve seen a picture like this of them and I wont likely be seeing anymore now that they’re broken up.

  2. Stream the full Stockholm show recorded last year http://bit.ly/KIk036

  3. [fingers crossed] Wolf Parade comeback, Wolf Parade comeback, Wolf Parade comeback…

  4. Wow, that’s intense – I assume this is a band finale and not an actual marriage break-up? Those two could not have seemed more consistently and constantly in love and into playing music together – both on stage and off. Glad I got to see them a bunch! I second the Wolf Parade comeback.

  5. They did an interview on Sound Opinions that concluded with her cutting him off to answer why Wolf Parade had broken up. I think I would have divorced her right then and there, so color me unsurprised.

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