Bono Now World's Richest Musician

Bono owns 2.3% of Facebook’s shares (because of course he does) through a $90 million dollar purchase made by his investment group, Elevation Partners, in 2009. Now, with Facebook going public and all — it’s currently valued at about $100 billion — NME reports that Bono stands to make a killing off of his position, in the neighborhood of $1.5 billion. That makes him the world’s richest musician pretty much going away; Paul McCartney is a mere billionaire and is basically poor compared to Bono. “Where The Streets Have No Name (Because I Own The World)” (2012 Remix). Commenters, what you got?

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  1. fuck this guy.

  2. Good for Bono. Now just use it to help some children in Africa and I’ll be truely pleased.

  3. eh. him being the worlds richest musician dosen’t change the fact that he has to wake up every morning, look in the mirror, and see that he is Bono. I kinda feel sorry for him. No, thats a lie…

  4. But he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for…

  5. Hey Bono, buy me an Island (I´m thinking of Mallorca or Azores ) I think I need a bigger place to live, my small apartment isn´t comfortable enough. Thanks bono, you´re the greatest.

  6. Some Days Are Better Than Others

  7. Bono’s going to pass that camel through the eye of a needle if it’s the last thing he does.

  8. All that money and he still can’t buy a decent pair of sunglasses…

  9. I liked him better when he was Macphisto

  10. Bono’s still #2




  13. Wow! This is more money than one man, or one rock star, can count. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, because Bono can’t count:

  14. This just in–Bono now owns 2.3% of Paul McCartney.

  15. This source places the actual facebook stock wealth more @ 10 million via Billboard magazine.

    But who cares about facts right? This is the internet.

    The better Bono joke is that after Kurt Cobain dies and goes to heaven, St. Peter is walking him around showing him all of his dead rock star buddies, “Hey here’s Jimi Hendrix, here’s Janis Joplin.” All the sudden this short Irish guy with dyed black hair in a patent leather suit and wrap around fly shades struts through the clouds like he owns the place. Kurt says, “Bono’s not dead, what’s he doing here?” St. Peter says, “oh no, that’s God he just likes to pretend he’s Bono.”

  16. It’s an investment GROUP. “Bono” doesn’t own 2.3% of anything, only a fraction of that. The investment GROUP that he is a part of owns 2.3%. Also, dude has already said most of the profits from this investment will go to Africa.

  17. up from last year’s ranking of catorce.

  18. interesting, just now reading a story on NME that says he could LOSE about $342 million since the shares are dropping like flies. yes, i could have made several U2 jokes there, but chose not to.

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