Beach House

Just kidding! This British Volkswagen ad obviously totally and completely rips off Beach House! Specifically, it rips off “Take Care,” the song that ends Teen Dream. Beach House have already issued a statement about the ad on their Facebook, and it sure sounds like they have a case in just about any court:

The ad agency actively tried to license “Take Care” from us for weeks, to which we politely declined. People’s comments/anger should not be directed towards VW or us. It was the ad agency that made these moves. I hope this also clarifies to fans and non-fans just how “Take Care” and the vw ad song are related.

Ad agencies! Please realize that there are many songs out there! You can probably license more than one! Watch the ad and listen to the song below.

Biting or no, that is a good commercial.

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  1. I feel like if they were going to obviously rip off the song, they could have at least tried to add the same emotion when they say “I will watch over you”. The above just sounds like a boring cover of the original. On the other hand, the commercial is pretty moving with the song.

  2. Is this what Flying Lotus was talking about?

  3. Changing “I’ll take care of you” to “I’ll watch over you”, real subtle. Don Draper’s rolling in his figurative grave.

  4. Hold on…that wasn’t Beach House?!

  5. The ‘team’ who made the rip off are also responsible for that god awful ‘Little Boxes’ song in that advert, they deserve a slow death for that alone.

  6. I love this song! “Watch over you” by Coastal Resort. Man, their album ‘Adolescent sleep thoughts’ was on heavy rotation for me for like a year.

  7. Beach louse aren’t as original as they think they are.

  8. when my band’s famous we’ll write soundalikes of our songs, license them, and act like we’re post-outrage

  9. I can seriously think of at least half a dozen ads currently shown on TV with sound-a-like music. it’s very very common.

  10. I just presumed this was the latest godawful Birdy cover.

  11. “Other people want to steal our songs”

  12. I am not sure how I feel about beach house. After seeing the ad, I’d like to know, why they would not want to be part of the commercial?

  13. Song is apparently called Whispers & Stories” by Sniffy Dog. Sniffy Dog being a music and sound design company in the UK (

    What a joke.

  14. Advertising and Marketing so called creatives spend most of their days in meetings with other so called creatives stealing real artists ideas and works. I have seen it happen they spend all day searching through other peoples shit to come up with their next big idea. “if you work in Advertising or Marketing you should just kill yourself.” – Bill Hicks

  15. Suing this commercial for having the “Beach House” sound, in my opinion, opens an infinite can of worms. For instance, if you sue Volkswagon for this, why not sue She Wants Revenge for trying to bite Interpol or sue Interpol for being influenced by Joy Division. I mean, clearly the commercial’s song is very influenced by Beach House. But enough for a lawsuit? Hardly.

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