Waka Flocka Flame - Triple F Life

Waka Flocka Flame’s new album, Triple F Life, showcases some new looks and song structures for Flocka, but the just-dropped “Lurkin’” is a gritty, bubbling banger akin to those found on the great, game-changing Flockaveli. Florida party rapper Plies shows up and gets some high-energy shouting in, too. Fifth Ave., watch out below — my computer might be going through a window soon. Stream below.

(via Hip Hop Early)

Triple F Life is out 6/12 on 1017 Brick Squad/Asylum/Warner Bros.

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    • All the gritty middle class white people keepin’ it real on Fifth Avenue, and in better suburbs everywhere. My cousins who went to Emma Willard like this kind of stuff. So apparently it’s that demographic, and white trash in flyover states.

      Don’t ask me, I’m just the messenger.

  2. By “game-changing” you mean a new low in modern minstrelsy, right?

  3. Waka is bad enough, but fucking Plies? PLIES? Did you not hear “Hundred Years”? Because I sure did.

    I can’t even…I just…no.

  4. This is exactly the kind of beat you expect him to let out a drawn-out menacing “SQUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAADDDDDD” on a few measures before the beat drops. I’m startin to expect that in every BSM track… did he ever actually do that?

  5. waka flocka flame lurkin rock

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