Dave Matthews Band - "Gaucho"

Here’s a new socially conscious tune complete with kids’ chorus from Dave Matthews Band called “Gaucho,” played for the first time tonight at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in Texas, and slated to appear on the band’s forthcoming Steve Lillywhite-produced fall LP. The song’s now been released as a free download to members of the DMB fan club, but in case you’re not a member for some reason, you can also hear below.

Dave recently debuted “Mercy,” another track from the album, on Fallon. You can check that out here.

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  1. Uhhhhhhhhh…. what?

    • Michael_  |   Posted on May 19th, 2012 +1

      Just go with it. There’s a few un-Stereogum-like bands here on Stereogum that its creator has power gushing over and DMB is one of them. What’s cool, though, is sometimes it works to an interesting benefit (Like when Sigur Ros’ “Gobbledigook” came out, Scott called them out on making a song that sounded like Animal Collective meets DMB’s “Grey Street.” I almost bought DMB’s greatest hits for that reason. Almost…)

    • They’re posting on Waka Flaka Flame and Gucci Mane. All is fair game at Stereogum. All Songs Considered.

    • If you don’t like DMB don’t listen to them. Hipsters think they are too cool for DMB ugh.

      • Having discerning taste in music and being a hipster are not at all the same thing. This is primarily an independent music blog, so when you see posts about DMB without any irony, it’s bound to raise a few eyebrows.

        I hate your statement, your avatar, and probably wouldn’t like you either.

  2. it’s not April 1st…nor is it any year between 1994-1997…i give up.

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    • to be fair, their first 3 records are pretty solid. but then they decided to ditch everything they had going for them on that shit sandwich, ‘Everyday’ and they lost me. i cant stand DMB as they are today cuz the music’s gone to complete shit but almost more so because of the absolute cult they’ve amassed which is populated by those frat boys you described and other such people who refuse to acknowledge that they should just hang it up already.

    • Michael_  |   Posted on May 19th, 2012 +18

      So Scott’s gonna be a DMB fan now… and in 2012 I still find people on the internet commenting on another person’s music tastes how they insult and condemn a person for his music choices.

      How about the people who go through this and never find peace and end up committing suicide? Would you rather that? Or maybe he could become a raging drug addict and ruin his life and family? Would you rather that? Or maybe we could have rules from a dictator where everyone gets killed for anything they believe against conventional indie music “rules,” oh wait that doesn’t work…

      How about you leave the guy alone. How about you let another human being make a decision about their music without your snide prejudices and bigotry? This is one of the hardest decisions a person can make. From my limited understanding of the subject, it means feeling your whole life like you were born into the wrong scene. That’s something that 99% of us can’t understand. Whether you agree or don’t, it’s not your playlist. It’s not your vinyl collection. it’s not your blog, it’s theirs.

      I don’t see the Stereogum guys, or if at all, but I always wish them well. They’re a great blog. Leave it at that. Just let them be a great blog.

      To those being kind, this is not for you…

      If this is joke though, it’s in very bad taste to the people who actually go through this. But I will say that I still feel this way about anyone who makes a decision against what we call “indie.” You can’t hate them, and they have the right, here in America, to make their own choices and listen to music free of prejudice.

      So go listen, Scott.

      ****PS- EDIT NOTE**** – I’m not advocating a pro-DMB stance or anything, but I’ve definitely seen DMB get coverage on Stereogum via Scott as the post author throughout the years here. I really just don’t think you’re going to win this war against the man in charge despite your many understandable grievances. To be fair to Dave Matthews, he did once tell Rolling Stone that he was getting into Xiu Xiu a few years back, which I thought was kind of cool of him to say. Can you please just look at the big picture here?

    • @Michael Hanna If you hate them so much, why don’t you make your own fucking band and make something out of your life. DMB are better than half the bands posted on this site.

      And I GUARANTEE you have not listened to their first three records intently, so don’t fucking act like you have.

    • i dont particular like DMB either but you sir are a huge douchebag.

  4. I saw DMB live for the first time in 1993.

    I’ve seen them live many times since.

    If you dislike their music, that’s cool. To each their own. But if you don’t understand the skill they posses as musicians, then you need to do a bit of studying (a music theory class never hurt anyone, really). Also, their concerts are big and powerful. The sense of togetherness you get at their shows is second only to what I experienced going to Dead shows.

    But again, I respect the fact that a lot of people don’t like them. In fact, I think it’s great. Easier to get tickets.

    I still like DMB.

    However, like k-pop, DMB does not belong at Stereogum. It just doesn’t fit the tone of the site at all. When I saw this story I actually checked to see that I was still on Stereogum. Thought I might have bookmarked over to a different site.

    • Like I didn’t see THAT comin’. I agree with people and they still give me down votes. lol

    • In the past year that Stereogum has become more of a reflection of the writers’ personal tastes and niche preferences rather than what works well for the general tone of being an indie music website (define that however you would like.) The k-pop content always throws me for a loop even when it’s really just a video placed in Tom’s 5 Best Videos of the Week. My feeling is that if you’re not going to be all in by covering the rest of the k-pop scene in song streams, Premature Evaluations and so on, then focus on the content your readers are interested in. Let’s not forget however that in the past, Brandon used to make the most of his obscure metal love and Jessica was probably among the first writers here to put an honest effort into writing about mainstream pop. I don’t think any of those directions ultimately took anything away from the site, but they didn’t add anything either. While all of those different perspectives offer a different shade of music to the Stereogum spectrum, look to your right in the Top Stories and see that the most commented stories on here involve high profile indie news or just ridiculous tabloid music fodder. I mean, I love that Carly Rae Jepsen song but I wouldn’t write a song review about it over at my place because it just doesn’t fit my audience.

      • i went to your place earlier today and read your review of Jeff the Brotherhood’s Sixpack. sounded very similar to stereogum’s review.

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        • idiot. spend more time loving something instead of hating on whatever you can.

    • Lot of musicians have skill, but skills can be used for evil or good. Had you used this same argument to stick up for Phish, I would totally have supported you because those guys are practically bursting with creativity and vision.

      • This should have gone under rskva’s post…

      • Considering how awful most Phish lyrics have been for the last 30 years, your argument is kind of self-defeating.

        Also, to begin with, Phish was a four piece with guitar, bass, drums and piano/keyboard. Pretty straight. DMB was a five piece with acoustic guitar, bass, fiddle, saxophone and drums. Not so straight.

        So essentially, I guess what you’re saying is, because DMB wrote beautiful, accessible, pop leaning album rock, but Phish used strange time signatures and jazz chord progressions, that makes Phish more creative and visionary?

        If so, I can’t agree. And I’m a pretty big Phish fan, also. Those first three DMB albums, as well as Busted Stuff, are exceptional. Most bands would pay good money to have a catalogue of songs that strong to pull from.

        Also, both of them are great live. Both do extended jams, which leads DMB into more jazz/rock territory and Phish into more psychedelic grooves. Again, not the same. Both good.

    • YES YES YES!!!

      The together-ness…the epic-ness of their concerts…the fact that they don’t have different OUTFITS for each concert, they just wear what they want. The fact they don’t TRY to impress anyone—they do what they love and if people like it–so be it. These last two years are the most I’ve ever seen DMB market to the public. Before that? Like nada.

      So what if Dave doesn’t have a good voice? It’s all about the music. They are A-MAZ-ING. The talent, the skill…..wow. I just love it. I only feel at home listening to Dave. And their concerts—it’s not like any other concert where you go “just because”. You know that about 95% of the people are at that show because they LOVE this band and could name every song by the first note or two played of each song…or by what guitar Dave brings out. I’ll forever be a fan.

  5. Looks, kids. Here’s the thing. We all started nodding out heads when bands like Tigercity and the dude from Tim & Eric started celebrating soft rock cheese. We all made allowances for letting the hippies into our club when we started digging d’Eon and new age music. We all loved how Bon Iver unironically got his Bruce Hornsby on a year ago. But…THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS! Dave Matthews is this generation’s Bruce Hornsby, a guy who makes bland, inoffensive music that appeals to middle-aged house wives and advertising executives. Is that what you guys really want? A blog full of posters like in that one Adam Lambert thread a few months back. Because that’s where this will lead.

    • Apparently people here have never heard of hyperbole.

    • What advertising have you heard with DMB? I’d REALLY like to know. Because I’m pretty sure it’s very near to none. However, I could easily give you a list a mile long of ads that have used music by the bands that Stereogum regularly covers/endorses. Indie has been all the rage in commercials in the last five years. And btw, I’m not against this practice either way. I just don’t see the validity of your point.

      More importantly, DMB is NOTHING like Bruce Hornsby. Not the same kind of music, not the same popularity, not the same longevity, NOTHING! Again, as I said up above, if you don’t like it, more power to you. But geez, work a little harder at making some good comparisons.

  6. Thought it’s entirely DMB, but I liked “Live at Radio City” concert, and always considered it as one of the most excellent live ever. I admit that their recent music isn’t good. Maybe their talent just drift away.

  7. Clearly Scott is trying to jump on the whole DMB 90′s revivalism early, before all the new hip indie bands start citing them as influences.

  8. you ppl are all tools. nicki minaj is ok, but dave matthews isn’t?

  9. “Tough room”

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      • I prob stole your lunch money and/or swirlied you………

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          • Its kind of depressing, as a massive DMB fan and lover of most of the stuff posted on Strereogum, to see that apparently I’m not considered welcome by most of these posters. Your dont have to like Dave Matthews, be it for the fans, his voice, or his music. That being said, a lot of these painfully douchey comments are far worse than anything I’ve heard come out of a Dave fan’s mouth.

            Keep in mind that Indie fans are often maligned as those kids who will go to a concert of some band they claim to love, make snide remarks about how their last tour was better the entire show, then tell all their friends about how they went and how it was the BEST CONCERT EVER. Based on how you guys are treating both DMB and Scott for liking him, you’re fast becoming a worse set of fans than the Dave Mathews Frat listeners.

            Also, Michael Hanna, I’d love to know what specifically has irked you about Dave Matthews. If you can, use songs. If you cant, just use concepts, but I’m legitmiately curious as to where the hate comes from

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          • Michael, with respect to your answer, it throws a lot of hate around without actually saying very much, so I wanted to give you the chance to elaborate somewhat. Since you didn’t really do anything further, then I’ll simply counter your first argument.

            I can’t tell you that Dave Matthews has a good voice. I can, however, express my surprise that, as someone who as a Stereogum listener puts up with thousands of voices that are not the normal idea of good (see: Girls, Yuck, Beach House, Mountain Goats, Destroyer, etc. and keeping in mind that all the bands in this bracket are bands that I love), that Dave Matthews is the one that you cant stand. Personal preference, I suppose.

            As for the ‘essentially elevator music’, that sounds very similar to the argument that ‘I cant listen to For Emma, Forever ago because it puts me to sleep’, or ‘All Radiohead songs are just weird noises, I hate it’. The elevator music argument tends to come from people who dont really listen to very much DMB. I’d recommend listening to So Right, Why I Am, or any of Dave’s electric stuff if you feel that its too soft for you, but from your comments I doubt you’ll take my word for it.

            If Dave is ” glorified Christopher Cross-esque bilge, yacht rock for gen-Xers and gen-Yers”, then Indie music is a group of kids who got beaten up in high school banding together to gush about sensitive, picked-on songwriters in a failed attempt to feel like they belong to some kind of crowd. Both of those sentences are flat-out untrue, and both come more from lashing out at a group you don’t understand than from any sort of thought.

            As for ‘smooth jazz that doesn’t know its smooth jazz’, all you’ve really said there is that you know nothing about smooth jazz. I’d be happy to show you some, that way even if you hate it you’ll at least know what it is that you hate.

            To end my novel of a response, I just want to say that the whole point (I thought, at least) of these indie blogs is that people would listen to the music, and I mean REALLY listen to the music, before passing judgement on it. apparently that only applies to bands no one has heard of yet.

            I’m looking forward to ten years from now when people are having arguments over why Stereogum is still covering Bon Iver, because all of his fans are plaid-shirted wannabe authors that cried at the end of The Notebook. I hope someone stands up for them too

          • Careful, man. Phil Collins is a national treasure. The man made Sussudio.

          • Honestly, I’m not sure you’ve ever actually listened to a DMB album. You’ve clearly never attended one of their concerts. Because you attempts to describe what YOU BELIEVE their music to be are pretty laughable.

      • wow, impressive résumé

  10. I’ve never really understood the deep hatred toward DMB from indie music fans. I agree with rskva’s sentiment that their music is pretty inoffensive. I’m not a fan, but I just don’t see them as a band that should be so divisive. On the same token I don’t understand the extreme amount of love they get from so many people. If the main complaint about DMB was the fact that the majority of their fan base sucks, then I’d agree, but their music itself is really just meh.

  11. What’s next?

    Creed tour dates?

  12. I hate DMB more than the next guy but I don’t understand people raging about it being posted on here. There are plenty of bands I dislike that are written about, but I don’t take it personally. I clicked on this article, chuckled that DMB is still making music that some people care about and that was that. If you want a blog that is 100% in line with your own views then create your own. Or fuck yourself.

  13. the acoustic double album with tim reynolds is actually really good. come at me.

  14. no seriously, more dmb news updates, zero rancid updates

    whatever fits the stereogum narrative, depending on the earth’s rotation

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  16. I have no issues with this post. To me, Stereogum isn’t a site that covers indie music; it’s a site that covers music from an indie perspective. I enjoy the occasional one-offs they do on more mainstream artists. I’m not a DMB fan, but it was kind of interesting reading Scott’s thoughts on the song. Maybe I’ll change my tune when I see “Deconstructing: One Direction”, but for now, it’s perfectly fine.

  17. Jeebus, most of these comments are well beyond atrocious. When did Stereogum get so hateful and Pitchfork-y? Nothing wrong with a little DMB love. Open minds/Open ears/Open hearts, m’kay?

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  19. Man, this board must be sooooo young. Seriously, I remember where I was when I heard Under the Table Dreaming…it was an extremely great jam record. Now, I don’t listen to these guys anymore and thats only cuz music tatse change, but is it supposed to be cool or something to trash a band that broke through? Seriously, all you snot nosed self proclaimed pompous asses who are workin part time to support your Taco Bell Dorito taco habit….GO BACK TO YOUR DUB STEP

  20. haters always hating. anyone ever noticed that a lot of indie music sounds absolutely terrible? listen to it or not, not one person can argue the DMB is bad music. just bitter that this is better than any of the 15 streams prior

    • i don’t know if people are bitter that DMB is better than some indie music, but good point that some indie music is shit. i can get behind that. however, i think more than the music, people really dislike the idea of the generic DMB fanbase – flip flops year round, frayed hat/shorts, and that stupid dancer logo tattoo all while drunk as shit in some outdoor arena’s parking lot.

      i watched a DMB concert DVD one time and was pretty blown away by tim reynolds in particular. it’s not really my style at all and i don’t listen to them outside of that one (very stoned) DVD experience, but i think it just boils down to whether you like jam bands or not.

      • This is, that’s a generic representation of their fanbase. Is that part of it? Sure. Absolutely. But a large part of their fanbase is people who have grown with them over the last two decades, most of whom don’t come close to fitting that description. Another large part of their fanbase is women, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!

    • The problem is that all these indie music hipsters hate anything that has talent and emotion and like to listen garbage like Beach House or Grimes who will be completely forgotten about by next year.

  21. John Mayer has a new album out too.

  22. Lastly, fuckin’ whatever. I’ma go listen to El-P’s Cancer For Cure now, because it slaps fuckin’ hard. ->

  23. dear dave williams band,

    production notes:

    lose the ear candy [sax, guitar solo), the cringeworthy (children’s chorus), turn down the drum mix(especially the hats, sheesh), and while you’re at it lose a few of those drums. branch out on some other percussion besides toms. you ALMOST have a world music thing going here rhythmically. work with it. i know you have a beast back there. tell him to calm down, he’s proved hes drag roll master fast-hands-pete. try doing it on a 4 piece. its all max roach needed. and im sure its how you started out. you know who has a lot of pieces? tommy lee. and he also has a big dick porno.

    concentrate on the not-so-bad hook at 1:10: why did this idea go disappear so quickly? its a least a fucking hook which is what its ALL ABOUT.

    i haven’t thought about you since middleschool and im sorry to see you’re stuck in 1995

    joey ricard

    thats my problem with this band. sometimes you may hear potential when you are forced to listen to them . but they blow it early and every time.

    p.s. dave, you listen to XIu Xiu? hire john mcEntire or ariel rechtshaid. or any number of amazing producers that haven’t worked on you and U2 their whole lives. shit maybe jim o’rourke. im sure these motherfuckers may be interested in DMB kind of money. you’d have to LISTEN to what they say though. probably something you are way too set in your ways to do at this point.

    ahhhh who cares!? WHO CARES?!!!! ya blew it

  24. I’m pretty sure if DMB was on Merge Records or something and named “The Daves”, you would suck all their balls.

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  26. I dunno, I might associate DMB with douche Abercrombie guys that listened to them in high school…so I sneered when I saw this…but the song isn’t bad. I actually like it.

  27. I don’t really care about their fans (though they are annoying), but I do find the music to be adult alternative schlock. But I’m pretty sure it’s okay if Scott and others like it, no?

    On a separate note, whats with the trend of rebutting any criticism of one’s guilty pleasure with “but they’re such good musicians”? Who cares? If you like something others don’t, fine, but that reasoning holds no water. If I think a band writes bad songs I do not care how well they can play their instruments. Give me the Ramones or Dylan over John Mayer any day.

    • Speaking for myself, I’ll never mention that a band contains good players as a reason for somebody else to like a band. Rather, I mention it as an reason for why I like them. Or more to the point, why they don’t “suck”, which is what so many people think of as an intelligent comment these days. I’m drawn to music that contains skillful playing. It frosts my pickle, so to speak.

      Also, I care, and so do a lot of other people. You give two examples of people who WROTE GREAT SONGS. They wrote songs that caught your attention and were either fun to listen to (The Ramones), or related to your life socially or politically at the time (Dylan). Very few bands that don’t know how to play their instruments make the impact of those two artists without being able to write great songs. DMB, in my opinion, has both. Great songwriting and great musicianship.

      Lastely, I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. Such a bass ackwards concept. If I like something, I like it. Why should I feel guilty about it? (This last part isn’t necessarily directed at you – just my general feeling on that term.)

    • as a complete aside, i’ve never understood dylan being held up as somebody who totally exemplifies songwriting ability>playing ability. there’s some great fingerpicking stuff on his solo stuff and when he played with a band he was playing with The Motherfucking Band. Some great playing (in addition to great songwriting, obvs) all around.

      • Yeah, I agree. But he’s pretty inconsistent in a live setting – sometimes from one show to the next (The Motherfucking Band made up for that). I’ve seen him live, I think, five or six times since 87 and every show has been a completely different experience playing wise.

  28. Worst band in existence.

    Actually, I take that back. Tied only with John Mayer and Nickelback.

    • you’re an idiot.

      actually, i take that back. you’re an annoying idiot.

    • I guess you have a major problem with actual talent. Btw Death grips is terrible noise who will be forgotten about in 3 months.

    • I wasn’t sure what to put for my picture. Oh I know they are immensely talented guys. Especially Dave himself and his violinist (that guy wrecks). I just don’t like their music whatsoever. I definitely should have thrown that in there before saying what I did.

      I think the style of music is more what gets me than anything else. I don’t know why. I could never get into it.

      • The violinist (Boyd, right?) is ok but he doesn’t “wreck” nearly as much as the rest of the band. Carter is easily one of the top 5 drummers in pop music.

        You referencing Boys instead of Carter or Stefan gives the impression yor’re not too good at identifying talent.

        FTR – I haven’t actively listed to DMB in over a decade but Under the Table and Crash were fantastic records. Like him or not, Dave brought a unique, percussive, riff-based acoustic guitar playing to the forefront, while wrapping it up in crafty pop songs that still left room for plenty of improvisation.

        I’m not a fan of Queen or Elton John but I recognize their important contributions to music.

  29. Cerebus , DMB should pay you to be their online publicist or something.

    I kid , I kid, dont downvote me LOL

    • Honestly, it doesn’t even matter that much to me. I’m cool with my liking and others disliking DMB. I said exactly what I wanted to get across in that regard in my first post. But when I read all the hyperbolic negative comments I thought it would be fun to run up the responses and keep this sucker on the Most Commented chart for a bit. So far so good. Time to shoot for Number Two!

  30. Shoot, I even gave you and upvote!

  31. seriously, all you self-proclaimed indie experts need to get over yourselves. I have not seen dmb in a very long time, but you gotta admit that they are musically talented. For those saying that they havent done anything good in years, I agree. But how can you these indie “experts” talk about the longevity of any bands when you turn on these lesser known bands as soon as they become increasingly noticed (which is usually within the first couple of albums if they’re any good)? I’m just tired of the whole concept of rooting for a band that you like to not get bigger and become successful ( especially the bands that act like they are upset when they become successful). just like what you like and let others like what they like. Your indie ways of trying to oppose the cliches of the music world have become so ironically cliche.

  32. Awwww. How cute! Somebody believes their angry, petulant downvotes actually matter. Satan bless them.

  33. Come on people! More complaining! This post only need fifteen more comments to make it to number two!

  34. The first two albums kicked pretty solid ass, the third was half-good. It was all downhill after that, though. I was listening to Crash earlier this year for the first time in ages and it made me decide to check out the last album…pretty lackluster, as I kinda knew it would.

    Good for Stereogum for breaking through and covering something in the forbidden zone, though. There’s no decent reason for places like Pitchfork to ignore releases from acts like The Black Crowes or Les Claypool bands just because they’re in with jam fans. It’s kinda disgusting, frankly.

    • there’s nothing ‘disgusting’ about it all actually. its their prerogative to cover whatever they want. maybe they feel jam bands are irrelevant in however they define what is relevant. they deliberately stopped reviewing stuff for the sake of bashing it – which is prolly what would happen if they did review a black crowes, string cheese incident, etc record. Although i miss reading the occasional, scathing nickleback track review. good for a laugh, ya know?

      • I’m not asking they review 8 million String Cheese Incident live albums or anything, and I guess the fact that I’m distinguishing where to draw the line isn’t much better than what they do, but there’s a marked difference between bands that go out of their way to put out serious studio albums and the pure jam bands who barely even write songs.

        To stick with the Crowes example, there’s no reason Pitchfork shouldn’t have reviewed something like their Before the Frost…Until the Freeze album, which was a great, diverse album with strong song-writing and the like. They review & treat Americana bands that they approve of with respect, especially older ones – they’ve covered The Band and even The Dead, but for some reason they’ve deemed an act like the Crowes unfashionable and uncool, so they ignore them.

        Ditto someone like Claypool. If this were the 90s Primus would absolutely get reviewed on something like Pitchfork. But Claypool has made the wrong friends since, so they ‘ acknowledged the guy in like a decade. And he’s put out some serious clunkers, but come on, to completely ignore a new Primus album or something?

        Do they even review Ween anymore?

        • my guess is they get flooded with new music to review on a daily basis and they just cant get to everything…and again, it’s up to them to review what they want to review, it’s their website. they don’t review non-jam, indie bands all the time. for example, the last we are scientists record didn’t get reviewed on pitchfork. look at other popular indie blogs and there’s plenty of stuff that doesn’t get covered on pitchfork vs. here or wherever. there’s just so much damned music being released all the time.

        • Of course Pitchfork wouldn’t review a new Primus record. I went to a Primus show recently, and everyone there was older than 40 and looked like they were on meth. Not exactly Pitchfork’s target fanbase.

  35. Ahhhhhhh. I love the sweet, sweet smell of success in the morning.

  36. DMB is still better than 90% of the music that posted on this site. HaTERS GONNA HATE

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  38. At best this reads like a really shit April Fool’s post

  39. I like how the argument here is going:

    Gummer 1: “your tastes suck”
    Gummer 2: “no YOUR tastes suck, and so does your Mom”
    Gummer 1:”well that was offensive, but your taste in music is still subpar”
    Gummer 1: “that’s what your Mom said”

    A half an hour later and our heroes have made up, and are spooning to a live version of “Crash”. Come into you indeed.

  40. btw fuck hipsters

  41. I love DMB, but I’ve gotta be honest, I haven’t seen them in concert since before they made it big. I grew up in the DC area and I’d often visit my friends who were attending UVA. I gonna see them this year hopefully their tickets won’t be too high
    They were awesome back then, I’d imagine they are even more so today.

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