Grass Widow - Internal Logic

Goldilocks Zone,” a track we posted in March, was the first glimpse we had of Grass Widow’s new one Internal Logic, a propulsive groove that radiated a sound appropriate of a more focused approach. Now, we’ve got the entire new record streaming for a limited time, so head below to hear it. We’re curious to hear your impressions.

UPDATE: Streaming session is now over! Hope you liked.

Internal Logic is out 5/29 on the band’s own HLR label.

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  1. My first impression is that album cover blows.

    • First impressions are dumb, never judge anything by its cover. Havent you learned that yet? Stop listening to Born To Die and grow up mister potato head…………

  2. Maybe that cover is Grass Widow’s attempt to point out the futility of album covers in an age where everything is downloaded en mass (uh, relatively speaking). Orr: maybe they thought it was cool. Or maybe you shouldn’t judge digitally downloaded albums by their album covers, Michael Bell. If this (record) is anything like the last one, it is going 2 rule!!

  3. yeah dude is your avatar a potato? cuz it kinda blows

  4. i’m about halfway through and i like this so far
    it fills the summery girl-rock void that i’ve had since the new best coast album turned out to be so underwhelming

  5. I was hoping for something more out & out fun and crazy like their first album. This album is probably the most introspective of their discography. They’ve dropped a lot of the surf rock guitars from previous albums and have tightened up their harmonies quite a bit. Unfortunately, I can’t help but feel lukewarm about it. :( I think it’s bad timing on Grass Widow’s part: it’s the start of summer, people are looking for something fun from Grass Widow!

  6. winter in the summer?

  7. I thought it was pretty great based on one listen, and that’s in spite of the fact that I didn’t love Goldilocks Zone when I previewed it a few weeks back. The album doesn’t strike me as being way less fun than previous records really, though I do see how the extra reverb on the vocals changes the overall emotional tone of the band a bit. Excited to spin this more!

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