Sigur Rós - "Ég Anda" Video

Sigur Rós’s video for the understated, Valtari-kicking-off Ég Anda is, err, a strange look, as it’s very much a step-by-step visual manual on how to prevent someone from choking. But, it does have the requisite stylize-azation for something as stately as a Sigur Rós track, though. It’s the first of 12 videos from guest directors, the band says. Ragnar Kjartansson is up first. Watch below.

Valtari is out 5/29 on XL. Check out our recent Premature Evaluation here.

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  1. Eg anda means “I breathe” – so I get it…but, hmmm. Maybe it’s funny in Iceland?

  2. This was awesome and hilarious. The zoom in on the guy chewing his steak was super suspensful too. Chewing is weird.

  3. It’s awesome to see a (mostly) serious band take a humorous twist on their normal routine:

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