Hear 'OK Computer' & 'Kid A' In 8-Bit Style

Composer/geek Quinton Song has created full-length, 8-bit versions of Radiohead’s two most monolithic records, OK Computer and Kid A, which I suppose is ironic because of how anti-technology (at least lyrically) those records tend to lean. How does it stack up with Super Morrissey Bros, though? Listen below and decide.

You can download Kid A here and OK Computer here (via io9).

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  1. Kid A was the monumental album that brought about the technological age in 2000, being completely new and experimental with many assorted electronic sounds. Glad you added the “(at least lyrically)”

  2. Can someone make an accompanying game to Kid A please?

    • I would play the hell out of that.

    • You start off as a teen in a dystopian society, where you are told everything is fine, then you escape into the woods and go on adventures (let your imagination run free). Then the government throws you into an asylum and in the final level you try to get out but you no matter what you die in the end.
      Throw in a love interest and some Radiohead member cameos, baby we got a stew going!

    • And one for OK Computer. The credits for that one will be “Exit Music (For a Game)

  3. While I love that “This Charming Man” cover, it was definitely more tongue in cheek with all those Mario Bros sound effects. I can appreciate these a little more as they try to recreate the songs as best as possible.

  4. Oh my this is terrible, but somehow, it’s in a good way

  5. This is excellent.

  6. I want to like this, but in all honesty, it gives me a headache.

  7. listened to these earlier today, LOVE ‘em, theres some Bends songs too and Lift…these would be great to throw in a Radiohead fan party mix:) [or perhaps to listen to on the way to a SHOW...Chicago/Detroit peeps in da house anyone?!]

  8. I always suspected that Samus Aran was the true Mother Brain behind the Radiohead operation.

  9. Super Paranoid Mario Android Bros.

  10. Radiowerk – OK Computerworld

  11. Get to work, Nintendo.

  12. Back in 1997/98, I remember having a midi version of Paranoid Android that I actually used to listen to that sounded a bit like this so weirdly this actually takes me back.

  13. Kid A link is broken :(

  14. Can anyone get a new zip of Kid A?

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