Foxygen - "Make It Known"

Jagjaguwar’s new signing is the Olympia, WA-meets-NYC duo of Sam France and Jonathan Rado, who make freewheeling, ’60s psych-inspired rock. Ariel Pink comparisons aren’t totally off-base, but I’d say present day MGMT is a closer comparison. The song in question today, “Make It Known,” ratchets through some cool ideas without ever settling on one, where France’s voice approaches Andrew VanWyngarden territory but also makes room for some Casablancas-style murmuring. It’s interesting. Download it below.

Take the Kids Off Broadway is out 7/24 on Jagjaguwar.

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  1. I heard this yesterday and was really unsure about it. Listened a few more times and it’s really grown on me. I love how it doesn’t really ever settle down.

  2. My last name is Fox and I STILL find this band name to be laughable….but good song.

  3. This song is a migraine and I WANT TO MARRY IT!

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