A couple of days ago, Queens rapper Action Bronson posted a pair of offensive Instagram photos and captions, referring to a transgender woman as “it,” among other gross decisions. It led to him shutting down his Instagram account, and later unleashed a screed of not-quite-apologies on Twitter(which is still happening). The fallout from that, however, is far from over, as the LGBT community looks to Action Bronson for answers.

Some from Bronson:

He also tweeted “HAHAHAHA U PUSSIES ARE SO SENSITIVE” and”If u DONT wanna get pissed on spit on and put on Instagram DONT GET DRUNK TO THE POINT U CANT STAND OR TALK” but those appear to be deleted now. Here’s the original Instagram photo. Some reactions from Harlem rapper Mykki Blanco:

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  1. I like the way you accidentally on purpose left the ‘s’ out of Queens.

  2. I’m usually leading the learn to take a joke parade, but what he did was pretty mean spirited.

  3. Someone being a transgender, and just being fat are two completely different things. Plus, you’d probably be able to lose some of that weight if you weren’t such a lazy goddamned stoner.

    • Last year, he was a real asshole to me when I emailed him asking about a potential interview that one of my writers had requested. Ever since I’ve had a very low opinion of him and have refused to post anything to do with him.

  4. We get it. He doesn’t give a fuck. moving on…

  5. I’ve seem the photo, and to be honest, I am more offended by the bullying aspect of it all. Like, “oh cool, we found a drunk person marginalized by society, so won’t it be fun to dehumanize her and pour water all over her against her will. HEY, let’s take a photo and share what assholes we are with the world.”

    It’s wack, and if someone like T.I. or 50 Cent would have pulled this, they’d be crucified right now. Action Bronson should thank his stars that his lucky stars that he’s still a relative unknown in the big scheme of the music world.

    Hip-hop has always been about providing those marginalized by American society with a powerful voice and platform to which they’d otherwise never have access. This shit ain’t hip-hop; it’s just hate.

    • Exactly, like this broad doesn’t have it tough enough as it is. Kinda like that story that came out about how Michael Jackson used to like to drive around in a limo at 4 in the morning throwing water balloons at homeless people.

  6. Dave Matthews is looking pretty cool right now.

  7. if it wasn’t the LGBT community, it would have been the narcs. dude’s instagram account was like a drug-bust dossier

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