Josh Homme & Scissor Sisters

To date, Scissor Sisters have teed up two videos from next week’s Magic Hour LP: “Shady Love” which featured cute kids and Azealia Banks, and “Only The Horses” which featured platforms and horses. Both memorable, though neither of them gave Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme a chance to run satirical line reads on a late night infomercial production while wearing a Cramps jacket, which is why a) that video now exists and b) we are posting it here. There are laughs herein, if you find this premise enticing. It is up to you:

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  1. just make a new queens album already!

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  3. good lord josh homme is one funny motherfucker

  4. Sorry Josh, Disco is fortunately dead….just ask Donna and Robin….oops. Too soon?

  5. Dude is hilarious, always. Reminds me of his video as “ambassador” of Record Store Day 2010:

  6. Can he be anymore awkward? HILARIOUS

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