The other day we gave you Lily Allen’s day in the life, which involved pink hair, hamburgers, paparazzi and her lunch date’s cleavage. Today there are some graver matters for Lily, who’s taken it upon herself to take on Brand Perez, laying it all out in a post titled “reportedly retarded”:

No pictures today I’m afraid, I forgot my camera yesterday. So, I’m a little upset today, Perez Hilton is a mean man. I don’t know what I did to piss him off but the last few months he has launched a bit of a tirade against me, I can understand why he’d write “MESS” across my head on a picture of me being carried out of an awards ceremony drunk out of my mind, but some things he say baffle me. He insinuated I was smoking during my pregnancy, which was not true, ask anyone who knows me, I didn’t touch a cigarette or a drink for the few months that I was pregnant, he also insinuated there was something suspicious about me having a miscarriage, which is just wrong, but I’m not going to go into how painful that whole episode was. Yesterday he posted this…

This is Perez as quoted in Lily’s blog:

And the battle is on!
It’s hard to stay on top in the music industry. Just ask Lily Allen!
Lily used to be Capitol Records’ “golden girl” but lately she’s just been slipping. She’s known these days more fore being a tragic train wreck than a musician. She knows it too. That must hurt!
And, now, it seems she’s been replaced.
Replaced by none other than a Perez fad, Katy Perry, which we first introduced you to last year.
Katy also performed at our kick ass party in Austin during SXSW this past March.
Well, according to reports, a music industry insider has said, “Lily Allen is peeved at Capitol. She feels like they’ve shoved her aside to focus all their energies on their new girl of the moment, Katy Perry.”
But the real insult, according to the source, came when the label “replaced a photo of Lily Allen with one of Katy Perry” in its office main lobby.
Ha ha ha!!!!!
Lily is starting to look like washed-up goods.
The only thing that can save Allen now???? If she makes a good sophomore album!
But, from what we’re hearing, Lily’s new material s-u-c-k-s.

Lily responds (and under “Currently listening” puts “Ur So Gay” by Katy Perry):

I don’t know why this has annoyed me so much. If I’m honest, it’s probably because part of it is true these days I am more known for being a train wreck than a musician, and it does hurt. I’ve been working really hard on my new record; I don’t think it sucks by the way. I haven’t released a record for two years, so it’s totally understandable that people don’t write about my music anymore, however it’s not fair to say that I’m washed up and it’s not fair to make up these feuds between people. Not everyone’s lives are fuelled by egos and jealousy, mine is certainly not. There was a time when Amy came out, that I was a little jealous, she has an amazing voice and writes incredible songs, what singer wouldn’t be a little jealous of that, but I’d never let those feelings become unhealthy. And this is not meant in any way but I’d never heard of Katy Perry before I came here a few days ago, I didn’t even know she was on Capitol, who by the way are not my label. I am signed to Regal Records in the UK and Capitol distributes my records here in America. I don’t feel like I’ve been shoved aside for anyone, I haven’t got a record out yet, so why would anyone be focusing their energies on me when there’s nothing to work on! I have never been a “golden girl” and I think I visited Capitols office in New York once, about a year a half ago. I very much doubt they had a picture of me in their lobby. The point I’m trying to make is these stories are just not true. If the word reportedly exists in a story it means that it’s pretty much a lie, it means they can’t prove what they’re writing and their just covering their backs. Perez doesn’t even do this he just writes things that aren’t true with no shame about it, and it’s sad. I read these posts on his website about anti – bullying campaigns and all these good causes, and while I used to enjoy reading his site it seems to me that recently he has become what he hates so much, a bully. He bullies young, successful females; people usually bully people they’re jealous of so I’ll let you come to your own conclusion on that one. Anyway, I’ve got nothing against Perez personally, I don’t assume to know him, what I do know is this though, he has a HUGE crush on my old manager, who I fired with a few months ago. Maybe this is his way of getting his attention or in his good books, or maybe it’s because I turned down the opportunity of going on his TV show when he asked me to, or maybe because I’m friends with Samantha Ronson , who is so lovely by the way and not what Perez makes her out to be, who knows?

All of this led to some more jabbing, and a creepy PhotoShop of Perez, which you can read here. If you’re not in the mood for words, just look at this NSFW PhotoShop job. Now I will eat lunch.

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  1. Oh, dear.

    BTW, Lily should really learn how to use paragraph breaks.

    • Perez is a dick! Easy as that… even way back when he was on that makeover T.V show where he acted a total fool and cried in front of a whole nation after scoffin’ too much sh!t at a health spa to keep his arrogant ass on the show. *takes a deep breath*

      Lilly… F.I.N.E! Beautiful face, nice style and good music!! I’d hit that any day of the week!

      Perez is a just a nobody that’s known for nothing. People watch him because they hate him… same as another Hilton I know!! T.V producers only shove their sorry faces infront of a T.V camera because people love to hate and it ups the ratings!!

      Behind every successful person their’s a group of haters… Lilly, you’re a star!

  2. Michael  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    I frigging can’t stand Perez and I need to rant. Sure, I’ll read his site once or twice a day for celebrity trash, but I could easily do without it if you told me it was going away. His comments about music really do stick in my mind, though. He shouldn’t even bother when it comes to that subject. Just last year, he was riding the Lily Allen bandwagon, but since that was last year, its no longer cool of him to be into her. Also, that joke of a person said NIN and Radiohead headlining Lollapalooza was something along the lines of outdated and Coachella apparently had its weakest line-up ever (Probably because the one and only year he went, he was there to see chick music like Mika, Amy Winehouse, Regina Spektor and who else — oh, Lily Allen.) He also “re-introduced” us to Robyn two years too late when Stereogum and Pitchfork already had her covered in 2005. He’s said the new Coldplay album is a huge dud. Just shut up already, dude. Sadly, people with FM radio tastes in music take his word on everything and/or are only able to find new music through him because his is the only “fun” site they visit each day.

    The short version of this is that I really hope a day comes where people get sick of him and stop visiting his site. I know I do less and less these days.

  3. Concerned SG Reader  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    Dear Steregum,

    You run a fine music blog. Please don’t turn it into an online gossip rag.

    Concerned Stereogum Reader

  4. Roger  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    Katy Perry is terrible. She and Perez deserve each other.

  5. pearl  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    I think Lily Allen is adorable and Perez Hilton is just a fucking… ugh. Did you hear about how unsuccessful his “clothing line” launch at Hot Topic was? It’s exactly what he deserved; plus, people aren’t going to buy things that look like it came out of Lisa Frank’s butt circa 1994 anime redux. Seriously, it’s gross. Anyway, yeah.

  6. Michael  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    Perez Hilton’s “profession” has less integrity than a hamburger flipper. Dude makes money and fame off others’ misfortune.

    Pls do humanity a favor and just leave him to soil his own cage.

  7. saxby  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    LOL’s!!! U guyz r so rulz! more talk about fugly slutzzz with cum on chin. LMAO!!!!! videogum is fun with draw on bitches face!!!!!! keep it cummin’ gummin’!!! getz it?

    o shit i juss dide insde :(… <– cum

  8. PH.  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    I don’t care about Perez but why, oh why do we have to read about this one hit wonder from famous brit family who is better known nowadys for drinking in clubs and hotels ?
    I though Stereogum was a music site and Allen does not qualify in this category.

  9. dee  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    that’s why I read ONTD instead of Perez

  10. bob  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    do not care about any of these imbeciles. why is stereogum turning into US magazine?

  11. I don’t think having one write up about a music artist’s blog is turning Stereogum into an online gossip rag or Us magazine. Internet people always over react to EVERYTHING.

    I like Lily Allen. She makes very well arranged and quirky pop music. It’s good for what it is: pop music. Get over your music elitist high horses, people.

    Last, Perez Hilton is a douche. Hopefully he will come out of vogue soon.

  12. thouwhoshallnotbenamed  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    by writing about the idiot with the pink hair (on the right) you just give him more credit than he’s due. please DON’T post about him in the future. thanks.

  13. I feel like everyone knows Perez is an idiot. And I’m surprised Lily Allen even responded to his attacks on her. She is still young though.

  14. bob  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    and with shit like this, people wonder why kids do drugs.

  15. dr. von nostrum  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    yeah…stereogum started out this way, for better or worse.

  16. dr. von nostrum  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    yeah…stereogum started out this way, for better or worse.

  17. ian g  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 0

    i love when stereogum posts about perez hilton.
    everyone starts trash talking.
    and he deserves it!

    yes, keep the perez rants going!!!!

    ( and i still love lily)

  18. Perez Hilton is an idiot. He always has been and, in all likelihood, he always will be. I’m not a huge fan of Lily Allen the musician (though I certainly don’t think she “s-u-c-k-s”) but I think I’m slowly becoming a fan of Lily Allen the person. I’m with her on this one.

  19. peterperfect  |   Posted on Jun 14th, 2008 0

    Dear Stereogum. Make it stop. Please. More music news, less silly gossip.

  20. diego  |   Posted on Jun 14th, 2008 0

    Whatever. I love this shit. Also, there is more!! Highlights:

    Lily: how can I possibly have been to Capitols office in the last year when my visa to get into the states was only granted three weeks ago. there is no Capitol office in LA as far as I know and I certainly haven’t been to New York in the past few days. And many people ask to have their photos taken with me, I don’t keep a record of peoples names . You wouldn’t understand that though, you can probably remember the names and faces of all seven fans that turned up to your clothing line signing the other day.

    Perez: You’re obviously an idiot! How could you not know that your U.S. label, Capitol Records, has an office in Los Angeles???? In fact, their building is one of the most
    iconic structures in Hollywood! Did we also mention that you’re a liar?

    Except as pretty much anyone with half an interest in the music industry knows, Capitol Tower was sold in 2006 and Capitol closed all it’s LA offices after the 2007 merger of Capitol and Virgin. Who’s obviously an idiot now? Owned.

  21. truth  |   Posted on Jun 14th, 2008 0

    all that meth and shit eating has rotted fatso’s brain.

  22. tbone  |   Posted on Jun 15th, 2008 0

    what makes people think this post isn’t related to music? lily allen AND katy perry are both musicians (at least for the sake of this argument).
    but i have to say, that song about kissing girls sucks. like s-u-c-k-s.

  23. JonathanJonathan  |   Posted on Jun 15th, 2008 0

    Lily Allen is a musician…fuck you all who thinks she isn’t. Just because she makes pop music and not anything like Radiohead, dosn’t mean she isn’t talented; can you honostly come up with half the stuff she has? I’m sick of haughty kids who think that pop music isn’t music. Honostly just shut up. I’m a fan of Radiohead, and all other bands and artists who make some deep and heavy shit, but i love pop music too. Is that a crime? Stop being music snobs people!

    Oh, and I wont waste my time on Perez..

  24. Well Lily is fucking amazing i really enjoy her music it really helped me deal with my 2 yr. break up thank u sooo much!

    hmmm perez well ehh idk he seems super mean! like y would he say something sooo completly un called for like having a fuckin miscarriage! WTF not cool man

    but yea i enjoy katy perry she has a very pin up look her music is brilliant

    ^v^Melody Munster^v^ ?
    on MYSPACE
    url is

  25. twistedf@ck  |   Posted on Jul 22nd, 2008 0

    Perez ooohhh he cashing in though bling bling blong who lurvs dong!

  26. Sarsh  |   Posted on Jul 22nd, 2008 0

    What a retard …. Perez i mean …. cmon seriously why do people even respond to him.

    He was most probably bullied in school … cmon look at him hhahahhahaha ewwwww and now he is just taking it out on ne one and everyone!!! pfft he is just a FAT loser! heheheh wat a twat!

    GO lily …. just dont reply to a loser like that cmon you are better than wasting your breathe on such scum.

  27. kevin  |   Posted on Oct 16th, 2008 0

    To anyone that thinks Lily Allen, was given a break. by her father. It’s not true. here goes…. Lily Allen went to Spain and stayed there on her own, when she was 15 years old. She worked in a record store, and lived in a hostel. While she was waking thorough, Ibiza, she stop to talk to two boys, (about the same age) and they became overly friendly,.. almost see Lily Allen was rescued by a stranger, they became friends, eventually he took her cell phone, and called her mum. Lily Allen’s mum called her and told her to come back to London. The man that did Lily Allen this favor, was George Lamb, a London radio host, and good friend of Mark Ronson. The two men made music (only) demos and Lily Allen made her rounds singing in record stores. George Lamb told Lily Allen to download them on the internet…. the rest of the story tells itself. She did this on her own.

  28. anonymous  |   Posted on Dec 10th, 2008 0

    Perez Hilton loves Katy Perry (hates Lily Allen?) He likes Perry because basically she looks like a man in a dress. He would consider dating her if that were true, but he would always fear finding out that she isn’t. See he’s far too busy having sex with his dog (I read this on Katy Perry”s face book page) because he really does hate people. He went as far as to INSULT”" and MAKE FUN OF”" Lily Allen for losing her unborn baby (That’s completely totally with out a doubt unforgivable behavior!) Perez Hilton rot in HELL!

  29. lily allen is so incredibly talented. It’s sad that Perez is lashing out at her, because I love his blog. I think this mainly had to have come from Katy Perry– I mean, i hadn’t even heard of her until this summer. Maybe she’s feeding him lies…? I don’t know.

  30. Alyssa  |   Posted on Mar 1st, 2009 0

    Perez would get a lot further if he actually said something true. If you’re going to talk trash, you might as well get off the couch and find something factual, you overgrown twat. I love Lily Allen, and have been a fan since a friend from the UK sent me the cd!

  31. Louise Miller  |   Posted on Apr 15th, 2009 0

    I love both Lily Allen and Katy Perry and they are both talented females, so why is it people like Perez always mock and insult woman who are doing something with there lives, from where i come from insulting someone or being bitchy towards them most certainly means you are jealous of them. I do know this, Perez needs to get a life and leave Lilly Allen alone, its most certainly called “Bullying”

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