Sigur Rós’s Jónsi Birgisson has a solo album on the way titled Go, which the band’s site mentions “will be largely acoustic and feature string arrangements from contemporary classical composer Nico Muhly.” The first track from the Peter Katis-produced album up for grabs is “Boy Lilikoi,” which is majestic of course, and in English which apparently is the language of choice on the forthcoming LP.

Go is out 3/22 via XL.

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  1. Jonsi and Nico Muhly?! Sign me up for this

  2. I heard it an hour ago, it’s really good. If you’re thinking it’s going to sound like another Sigur Ros song then you’re wrong.

  3. RocketBrother  |   Posted on Dec 4th, 2009 0

    I cried on my first listen

  4. mr. poopypants  |   Posted on Dec 4th, 2009 0

    While you were grabbing a tissue from your Mom’s purse, did you pull your balls out as well?

  5. pat  |   Posted on Dec 4th, 2009 0

    god, EVERYTHING nico muhly does is perfect. this song is great and i await the album

  6. Boring, this guy should retire already.

  7. It may be English, but my brain is trained to only hear sounds that resemble English yet aren’t when it hears jonsi’s voice. So I really cannot tell it’s English.

  8. duke  |   Posted on Dec 4th, 2009 0

    Do we really need a Hopelandic version of Rob Thomas (except this song’s in English unlike Sigur Ros’ stuff)?

  9. It’s in english. And therefore does not sound as interesting anymore. Like with Sigur Ros, I’d prefer to imagine what the lyrics might be than to actually know what they are. On the other hand, the music is incredible.

  10. FrostbitePanda  |   Posted on Dec 5th, 2009 0

    I never, ever wanted to hear Jonsí sing in English.

    I still feel that way. I will not be buying this album.

    • Charlie  |   Posted on Dec 5th, 2009 0

      Suit yourself, I prefer to decide on buying a record on how it sounds, not what language the singer is singing in.

  11. quadruple x  |   Posted on Dec 5th, 2009 0

    The words in the song are “english” but are still very, very hard to hear what the hell he’s saying, so everyone don’t freak out. And the song’s really beautiful so you’re only hurting yourselves.

  12. chrys  |   Posted on Dec 6th, 2009 0

    lol @ negative comments.

  13. This is so beautiful.

  14. tenshin  |   Posted on Dec 6th, 2009 0

    Lol, people are whining about the lyrics being english, but no-one is able to hear exactly what he sings?
    very very logical

  15. KB  |   Posted on Dec 6th, 2009 +1

    Get off your high horses and realize that this is still light years ahead of what the music industry is trying to shove down our throats. This song is full of joy, excitement, adventure…Jonsi’s vocals contribute tonally and visually to the piece well, and the English lyrics–as far as they can be understood–are really quite fun.

  16. Even if you prefer Vonlenska over English, the instrumentals, the arrangemnt, and the melody are all enjoyable in themselves. It’s a jingly, happy tune and I personally feel that the vocals only enhance it, english and all.

  17. Sand on the Run  |   Posted on Dec 7th, 2009 0

    While I would prefer it to be in Icelandic, the arrangements are superb. I am SOOO scared that anything he (they) do is going to sound like some TRL crap one day. I almost shudder when new releases come out, I never enjoy the first listens. So far they have never had the expected disappointment (well, I didn’t really like riceboy), so I am not sure why I am so scared.

    • Sand on the Run  |   Posted on Dec 7th, 2009 0

      Maybe next time I will write a coherent statement…

    • I feel completely the same way. That’s why I leaving a comment now instead of in 2009. I was afraid to listen to the new stuff, because I don’t want it to sour the old, like what I’m sure happened for many with m. Night shymalan. It seems most artists run out of things to say, lose touch with culture, and grow old at some point. Their weakness comes through eventually. But jonsi still seems to be still expanding at this point, so I’m excited to see how big he can get. A recent interview was comforting. He’s not dumb, he’s very self aware and capable of self criticism. (For example, he admitted that techno “gives in to his gay side”, hahaha)

      I don’t like all of ‘go’, but what I do like I like a lot. It’s been the same with any sigur ros album (except for takk, which most people agree is a near flawless masterpiece). Btw, riceboy sleeps may not be for everyone, but I’ll just say, it took me a while to really notice and appreciate the subtleties. It is no less of an album than any of his others. I personally start from track 4. To understand what the album is supposed to be, I suggest watching the video of “all the big trees”.

  18. Sean  |   Posted on Dec 7th, 2009 0

    Sounds like jeremy enigk from sunny day real estate alot on this song.

  19. samuel  |   Posted on Dec 7th, 2009 0

    why does everyone argue over every bit of news regardless of what it may be?

  20. Johnnyboy  |   Posted on Dec 7th, 2009 0

    You are all aware that he sang in English on the last Sigur Ros record, right?

  21. epic  |   Posted on Dec 7th, 2009 0

    wow…normally it takes me a few listens to really “get” a sigur ros song….not so with this one. magic.

  22. Wow. People are overly critical about this song.

    It’s beautiful. I like the meaning.

  23. Phil Rutledge  |   Posted on Feb 2nd, 2010 0

    To me, this piece is beautiful and spine tingling. It is rare for such a gem and I really appreciate it. You don’t have to like it but to dys it because it sounds to you like something else suggests you might be a music snob.

  24. Thank you very much for tagging the mp3 here!!!!!!
    I loooooooove this version of Jonsi’s boy lilikoi very much and I used to enjoy listening to it on Youtube~
    However, recently I found I could no longer listen to this song and I did not know why…….><
    Thank you very much!!!!!

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