Does This Friday's Commercial Rip Off LCD Soundsystem?

The latest installment of “Does This Rip Off That?” revolves around a TGI Friday’s commercial with a soundtrack strikingly similar to LCD Soundsystem’s “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House.” Not sure known foodie James Murphy approves of this or of the chain’s fare, but we can certainly speculate; I sure as hell didn’t see a TGI Friday’s stall at GoogaMooga. Watch the ad below and see for yourself (via Pitchfork).

I’m pretty sure the commercial also features a Jager-bombing, so I’m entirely willing to give TGI Friday’s a pass here.

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  1. More like CRAPPLEbee’s amirite gang?

    This is one of the least egregious one’s I’ve seen/heard…I think it’s fine.

  2. This just in! Ten commercials this week rip off the Beatles. Lawsuits expected to be filed for eternity!

  3. Very obvious rip. I even heard the cowbell toward the end. It’ll take a lot more to make TGI Friday cool or relevant or whatever the Applebees of 20-somethings is supposed to be.

    • yeah without that little riff it couldve been just the same chord patterns, but the cowbell thing puts this over the top

    • TGI Friday’s came way before Applebee’s, dude! And since Applebee’s stole TGI Friday’s moves, maybe James Murphy got most of his song ideas from TGI’s ad agency.

  4. ugh, so i guess there’s going to be a story for every single time this happens

    • my thoughts exactly. pointless. always happened, always will. no news. move on.

      • seriously. this is SOOOOO common in advertising. I see an ad like this probably every time I watch TV. there was another TGI fridays commercial before this (for some of their frozen food) that obviously ripped off the strokes.

  5. One more reason to only eat at Chili’s.

  6. To be fair, LCD Soundsystem knows a thing or too about making sound alike songs

    • but JM has always made his influences apparent and acknowledged them blatantly while still never making a single song that you can be like, “oh I would rather just listen to _____ by The Fall, or ____ by Talking Heads”. He’s never once tried to hide his influences.

      • ‘Drunk Girls’. I’d rather punch my ears off than hear that, but if I have a third option it would be the Velvet Underground track that ‘influenced’ it.

  7. It’s a refreshing change of pace from all the Black Keys rip-offs I hear in ads.

  8. I can’t find a link to it, but there’s a Lincoln commercial with John Slattery (it always plays during Mad Men) and, toward the end of the commercial, the song playing sounds an awful lot like “Someone Great.”

  9. OR:
    You can mute all commercials then play whatever music you like underneath.

    Why settle for questionable rip-offs when you can have the real thing?

  10. All the blogs and the hipsters need to realize commercials do generic versions of popular songs all the time. Only reason people are getting in a tizzy about it is because now they’re starting to copy bands with a score higher than an 8.4 with a BNM tag instead of music on the radio.

    • I was just thinking about this like fifteen minutes ago. Now that indie is a meaningless label and hearing any artist anywhere is no longer surprising, what is the future of the underground scene? A trend I’m noticing recently is the massive deluge of:

      - Instrumental producer tracks (like 80% of the tracks Pitchfork posts are producers now)
      - Hard, vulgar/radio unfriendly rap
      - Super garage bands

      And even these genres aren’t completely safe from the clutches of THE MAN. Odd Future and co. are basically household names, producers are being featured with big popstars, and my local mainstream rock station is now playing Japandroids.

      What happens when indie is mainstream?

    • That Lcd Soundsystem album got an 8.2…

  11. more like TGI Fartdays, yes?

  12. Daft Punk Is (Almost) Playing At My House

  13. Ugh. I worked there all through college and T.G.I Friday’s is the restaurant equivalent of some dude from Jersey Shore. I’m not surprised.

  14. And in other mind-blowing news developments:

    Jack White wears makeup.

  15. Am I the only one who thinks this doesn’t sound that similar? It’s LCD-ish for sure, but not really any specific song.

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