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This week we revealed our 25 favorite albums of 2012 so far, always a controversial topic. But you also found time for some passionate debate about whether I’m allowed to post a Dave Matthews Band song on this blog. (BTW, I am.) Let’s take a look at your thoughts on the above, and see whose scored highest and lowest.


#10 rubberjohnny8029 | May 18th Score:23

it’s ok. i’ll just switch sides every now and then so that both eyes get an equal amount of time behind my hair. lol

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#8 donnytilla | May 18th Score:25

the “to ” in “tryna to” is redundant and charming

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Elad Haber | May 23rd Score:26

Andrew Bird gets no love.

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Benas Arvydas Grigas | May 23rd Score:28

it’s been only five months, and if the rumors are true: liars, hot chip, fiona apple, peaking lights, dirty projectors, twin shadow, yeasayer, purity ring, animal collective, tame impala, flying lotus, crystal castles, tamaryn, grizzly bear, flaming lips, darkside, mister lies, matthew dear, ariel pink, how to dress well, mazzy star, the avalanches, mgmt, xx, atoms for peace, how to destroy angels and vampire weekend are all releasing new albums. i think this is going to be the best year for music of the decade!

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#4 MagicUnicornFairy | May 18th Score:28

1 point away.
I will now unleash Thom Yorke on Justin Bieber to display my anger.

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#3 raptor jesus | May 18th Score:31

Things I love: rub-john chasen’ tail.

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Amanda Anne Joy | May 18th Score:32

I’m sure the lazy eye makes proofreading difficult.

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#1 old thompson | May 23rd Score:33

I think you mean LMFAO Cloud Nothings, the rockin’-sockin’ fresh young group behind the season’s biggest hit “Attack on Party Rocking (Sexy Future/Sexy Past).”

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Michael Hanna | May 19th Score:-17

Oh Phil, I realize it’s been a long time since the glory days of synth drums, the mysterious resilience of your last remaining strip of hair, and “singing” about your failed marriages, but that’s no reason to go making up stories.

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#4 shepard | May 23rd Score:-19

No Death Grips anywhere? okay lol

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Michael Hanna | May 19th Score:-25

AND Phil Collins is your icon? Do you like anything good? I can write, I have an encyclopedic knowledge of rock music, and I have a knack for discovering great new bands. When can I start, Stereogum?

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Elizabeth Schoenborn | May 23rd Score:-34

sorry – here’s the link again:

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Elizabeth Schoenborn | May 23rd Score:-34

Just saying……new album release yesterday and already at #4 on iTunes charts (rock). They’re currently between concerts and hanging out with us to do some rehearsal in the studio.

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Jacob Smith | May 21st Score:3

Or maybe he’ll unveil an unbreakable record out of Third Man soon.

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Noah Green | May 23rd Score:0

This song would mash up pretty well with Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without a Face.”

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Comments (75)
  1. One day I’ll get put on a list…. : /

  2. I know I haven’t commented on this site since the Coolidge administration, back when Scott’s great-grandfather told Blind Lemon Jefferson to quit his day job, but I have a suggestion:

    Why not limit the Lowest voted to 1 post or maybe even get rid of it all together? This week is kind of different because of the Dave Matthews’ Band thing but it seems like every week there’s someone specifically trying to get lowest voted and it makes an annoyance out of trying to follow the conversation. Just a suggestion. I still love the site, just think Shut up Dude can be improved.

  3. To anybody that plans on spending Memorial Day weekend by a pool, on a lake, underwater, or anyplace remotely aquatic, I have two words for you:

    Lemonade – Diver

    Have a great weekend everybody!

  4. Pretty inconsiderate to post this so late on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend. I wanted to start driving to my lake house before I got too drunk.

  5. Um, wasn’t the emo haircut article from Thursday of last week?

  6. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  7. I just wanted to drop in past my bedtime and brag about how I just saw MF Doom, Flying Lotus and Shabazz Palaces my last night in Paris, and first of all: amazing, but also: Shabazz Palaces blew me and everyone else the fuck out of the water. Holy shit! And I met Ishamel after very briefly and talked to him about loop pedals. It was here that I learned of their greatness, and it was here that propelled me (well, MF doom…) to buy tix for the show, so thanks Stereogum. And also, holy fuck go see those guys. They do ridiculous things. So much auxilliary percussion! I’m blown away.

    • Yeah well, I will also drop in past my bedtime (10:36pm on a Friday night) and say that tonight I finished my 2nd play through of Mass Effect 2 tonight even though I the deadline for the book I’m writing is creeping ever closer and its still not done. I ordered some pizza from the only decent pizza place near me (which is ironic since I live in Brooklyn where you’d think there would be tons of great pizza places). I wouldn’t say the pizza blew me or anyone else out of anywhere, but it was okay. The delivery guy let it get all slided around and shit but it still tasted fine.

    • I briefly met Ish when he played in Dallas last year. Great dude.

  8. One simple request, Stereogum (since you weren’t able to do it last week):

    I still need an article about Jason Segel or Justin Vernon where I can post my relevant image comment.

    ^Look how hard I worked this past week! I deserve this.

  9. Pretty disappointed by the lack of Eurovision coverage this week. They’ve even got Albanian Grimes!

  10. I want to be on this list one day. I mean I would prefer to be on the Best list, but to be realistic I have a better chance on the worst list. I could easily take a dive and offend someone and “badabing badaboom” there I am. I will not take this low road. As a result, most likely my comment will be left somewhere in the middle. Unread and Unheard by most.

    (From the sad pessimistic mind of AJ)

    • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

      • Note: Apparently if you type “8″ followed by “)”, it makes that sunglass guy up there.

      • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

        • you’re a bit of a drama queen eh?

        • Yo man you need some help and you’re not going to find it on the internet

        • You keep bringing up this big event that happened on here a month ago “regarding a certain guest post.”

          What on earth was it that got you so worked up?

          • Earlier this year our 4th grade teacher assigned the class a project. We had to craft something ourselves and then present it to the whole class.

            Michael_, being the good student, was first to present. His project was a VOLCANO! So Cool! You could tell that he had spent a lot of time on it. It was really detailed, a wide array of colors made the volcano look rugged. There was even grassy vegetation at the base of the volcano. But that wasn’t even the best part. He had concocted a colorful mixture of baking soda, vinegar and red food dye that looked just like lava! It spilled out the top of the volcano and even spilled out on Bailey’s shoes in the front row of the class. Everyone was shouting and laughing. It was a fun day in school! Michael_ got an ‘A’ for his project.

            The following week it was my turn to present. I had put off the project all year because I’m a lazy student. After seeing Michael_’s volcano and the reaction the class gave his project, I figured I’d just build a volcano too. Class was about to start and I was still coloring in my small volcano with brown sharpie leading up to my presentation. My mom didn’t have any baking soda in stock so I didn’t have any way to make lava pour out of mine. Thankfully, the science teacher let me use a piece of dry ice that I could pop in the top and then have vapor roll down the mountain. It was pretty neat. I got a ‘B’ for my project, so, not bad!

            If only that was the end of the story.

            A few days later I came into class and saw Michael_ yelling at the teacher saying, “Do you realize how much of a mess I made at my house testing out my baking soda and vinegar mixture?!” As I listened on, I realized he was upset because he thought my volcano was inferior to his and that its existence degraded the quality of his volcano. He demanded that his volcano be obliterated. The teacher did not want to destroy it. She wanted future students to marvel at Michael_’s volcano.

            Michael_ wasn’t having it. He waltzed over to the Project Table and started PUNCHING his volcano repeatedly. He picked it up and threw it across the room and hit old thompson in the head! Then he walked right up to me and said, “You Win,” and stormed out of the classroom.

            I was shocked. Donny T. came up and shared some comforting words, but I still didn’t know what to make of it all. Was I a thief for stealing his idea? I mean, he got a better grade than me, wasn’t that enough?

            School wasn’t the same after that. People were always whispering behind Michael_’s back and he would just flip out and body-slam people and said he was a pro wrestler now. It was weird. Then one day he came to school in a disguise and pretended to be somebody else. He looked like the Hamburglar. I felt like I had caused all of this, and it didn’t feel good.

            So I decided to write Micahel_ a story. I posted it on the chalkboard and hoped that maybe if he knew how I felt, it would help.

            tl;dr Top that metaphor Jack White.

          • The only part that you left out and that nobody has been aware of as to why this whole thing has given me a serious case of the emos is how I was hoping that my volcano project would give me extra credit points on my report card so that I get out of the school I currently go to. It’s an all-male boarding school, all my classmates are near the age of retirement, they don’t talk to me, can’t relate to me and they hate technology. If I use my smart phone to check my e-mail, I get hit across the wrists with a wooden ruler, so now I can not only not study what I want to study but I can’t keep in touch with the outside world for most of my waking life during the week. It’s almost like a juvenile hall.

            Other than that, the story made me feel slightly better and I thought it was very well written.

          • He’a talking about when he was asked to write about Coachella. I never even read his or raptor jesus’s articles about the festival, but I went back and looked through the comments just now. Not only did Michael_ get kudos from a lot of people in the comments, but Michael_ did well enough that his article was the reason raptor jesus was also asked to do some coverage. When one compares the two sets of comments, one begins to realize that Michael_’s perception of the events is quite skewed. Michael_’s article clearly got much more attention and positive comments from everyone, yet that was not good enough for him simply because one other commenter had also been allowed to write an article. Michael_ won the popularity contest, but that wasn’t good enough. He resents having to compete at all because apparently he is just that narcissistic.

          • and what I whispered was “kaka” in RJ’s left ear,

            “poo poo” in his right.

            then a kiss, and a wish, “good night”.

            Fin. <3

        • SHUT UP!

          I think we probably ALL understand what it’s like to pour ourselves into something totally and fully only to have no one give a shit. Just stop feeling sorry for yourself. No one else does – at least not because no one liked your shitty music festival review. If anyone feels bad for you it’s probably because you are having a pseudo-public breakdown on a music blog. But even still, I think the majority of people that read this website wish you no specific ills, just that you please shut up about whatever it is you are using to try to get attention and just get some sleep and relax and realize that stereogum is not the world. Even if your world is music blogging, it’s not the real world.

          Seriously, Michael_ – do whatever the fuck you want. But I’m just asking you personally to stop making everything about you.

          I came to and all I got was this lousy comment argument!

        • I realize there’s a lot of monkeys throwing poop in your general direction right now. Truth be told, you’re bringing it on yourself by continuing with these posts. However, I gotta say man, I’m actually starting to wonder if you don’t REALLY need some help.

          If you’re just playing the game, dragging this out as long as possible, that’s one thing. But if you’re really as bothered by all this as your recent posts imply, if you’re actually thinking about this like it matters, or when you aren’t online, particularly at Stereogum, it’s probably time to step away for a bit.

          None of us know you from a hole in the wall. None of us can actually look at your face and judge the seriousness of what you’re saying, or the affect of what we’re saying in return. For my own part, and I’m hoping you take this seriously, I think you need to hear a few times over that IT’S NOT THAT IMPORTANT! It’s just the internet man. Shake it off. Let it go. Move on to something that actually matters. Preferably something in the “real world” where REAL people actually care about you and your life.

        • “I don’t even care.”

          ^ absurdly false statement of the day.

          you’re not evil for having a heart, man…you’re just annoying the shit out of everyone by continuing to refer to this pathetic nonesense. feel free to post whatever you want in response to what Stereogum article is on the page but please stop wasting space with your “woe is me” bullshit.

      • that’s some fantastic unintentional hilarity right there with the sunglasses guy. stay cool, michael_.

    • It doesn’t matter how many votes you get either way because you aren’t defined by anybody’s approval/disapproval but your own. All that matters (if anything on here matters) is that you aren’t saying something for the purpose of being upvoted/downvoted, that you really mean what you say. And yes, I really do hate Phil Collins and Dave Matthews that much.

      • Stereogum, The After School Special

        Next week’s episode: the super special annual where we learn about not being touched in the no-no spot by teachers!

  11. zygmunt, i <3 u.

  12. So… anyone listened to any music recently?

  13. You know, if my “But he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for” comment on the Bono article isn’t enough to get me into best of the week, it’s never gonna happen… F.U. stereogum, I feel like Rajon Rondo right now.

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