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As revealed by Angus Andrew in a recent Progress Report, Liars are experimenting with some new textural territory, mining more electronic sounds and beats. We got a sense of that on the first single, “No. 1 Against The Rush,” but it’s even more apparent on the newly surfaced “Octagon,” a track a lot of people are going to compare to Radiohead (just a heads up). Hear it below.

(via Listen Before You Buy, h/t Michael_)

WIXIW is out 6/5 on Mute.

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  1. uh, where is the song?

  2. That’s what I’d like to know!

  3. Both links at the end take us to Michael_’s profile.

    I’m sure Corban is deathly afraid of not citing his sources that he spazzed and hit the copy/paste combo twice.

    • Good work tech genius.

      I’m really looking forward to this album. The Liars are one of the few bands that can do no wrong in my eyes. Being that They Were Wrong So We Drowned is my favorite album of theirs I’m excited to see them move back in a more experimental direction.

  4. The instrumental for this was also in their short video/ad thing for it. I think lots of people will be comparing the whole album to Kid A. I’ve listened to the samples on Amazon, and it’s definitely getting very Radiohead up in Liarstown.

    I think it all sounds pretty great, though. Really excited for the 5th.

  5. Well.. Seeing as Liars toured with Radiohead while they were supporting In Rainbows, it’s not all that surprising..

  6. That influence runs both ways to my ears, because I hear an understated Liars influence on the King of Limbs. Since pre-ordering WIXIW, I have been desperately looking for a stream or torrent all day to stop myself from listening to those Amazon 30 second clips, and lo and behold, five minutes ago, I found a full album stream at the following link:—WIXIW.utr

    As I hate spoilers, I will save my opinion until it gets album of the week honors (knocking on wood) or a premature evaluation article.

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