Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace 2012

Last month Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel announced his plan to transition to female, having lived with gender dysphoria for much of his life. On Friday, the singer made her live debut as Laura Jane Grace at a San Diego show opening for the Cult. According to Rolling Stone, Grace is a few weeks into her hormone replacement therapy, and the band performed a bunch of new songs slated for Against Me!’s next LP, Transgender Dysphoria Blues. Watch fan-shot video of “Don’t Lose Touch” from the concert below.

[Photo via Rolling Stone.]

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  1. “Transgender Dysphoria Blues”… nice.

  2. “‘I was worried that some people expected me to come out looking like Little Bo Peep or something,’ Grace said after the show while hanging out at the merch table with her wife, Heather. (They’re doing the tour as a family; their toddler daughter, Evelyn, was sleeping with a nanny in the tour bus.)”

    That pretty much sums up my reaction — Neither shocked nor really expecting much of a transition so quickly. I guess?

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    • Not sure what’s so bad about being more excited about Daft Punk recording than this.

      • Possibly the fact that you commented on it in a fairly cavalier, dickish way. Go ahead, be excited about Daft Punk. But going out of your way to say “This story doesn’t matter to me as much as other things” is pointless and serves only negative purposes.

  4. No jokes or snarky comments. Good luck, Grace.

  5. Cher has been playing gigs as a woman for decades.

  6. This may make me look transphobic, but Transgender Dysphoria Blues is a really crappy title for a record.

    • Typical band dynamics.. The lead vocalist being the only one who has a say in the name of the album.

      • Lead vocalist/songwriter/creative force/ only member of the original band usually has more say than the goons he hired to surround him, yep.

        • That’s cool.. three dudes spend years of their lives mastering their instruments only to be dismissed as random “goons” by some dude on the internet, who has no idea what the creative process is in the band is and about the presence/lack of a songwriting collaboration.

  7. Good performance, I guess?

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  9. Some girls in the audience are singing WAY off key at the beginning of the clip.

  10. The current phase of hormone replacement therapy has Tom Gabel looking like a member of Poison.

  11. I thought that was a picture of Steven Tyler after a couple rounds of testosterone therapy.

  12. Curious to see where this goes. Can’t imagine that singing voice coming out of a woman. I would imagine this process would eventually drastically change that no?

  13. This band would be better if the singer was a chick. Oh, what’s that you say?

  14. justin bieber will be the next

  15. This is one of the best Publicity Stunts ever. Transgender Dysphoria Blues, is going to sale like hotcakes to fans and people in the gay, lesbian, and transgender community are going to buy it just because of Tom Gabel’s alleged sex-change. After about a year or so he’ll come back as a full blown man.

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