Lil Wayne - "Ghoulish"

Last week, Clipse figurehead Pusha T issued “Exodus 23:1,” a track which heavily references Biggie’s “What’s Beef” and targets — though not by name — Drake. His label boss Lil Wayne responded, first on Twitter and then with “Ghoulish,” a 90-second long freestyle. “You softer than a motherfucking nerf ball / Bird call / Purr, what happened to that boy? / He was talkin’ shit, we put a clappin’ to that boy” closes Wayne. Hear it below.

(via RapFix)

Drake got in the act, too, which is ironic because his recent Respect cover is emblazoned with the anti-beef quote “I just make my music and go about my business.” Meanwhile, Pusha’s Clipse partner/brother No Malice (formerly Malice) is getting outrapped by Lecrae.

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  1. why are yall mad late on this story….lol

  2. I pray for your sake that you did not press play.

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  4. I don’t get diss tracks. It’s a musical equivalent of junior high drama.

    Be real men and confront each other face to face.

  5. was Clipse responding to Drake’s guest spot on the Rick Ross track ‘stay schemin?’

  6. G.O.O.D Music > YMCMB

  7. Diamonds in the headphones
    iPhones with no cases.
    Gotta check the time on your phone
    Because the Rolex is faceless.

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