Flaming Lips Rewrite "Race For The Prize" For OKC Thunder

Oklahoma City bannermen the Flaming Lips have slightly rewritten their “Race For The Prize” in honor of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s race for the NBA Finals prize. The critical tweak:

Oklahoma City was once in a decline
Home of the workin’ man
But he was losing
But heard off in the distance
Came a roar out of the sky
Thunder came thunderin’
So determined
Theirs is to win
We win with them
They’ll keep fighting
For Oklahoma

And it’s obviously interspersed with lots of “Thunder Up!” chants. The Thunder probably need the mojo; they’re up against a team so finely tuned — Spurs are 33-3 in their last 36 games, including playoffs — that they’re basically an algorithm (and about as fun to watch as linear regression). Hear it:

Your move, Butthole Surfers? That’s all I got, San Antonio. The Thunder and the Spurs play again tonight at 9 PM ET.

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  1. go spurs go

  2. Would like to mention that much college coursework involved regression so that’s not a cheap shot at the Spurs, per se.

  3. Saying the Spurs are “about as fun to watch as linear regression” is such an obnoxious way to say “I didn’t watch any Spurs games this year.”

    (and I’m a Thunder fan)

    • I watched them late in the year once they started to get hot; they were hard to avoid at that point. I think you misunderstand my feelings about linear regression.

  4. Wayne Coyne’s voice has really deteriorated over the last decade or so… This is a big example.

  5. Hmm…maybe She Don’t Use Jelly woulda been better, not exactly We Will Rock You:)

    “We play baaaaaaa-sketball Su-preme…”

  6. Wayne Coyne, Thunder Hoops, and OU football. That’s what Oklahoma does.

  7. The following is why I DIDN’T get to pick which song they used:

    “Convinced of the Beard”
    “Waitin’ for a SuperDurant”
    “Do You Russellize??”
    “The ObSerger”
    “I’m Working at OKC on Acid”

  8. I believe they mean Seattle SuperSonics.

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