Willis Earl Beal

Coming off a year of can’t-do-wrong press and one of the year’s best records so far, throwback lo-fi soul sensation Willis Earl Beal allegedly did wrong this past weekend in Utrecht. And if this is at all true, judging by his build, this kick would have allegedly hurt a lot. WEB was in the Netherlands for the Le Guess Who? festival and at some point was bothered by an interaction with a homeless person to the point of giving said homeless man’s face the business end of his Willis Earl boot. A spokesperson for the singer told NME that Willis was arrested and eventually released without charge. In this video below, you can hear Willis talking about the interaction onstage, saying “Because of a few bad apples, we all miss out on one more glorious, fantastic, lovely performance. I love you, and I even love the guy whose face I kicked in. I love him, too. He’s a good guy! He’s just drunk, a little.” Then he says “You come up here and say that to me, you prick,” when someone in the crowd yells something presumably not-so-nice. Not a good scene! Though, it is a scene you can watch here:

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  1. Willis Earl Beal can kick who the fuck he likes, wherever the fuck he likes, and that’s all there is to it.

  2. At the show I saw (the echo, Los Angeles), he said he keeps his eyes closed while performing… he stays out of trouble that way.

  3. I’m really not shocked the crowd was heckling him, I mean they guys up there singing to a boom box. I liked the album and am excited about him but c’mon he’s at a festival where presumably many people will not know his music and will be intoxicated and he brings out the big guns, his boom box. Then he gets all artiste sensitive about it, jeez.

  4. That is, by definition, kicking someone while they’re down. Not a fan

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