The Killers

Day & Age, the Killers’ last album, came out way the hell back in 2008, and the Vegas synth-rock stars have been only intermittently active in the years since. But the band is now at work on a new album called Battle Born, named for their studio and their homestate.

NME reports that this time around, the armada of producers includes Steve Lillywhite, Damian Taylor, Brendan O’Brien, and, most intriguingly, Stuart Price, the dance-pop guy who previously collaborated with the band on their incandescent single “Human.” Sample song titles include “Heart Of A Girl,” “Flesh And Bone,” “Carry Me Home,” and “Runaways.” The album will probably arrive in the fall.

Drummer Ronnie Vanucci calls the album “our difficult fourth record,” which isn’t a great sign. Both Sam’s Town and Day & Age tried to be difficult in different ways, without a ton of success, and I’d love to see this band embrace its identity as killer-single craftsmen.

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  1. As was said in the article, The Killers are a great singles band but they’ve never brought that through to a full album.

  2. as a nevadan, i dig the title.

  3. as someone still living in 2004, i dig the press pic

  4. This is going to be my favourite killers album because it is called Battle Born which evokes images of swords and battle in my mind.

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