A Serious Man


A Serious Man

The Hurt Locker


The Hurt Locker

Fantastic Mr. Fox


Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Hangover


The Hangover

Star Trek


Star Trek

District 9


District 9

(500) Days Of Summer


(500) Days Of Summer




Where The Wild Things Are


Where The Wild Things Are

Inglourious Basterds


Inglourious Basterds

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  1. I’m calling bullshit. Where’s New Moon?

  2. midnightwow  |   Posted on Dec 9th, 2009 0

    it’s hilarious how poor stereogum readers’ taste in film is compared to the same in music, which is quite good. category should be renamed “Movies That Were Most Shamelessly Marketed to My Demographic.”

    • Right, ’cause A Serious Man and Hurt Locker were marketed for the indie kids?

      • midnightwow  |   Posted on Dec 9th, 2009 0

        you specifically chose the only two films off this list about which i wouldn’t make that claim, so there you go. that doesn’t stop me from thinking these are two of the year’s laziest critical giants, and i consider myself an ardent fan of the Coens and Bigelow.

        • i think the sad fact behind believing that we were the target audience for a lot of these movies is that when they show up on this list, it means the marketing worked.
          such as the oh so annoying 500 days of summer background change stereogum did around it’s premiere.
          p.s. knock that shit off, stereogum. never again.

    • Joe  |   Posted on Dec 9th, 2009 0

      I think the main complaint should be that for a demographic who cares fervently about independent music, that same ethic sadly isn’t really reflected when it comes to independent films.

      • midnightwow  |   Posted on Dec 9th, 2009 0

        exactly. there’s not a single film here that was released by an actual independent, despite the fact that several were directed by name-brand “auteurs.”

  3. Yeah..that’s about right.

  4. The quote on the (500) Days of Summer poster represents everything that was wrong with the marketing of this movie!

    I thought it was going to be a cheesefest but it was actually quite charming and enjoyable. I’m just a sucker for that sort of narration. Had it been portrayed in a lineal form, it would had lost a lot of impact.

  5. if it wasn’t for such a late release, it would’ve been fantastic mr. fox.

  6. Blah  |   Posted on Dec 9th, 2009 0

    Boo to 500 Days of Summer being on here with the rest — it’s the next Garden State (movie that people will realize sucks once they see it more than once. Sorry, Zooey Deschanel was not even a character, she was a series of quirks!).

    • Kyle  |   Posted on Dec 9th, 2009 0

      I thought that was sort of the point of her character? Since we were seeing everything from Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s point of view, we never really see her in her full form, only as he sees her – which basically boils down to her quirks and taste in music and movies and the things that he appreciates about her. Never really the other stuff, the stuff that makes her a living person.

      • My cousin is taking a feminist theory class in college right now. (500) days came up as an example of the “masculine gaze”, which is what the whole movie was about. It was a chick flick for dudes. During the summer, I moved 400 miles away from my girlfriend. We had our problems with distance and when she came to visit me, she totally gave me the cold shoulder. I told my friends she “summer’d” me. Everyone immediately knew what I was referencing. Fucking bitch. I hate you Summer.

      • Hieronymus  |   Posted on Dec 9th, 2009 0

        Straight up. Anyone who voted for that shit is wweeeaaakkk.

    • couldn’t agree more. her character was a shell.

  7. marissa  |   Posted on Dec 9th, 2009 0

    really? where the wild things are as #2. lame.

  8. Needs more In the Loop.

  9. who are you, the oscars?

  10. Kevin  |   Posted on Dec 9th, 2009 0

    No love for Moon? That was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, an intense psychological exploration and a promising directorial debut from David Bowie’s son.

  11. Kevin  |   Posted on Dec 9th, 2009 0

    No love for Moon? That was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, an intense psychological exploration and a promising directorial debut from David Bowie’s son.

  12. The basterds win again.

  13. I can dig this top 8, I have not seen the last two sadly and apparently they’re the only non hipster-panderers? Boo

  14. eric  |   Posted on Dec 9th, 2009 0


  15. Well, at least A Serious Man and District 9 are on the list, just not at the top where they belong.

  16. Up was good…and…that’s about all.

  17. inglorious basterds was really good :D

  18. mighty undies  |   Posted on Dec 9th, 2009 0

    FUCK The Hangover. fucking terrible movie.

  19. Chris  |   Posted on Dec 10th, 2009 0

    The general blandness of this film list as compared with the list of top albums is interesting to notice … but it’s also worth remembering that independent music is MUCH more easily distributed than independent films. We can all download a Washed Out EP, but far fewer of us live anywhere near a theatre that showed Beeswax – which is too bad.

  20. qedarfgd  |   Posted on Dec 10th, 2009 0


  21. matt   |   Posted on Dec 10th, 2009 0

    yeah the independent theater that i live close to doesnt really even play indie movies. I don’t really think that these movies are aimed at hipsters in particular considering almost all of them were blockbusters. That said, basterds and fantastic mr. fox were my favorites.

  22. GJ  |   Posted on Dec 10th, 2009 0

    Where’s Avatar, A Single Man, Up In The Air, Crazy Heart, Nine,..? Oh, that’s right. They haven’t even been released (wide) yet. Really wish all of these sites and zines wouldn’t race to have the first _____ lists in an attempt to be the most fresh and relevant. You don’t give the albums from the last couple months of the year time to sink in and even worse with film, you don’t give a chance for everyone to see everything that came out. Same with these best of the decade lists. How do you know what albums from this year are seriously going to stand the test of time already? What a joke.

  23. wasn’t really feeling Inglorious Basterds as much as I wanted to. the Husrt Locker on the other hand was one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had at the movies, along with Paranormal Activity – a fucking sweet movie

  24. john  |   Posted on Dec 16th, 2009 0

    has anyone seen The Informant? That was my favorite of the year…. Matt Damon was amazing in this.

  25. Can’t believe 500 Days of Summer rated.
    Dumb Americans drank the Kool-Aid where Australians didn’t.

  26. Oh so TRUE! Cliched it with “where the wild things are” as #2, oh come onnn, can we be more cliche hipster.

  27. Lachlann  |   Posted on Jan 10th, 2010 0

    Am I the only person who didn’t like District 9?

  28. I really enjoyed Woody Allen’s ” Whatever Works”. And also “Moon”!!!

  29. great stuff, why not check out this flash game and try to beat my highest score

  30. loou  |   Posted on Jan 23rd, 2010 0

    Numbers 4-2 don’t deserve to be on this list IMO.

  31. isbyn  |   Posted on Jan 25th, 2010 0

    wait wait…. when people are saying Moon or New Moon are they referring to fucking twilight?

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