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It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Texan BTW Fight Bite, though this is understandable given how busy vocalist/keyboardist Leanne Macomber has been as keyboardist/vocalist for perennially touring synth-pop leading light Neon Indian. In 2010 we heard Leanne and fellow Fight Biter Jeff Louis’s “Celeste,” along with the promise of a full record when time allowed; it is 2012, and time has allowed. Titled Fight Bite, the duo’s second LP offers a more rarified version of their swirling, amniotic dream-pop, though it’s for that reason we’ve pulled “Charlotte Pluie” for your downloading pleasure — Macomber’s vocals still smear the scenery, and the keyboards still twinkle, but this one has atypical thrust thanks to programmed beats tied to a sample bank straight from the ’80s. You can hear the whole record at Spotify, and download “Charlotte Pluie” below:

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  1. Fuzzy out of focus tittays, better than no tittays.

  2. I like her bracelet. Her smooth, perky bracelet…s…..

  3. I’ve got a question: is that Leanne Macomber on the cover?

  4. Sorry, dorks. That’s not her.

    • :(
      Wait a second. Oh, I see, you’re trying to say that this is not Fight Bite because this really is Natasha Khan! Right!?
      :{ D

  5. That looks just like my parents’ couch

  6. this is the number 3 most viewed story on stereogum right and i’ll give you two soft, fuzzy reasons why: synthesizers and pro tools.

  7. Nice rack

  8. No lies detected

  9. i love how they don’t even ADDRESS the cover pic in this ‘story’ haha…when it’s the ONLY thing we’re gonna give a shit about unless this songs blows our doors off. but anyway, how DARE they put a topless girl on the cover, don’t they know that legally you need to get a time machine and go back to the late 60s or 70s to be able to pull off that FILTH?! “HISSS HISSS”

    • or, like, you know, they sort of figured that maybe there’s no need to constantly comment on breasts, and that the puerile bros could maybe just spank it and leave the grownups in peace.

      anyway, the track is doing a classic no-frills 80s thing, those vocals are almost too breathy, and i guess i oughta hear that first record. been digging the neon indian stuff and i can see how macomber might have nudged palomo a little towards era extrana’s poppier moments.

  10. check the inside gate-fold (or back cover?) of Scorpions Lovedrive album for the real-est album/boob art. Twine had a nice nude on their last album, Roxy Music of course totally ruled the soft-focus breast-art of the 80s and then, well there’s Duran Duran’s original arthouse video for the Chauffeur!

  11. New Order meets Cocteau Twins. And boobs.

  12. Brace yourself 1000′s of Grimes clones are coming. Nice rack BTW.

  13. this band has existed since 2007

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