Merchandise - Children Of Desire

Florida post-punk trio Merchandise sweep a lot of influences into their tight, thoughtful rock, evidenced by ringing tracks like “Time.” Now, we’ve got another cut from their recent release Desire, a stormy, reverberating anthem called “In Nightmare Room.” Download it below.

And here is “Time.”

Desire is out now on Katorga Works.

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  1. THANK GOD FOR THIS ALBUM AND THIS BAND. It’s an emotionally thrilling record.

  2. Why does nobody ever comment on the good stuff? Merchandise is one of the few bands that I really love these days. I’ve been waiting forever for them to be put on this website. Same thing for Broken Water and Milk Music. Whenever songs from people who aren’t Animal Collective or Lana Del Ray or of that status actually gets on here[no posts about the unbelievable White Lung LP]
    nobody seems to care. Children of Desire is a perfect album. Hopefully people in the future will know it existed.

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