King Tuff

Happy Birthday frontman King Tuff has found another lane for himself as a solo crafter of rickety garage-rock attacks. Tuff’s self-titled solo album is out today, and we’ve already heard the early track “Bad Thing.” And below, we’ve got the entire LP streaming in one 40-minute YouTube-video chunk.

King Tuff is out today on Sub Pop.

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  1. This is really kickass — a lot more crisp and cohesive than Happy Birthday’s material. Burger Records also released it today on cassette (and while you’re there, you might as well pick up the new OFF! and the entire Ty Segall catalog since it’s pretty dirt cheap.)

  2. I really loved the Happy Birthday album immediately. Don’t get me wrong; I think this album is enjoyable from start to finish and I intend to buy it, but I am hoping there is more Happy Birthday stuff in the wings. For me, there was something wild and off-kilter about the Happy Birthday stuff that is missing from this album. Cohesion is not everything. I think I am also missing the sense of a group dynamic that I got from the Happy Birthday album. People playing garage rock together just usually ends up sounding more fun and unpredictable than one guy doing everything himself.

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