Stereogum Monthly Mix: May 2012

Some months, you get blockbuster bands releasing big singles in stream-only format. May was not like that — May was a good month for freely downloadable MP3s. Respect, May. In the ten-track zip below, you’ll find big singles from artists sitting on anticipated new LPs — like Yeasayer and Twin Shadow and Azealia Banks — plus a one-off from Antony about the coral reef (heavy), an LP intro from Neon Indian-affiliate Fight Bite (danceable), a track from Ty Segall’s latest (garageable), and a few more you’ll have to download to discover. Click:

Monthly Mix: May 2012 (.zip, 78.9MB)

01 Yeasayer – “Henrietta”
02 Azealia Banks – “Jumanji”
03 Twin Shadow – “Five Seconds”
04 Sunny Ali & The Kid – “Chai”
05 Fight Bite – “Charlotte Pluie”
06 d’Eon – “Now You Do”
07 Heavenly Beat – “Messiah”
08 Ty Segall Band – “I Bought My Eyes”
09 Family Band – “Night Song”
10 Antony – “Rise”

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  1. Everythings comin’ up Stereogum.

  2. I love new Stereogum mixes.

  3. ‘Five Seconds’ blows my mind. Or what’s the emotional equivalent?

  4. I always forget about these, and then on days like today when I’m avoiding working on a spreadsheet (blah) I come across them – such a lovely surprise for my ears! Yay!

  5. Geez, does everything have to be synth-y these days? Either the only two things that aren’t dull as a paper towel are Sunny Ali & The Kid and Ty Segall, or I just don’t get indie music anymore.

    • They’ve definitely posted some cool rock stuff on here in the last week, like Savages, King Tuff, No Joy, and A Place to Bury Strangers, but you’re right. Synthy stuff tends to get too much attention from this and other indie music sites. It’s the aural equivalent of those awful American Apparel leggings.

      • You guitar kids had your decade in the sun during the ’00s. It was all angular, bouncy guitars or blown out garage theatrics. You even had a few extra years with all those lo-fi ’90s revivalists. It’s only fair that synths came back in a big way.

        • The use of synth isn’t the problem itself, but rather it’s becoming increasingly obvious that riding the indie music hype-wave is way too easy if you know how to use sampler pads or a microkorg and producing software. Scenes get like that — they gnaw themselves to the core, which then, freed from the suffocation of the body, produces something truly innovative. It’ll happen to this soon. Someone will release a record so foreign, and yet so obvious, that it’ll render everything today and in the past five years before it completely irrelevant.

          • You’re that guy in the horror movie who interrupts all the awesome unprotected sex and kickass drug use to tell the kids, “You’re all going to die!” just a few minutes before they start getting stabbed in the face with soldering irons and glass unicorns, aren’t you?

      • Also please remember that the Monthly Mixes are culled from the month’s free MP3s (and not streams), which disqualifies lots of songs we post (including, in the last week, Savages, King Tuff, No Joy, and A Place To Bury Strangers).

    • Agreed. Everything besides the two you named and the Twin Shadow song (which i’m still not a big fan of) is rather forgettable, but hey it’s just 10 songs. and they’re free.

  6. i love this mix! Yeasayer and Ty Segall for the win :) another monthly mix below:

  7. d’Eon sounds like Phil Collins, nah mean.

  8. Even though I don’t always like all of the songs, these Stereogum monthly mixes are the shit. Please, never stop doing this!

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