Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino, the rap alter-ego of Community’s Donald Glover, seems to be working overtime to make me take him seriously lately, an effort that includes collabs with great rappers like Schoolboy Q and Heems. And now he’s taken a different tack: A new track called “Silk Pillow” that features Beck. And not just any Beck: The surreal stream-of-consciousness half-rapping Beck of the Mellow Gold days. Download the track below.

(via Donald Glover’s site)

So, so nice to have rapping Beck back, if only for a moment.

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  1. This song is really cool until Glover joins in.

    I dig Link joining in for the Ocarina solo though.

  2. Pretty cool track it makes me have more hope that Chilidish Gambino will evolve into a more developed artist.

  3. I’m really looking forward to Glover’s new mixtape, “Watch Me Get Shown Up by Everyone I Share a Track With”


  5. So it’s Beck covering Kanye’s Blame Game? Pretty sweet.

  6. Fucking horrible.

    And I can’t even think about this project without hearing Troy and Abed’s “Biblioteca Rap”.

  7. He wants to be Kanye so bad.

  8. *non-descript hate about Gambino*

  9. Man, I’ve hated Childish Gambino ever since my corny-ass Carlton Banks neighbor made me listen to Sick Boi, but honestly I was one of the few people I knew that didn’t like his music, up until the 1.6 p4k score, which was really shitty because Ian Cohen hated the record for all the wrong reasons (seriously, fuck that guy, his reviews are anus). Now everyone hates him. I’m thinking about liking Gambino now just to get off the bandwagon.

  10. Man, Cheesy is the new Skrillex. I wish I was cool enough to hate him.

  11. Childish Gambino’s in the weird situation of being the sort of person who probably reads Stereogum and Pitchfrk instead of dedicated Hip-Hop sites, then gets lots of love from The Source, XXL etc. and nothing but hate from the Indie sites.

  12. If only Dan Harmon was writing all his raps…

  13. Why all the hate for Childish Gambino? Is it because he’s really bad at writing music? Okay I see it now.

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    • HEY NOW, I LOVE Community. I DO not, however, LOVE this. HE WILL not be getting the much COVETED An AMERICAN Patriot promo. SORRY, GLOVER.

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        • I LIKE that he got that SHIT FROM a Wu-tang generator. FUNNY stuff. BUT SHOWS HOW fuckin weak his RAP GAME.

          AND much respect FO YA on whatever side BUT YOU’RE wrong about Community. THOUGH I DIDN’T quite like THIS SEASON as much.


        • …pseudo blackness?

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          • in response to below (fuck you magical disappearing reply button)

            I get what your saying and even agree with it for the most part, I only singled it out cause pseudo blackness just strikes me as a weird descriptor

            It would make a great rap name though, courtesy of the Wu Tang generator

          • Yeah… referring to him as pseudo black…. kind of… racist. Even if you’re black and calling him that, it’s racist. I don’t really have time to explain how racism works, so maybe look it up in your free time.

            Dimensions of race and gender have endless possibilities for exploration, as obviously no one fully understands them, and individuals or groups are marginalized as a result. I don’t think it’s a cop-out to address race in stand-up comedy. There is always room for another voice, as long as it doesn’t reinforce stereotypes, a la Carlos Mencia. Further, the topic of race is also far from central to Glover’s stand-up material, so I don’t even know what you’re talking about when you refer to it as a “schtick”.

            “I mean, don’t you ever feel (if you watch Community) that the gags are more directed at Glover than they are him delivering humor?”

            Not at all. Do you watch Community? Troy is a completely fleshed-out character with nuances and quirks that make him funny in a unique way. His friendship with Abed is the most endearing part of the show, and their “gags” together come from them, are not at their expense, and provide a decent amount of pop culture commentary.

            It sounds like you have spent a really limited amount of time assessing Donald Glover before making your conclusions, which is fine; we all do it at some point. However, drawing his racial identity into the main reason for disliking him is extremely problematic for reasons much larger than simply disliking the aesthetics of a style of music or comedy.

            Lastly, the guy was one of the original writers for 30 Rock. He obviously has talent.

        • Community IS pretty bad with the exception of the Dean, but I do find Glover to be a pretty likable fella outside of the show. And McHale is pretty funny on the Soup.

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          • I can take quotes out of context too! I just prefer not to because it hardly ever helps and argument.

            Keep trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about. You’ll fool someone some day!

          • Not sure how those quotes are out of context. Keep trying to defend indefensible positions by making loud statements, failing to provide evidence, then backing away with weak insults. I showed you mine, where’s yours?

            Let me put it a different way, since “Community” is the zenith of comedy and therefore untouchable. You mentioned ’30 Rock’. Look at the two buffoons on that show, Kenneth and Tracy. Kenneth is likable because of his innocence, a classic character-type. Tracy is likable only because he is not threatening. The Tracy that the audience sees does not match the Tracy that we hear about through backstory and other character input. Tracy is the epitome of racism captured in television. For me, that doesn’t mean that the show isn’t clever or funny, it just isn’t my thing. Tracy Morgan is one of my favorite cast members from SNL, and I think that he is a great supporting guy. But watching his stand-up is painful. He has been relegated to caricature. It also works a lot better for 30 Rock because they have actors who can really act.

            A show that I didn’t/don’t care for, but that allows people to be people regardless of race is The Office. The characters who happen to be black, white, Indian, etc. are characters outside of caricature. The show doesn’t deal with race by letting the ‘black guy’ tell all the race jokes, or simply involving a character of color in a scene to take advantage of race. To argue that ‘Community’ doesn’t practice that strategy is disingenuous.

            I know I’m talking to a fanboy here, and attempting to reason is futile, but I’ll make one last point. You mentioned Carlos Mencia. He is the perfect example of someone who isn’t funny because his routine is all about the character that he is trying to craft. It’s fine to use race and to make fun of stereotypes, or to reinforce stereotypes, for that matter. In a less abrasive way, Glover is doing the same thing. All of his jokes are related to character experiences. Some comics can pull this off (Louis C.K. comes to mind). Some comics just make it tedious (Kathy Griffin). What I originally meant by “pseudo blackness” is that I think Glover believes that he has to act a certain way or talk a certain way in order to pander to the audience. It’s just a bit of transparency that breaks through the fourth wall in jarring fashion. I would say the same thing about Oprah Winfrey.

            Since I keep replying on JJ’s post, though I didn’t actually reply to him, I am not trying to trash Glover as a person. I’m sure he’s a great guy to get a beer with. I also respect that he has found success in what he’s doing. I have spend way too much time responding negatively toward a person that I am fairly ambivalent toward. Nothing gets me going like fanboys and downvoters. However, McHale is a pussy. I’ve been watching Talk Soup since the Kinnear days, so I also watched Roger Lodge, and suffered through the Skunk Head Henson days. McHale is the worst. After this week’s episode, I am giving up on that show. I was okay with him not being able to read cue cards that well, but he has really turned into an arrogant shit since he has been doing Community (I think that his characters have collided). The last straw was his response to the granny skydiving video (which is not usually Soup stuff, but hey, you gotta keep pace with the Toshes of the world). Of all the jokes to make about that clip, he chose to make fun of an elderly lady for having floppy back skin. Alright. Oh, and his stand-up is like watching your grandmother give birth to puppies. Fuck that guy right to hell.

          • Where the hell did you get the idea that I’m a “fanboy”? Community is my least favorite of the shows that I frequently watch by a pretty wide margin. No where did I say that it is the “zenith of comedy”. I’m also not the President of the Donald Glover fan club. I’m not a fan of Childish Gambino (though I don’t think it’s “OMFG SO AWFUL CUZ PITCHFORK SAID SO”). He just happens to be someone I’ve always found pretty humorous and it’s been fun to watch him gain more popularity since his DERRICK Comedy days. It’s hard to argue with someone who is inventing and hyperbolizing my own arguments. If you sensed any zeal in my responses, it had more to do with topic of race.

            We’re going to have to agree to disagree about this race thing, because I see the exact opposite of what you’re describing. I watch Donald Glover’s stand-up or his role in Community and I don’t see him acting “a certain way in order to pander to the audience.” I mean, most of what he riffs on is how many black stereotypes he DOESN’T fall into. If anything, that’s his “schtick”. Again, I think the only reason you’re drawing your conclusions is you’re not entirely familiar with what you’re talking about. A lot of those quotes you chose had absolutely nothing to do with race or stereotypes. I remember that episode about his uncle touching his “no-no”. He was talking that way to evoke sympathy in his acting class, which he was taking at the advice of his dance teacher. So… yeah. I could name a lot more examples of how he is treated on the show as a multi-dimensional character, but you’ll probably just call me a fanboy again.

            “The show doesn’t deal with race by letting the ‘black guy’ tell all the race jokes, or simply involving a character of color in a scene to take advantage of race. To argue that ‘Community’ doesn’t practice that strategy is disingenuous.” I WILL argue that. 95% of the race jokes come from Chevy Chase. And if all the characters are within the caricature of their race, how do you explain Abed? Chang?

            Community obviously has its faults. It is some of the most forced, cutesy dialogue on TV. And I’m not denying they will go for the easy jokes about race, as evident in that “Fiddlah, please!” joke. I would blame that on lazy writing more than argue that Donald Glover personally is not properly representing the African American community (an absurd responsibility no one deserves– a notion that is in itself racist, as the dominant race never has to worry about individuals representing the whole). And Joel McHale is by far one of most annoying TV personalities. I’m with you there.

            So anyway. I don’t know. I don’t care about this quite this much to go on and on like this. Maybe I misunderstood your argument in the beginning, but I still find “pseudo-blackness” to be kind of an incendiary term. And I still disagree with a majority of what you’re saying. Maybe we see different things, I don’t know. So call me a fanboy some more if you want and we can wrap this up until I see you blindly hating on some other shit that I like, which I already have.

  15. I was actually enjoying this until Glover started singing

  16. wait, wait, wait…Childish Gambino ISN’T a child OR Italian??! And he’s on a TV show??! And he sucks???!

  17. When will Beck take a break from being the Snoop Dogg of indie music and put out a new solo album already?

  18. Do you see what happens when you put Community on hiatus! I hope you’ve learned you lesson!

  19. Donald Glover sure is no Nicki Minaj!

  20. Watching white people argue about what’s racist and what’s hood….loolz

  21. Jesus Christ people are so critical, I didn’t think it was that bad

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