And Our Dirty Projectors Album Cover Caption Contest Winner Is…

Amrit Singh | May 30, 2012 - 5:24 pm

The results are in on our caption contest for the photographic album cover to Dirty Projectors’ forthcoming Swing Lo Magellan! And as commenter eldave said: “Tough room.” Thank you for your hundreds of entries, and apologies that your hundreds of entries suffered a hailstorm of downvotes. (We forgot to put “play nice” in the rules, our bad.) One entry that didn’t make the cut was that of Dave Longstreth (pictured above, right). This morning I interviewed him for a piece we’ll publish here soon and asked for his submission. He pointed immediately to Cory Arcangel’s evergreen New Yorker caption “What a misunderstanding!.” This may in fact be the perfect caption, but neither Dave nor Cory are eligible for the Swing Lo Magellan deluxe package prize, because neither posted in the contest thread PER THE RULES. Instead, the comment party victor, and recipient of a Swing Lo Magellan deluxe package is…

diego4533 | May 16th Score:73

“Really? Never seen Seinfeld? The slap bass? Something like puaa-puaa-puaaa-puaaaaa chk ah tn tn tss”

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Congratulations, Seinfeld guy. We’ll be in touch to get you your prize. Thank you all for playing, and to coin a paraphrase, “Sorry for the misunderstanding!”