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After announcing a new record was in the works in January, Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke took to his website to reveal details for Bloc Party’s new album, Four, the band’s first new album since 2008′s Intimacy and their first for Frenchkiss. Take it away, dude:

we have just finished mixing our new record. i am very proud of it. it is the best thing that we have ever done and finishing this record has taken us on quite a journey.

there have been babies, breakdowns, tantrums and hospitalisations but its finally here. we started making this record in NY in the winter of 2011. we didn’t want to let the world know so we told a lie that got out of hand but it made us laugh in the process, which brought us closer together.

He continues:

after my solo record i wanted to have a year without music in a different part of the world. i had four records with me, led zeppelin 4, deftones white pony, nicki minaj’s mix tape beam me up scotty and al green’s greatest hits and that was enough. i just wanted to drift and watch the world from a distance and i truly had intended to switch off but then 2011 happened; in terms of global history, the most dramatic year i have experienced in my entire life. it became impossible to switch off from the world when it seemed history was rewriting itself day after day. so i did what i always try to do to make sense of the world, i started writing lyrics and something became clear to me, i needed to put my band back together, i missed my friends. even though i had made a record by myself i missed the way that my band worked, how little improvisations and suggestions would then go on to spark other ideas in me like wildfire. being in bloc party always forced me to think on my feet.

it turns out that everyone had been feeling the same way so we arranged to decamp to NY and start writing our fourth record and in that time it became clear to us that the only reason to be in this band was to make the sort of music that only the four of us could make.

(via iamkele)

It’s called Four. Watch an album trailer below and scope the band’s tour itinerary below.

The trailer:

Tour dates:
06/19 – Glasgow, Scotland @ Garage
06/20 – Manchester, England @ The Ritz
06/21 – London, England @ Koko
06/24 – Tokyo, Japan @ Ebisu Garden Hall
06/29 – Borlange, Sweden @ Peace & Love Festival
07/04 – Gdynia, Poland @ Heineken Opener Festival
07/05 – Sesimbra, Portugal @ Super Bock Super Rock
07/06 – Gdynia, Poland @ Open’er Festival
07/08 – Turku, Finland @ Ruisrock Festival
07/12 – Bilbao, Spain @ BBK Live
07/13 – Ferropolis, Germany @ Melt Festival
07/20 – Charrues, France @ Festival Les Vieilles
07/21 – Nyon, Switzerland @ Paleo Fest
07/28 – Byron Bay, Australia @ Splendour in the Grass
07/30 – Honolulu, HI @ The Republik
08/03 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hard Festival
08/04 – Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza
08/05 – Montreal, Quebec @ Osheaga Festival
08/07 – New York, NY @ Terminal 5
08/08 – New York, NY @ Terminal 5
08/09 – New York, NY @ Terminal 5
08/11 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Pool at the Cosmopolitan
08/12 – San Francisco, CA @ Outside Lands
08/16 – St. Polten, Austria @ Frequency
08/17 – Biddinghuizen, Netherlands @ Lowlands
08/18 – St. Polten, Austria @ Frequency
08/24 – Saint-Cloud, France @ Rock en Seine
08/25 – Zurich, Switzerland @ Open Air Festival
09/04 – Mallorca, Spain @ Mallorca Rocks
09/05 – Ibiza, Spain @ Ibiza Rocks
11/03 – Nantes, France @ Le Stereolux
11/04 – Lyon, France @ Le Transbordeur
11/05 – Bordeaux, France @ Le Rocher de Palmer
11/07 – Toulouse, France @ Le Bikini
11/08 – Milan, Italy @ Acatrax
11/11 – Hamburg, Germany @ Docks
11/12 – Stuttgart, Germany @ Theatrehause
11/13 – Dresden, Germany @ Eventwerk
11/14 – Munich, Germany @ Tonhalle
11/18 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Vega
11/19 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Munich Brewery
11/20 – Oslo, Norway @ Rockafeller

Four is out 8/21 — 8/20 in the UK — on Frenchkiss.

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  1. I’m hearing a lot of the deftones influence? Or is it influ-nüce

  2. The clips sound better than their last two. They’ll never top Silent Alarm, but a pretty good album would do just fine.

    • Silent Alarm will probably always be their apex, but the clips sound like this could be their second best album. When Bloc Party is on, they are an excellent band. I’m hoping for good things.

  3. Holy FUCKIN hell does that DUDE SOUND full of himself AND OVER indulgent. HOPEFULLY that shit doesn’t translate TO HIS music otherwise IT SOUNDS LIKE it’d be a CHORE.

  4. Please. I love synths and keyboards and dance music, but no more electro records, Bloc Party. Pretty please?

  5. I like what I’m hearing so far. Sound like they’re returning to making music on guitars rather than synths. Rock on.

    (not that they’re anything wrong with synths in general. Just not this band!)

  6. this is exactly where we need to be.

    • D-Tilla Gorilla,

      I just want to say I’m delightfully surprised that you’re commenting with some straight sincerety and you’ve dropped the act for a minute. Or so it seems, at least.

      Don’t get me wrong, though…I appreciate your poop talk. It’s just a bit refreshing to see you being all normal and boing for a bit. Now do me a favor and huff dirt wind from my waste cave.


      • well aren’t you a lil heart.

        life is about balance kele bellie. internet lyfe is no different. we can’t’ poop all day in real life, unless we have to. lately, i’ve been having “internet diahrrea” which results in a lot of “poop talk.” is it my fault? yes. i carry the burden that is the “poop master” for this site. i think at times we lose sight of what’s important. Is poop important? yes. but, is poop everything? no. poop is just waste that makes us smile. so, while poop is necessary, it is not everything. however it feels good to poop, and i think that my teeter-totter was weighed down a bit on da poop side. now, the music side has jumped on and i think the balance is important – keep both poop and music in the air on their teeter. let both those babies fly.

        “The Anal Stage” – by DT.

  7. wow, 1:18 is very Smashing Pumpkins. The beginning the clips in the video don’t sound like anything too fresh for them but the end was pretty…I’m going to stay positive and hope this record comes out nice.

    silent alarm was one of the best records of that decade. everything since then from them has pretty much been rubbish.

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