T. Boone Pickens Stunts On Drake

The best stories are the multi-layered ones that a writer can approach from many angles without diluting the core appeal of the item. For instance, why does oil magnate/Mr. Burns-ian Oklahoma State booster T. Boone Pickens follow Drake on Twitter? What compelled him to one-up Drake in this manner? Has Drake not seen the Social Network? But, at some point, you just have to cast aside your skeptic queries and enjoy the beauty that modern times hath wrought. It’s the best thing to happen on Twitter since Royals Hall Of Famer George Brett lost his dog and crowdsourced for help. (Screencap via Gizmodo)

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  1. The history of our great nation has been building to this very moment.

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  3. lol two millionaires joking around about money in a recession

  4. What are the odds that T.Boone Pickens has someone on his payroll to manage his Tweets? And this person happens to be a fan of The Drake? mmmhmmm….

    But it’s a lot more heartwarming to think about ol’ Mr. Pickens actually being a fan of raps musics.

  5. Pickens’ press guy probably told him he’d look kewl to the younger set if he tweeted at a hip rapper whom he had never heard of. Ladi frickin’ da. Pickens is a rent-seeking colostomy bag who wants to get even richer by having the state funnel your tax dollars into his coffers.

  6. So this must confirm that T Boone is signing to GOOD, right?


  7. I read Drake’s tweet no less than 3 times before I understood what he meant

  8. He was just mad that his Motto “rape and pillage the planet to line your own pockets regardless of the consequences to everyone else” didn’t catch on quite as much as Y.O.L.O

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