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Lately, Sufjan Stevens has been playing a series of Planetarium concerts with composer Nico Muhly and the National’s Bryce Dessner, the three of them playing compositions inspired by the planets of the solar system. That series ended last night, when all three played at Australia’s Sydney Opera House as part of the Vivid Festival, and Sufjan ended the set by covering “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” Sufjan’s version is sung entirely through vocoder, over some synth tones. Watch a fan-made video below.

(via Paste)

That was purty.

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  1. It’s actually just called “Over the Rainbow.” Kind of like “Land Down Under” vs. the proper “Down Under.”

  2. Pretty sure this song is called “Where Bluebirds Fly.” Could be wrong, but I’m pretty positive.

  3. Oh Sufy, get that vocoder out of your voice and let us hear our handsome devil’s real voice.

    • Seriously! I normally cringe when older folks say something like, “Blah blah blah all that auto-tune crap….” but I’m afraid, in this instance, I agree with them. My arteries are hardening as we speak and, if I really am turning old, it would explain my love of Golden Girls and my penchant for driving 10 below the speed limit at night.

      But I digress: the vocoder – there’s no need for it here! And I suppose I don’t have the context of the concert (maybe it fit somehow artistically), but this just seems soul-less, emotionless, boring, and uninspired. Anyone can do this. There is nothing uniquely “Sufjan” (except for his recent love affair with the vocoder, but that’s as much uniquely “sufjan” as it is uniquely-early-2000s) about this and frankly I was very very disappointed.

      • Ah-greed. I’m all for musical experimentation, but…. this is one of the best melodies of all time, and he’s mucking it up with the vocoder, which zapped all the soul from it, for me.

        A real, beautiful, live voice is such a RARE thing – CHERISH IT, SUF.

  4. “Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s another rainbow”

  5. some of sufie’s autotune stuff, particularly the side project (sss) is not my cup of tea…but the planetarium project, featuring vocoder on songs like Jupiter and Saturn sound really fantastic …

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