Eugene McGuinness - "Blue Jeans" video

The snappily-dressed British postpunker Eugene McGuinness has already shown a serious visual flair; we’ve posted his stark and striking videos for “Lion” and “Shotgun.” And for some reason, he’s chosen this moment to drop his cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans“; apparently, there’s some gas left in that tank. In the video, he struts in slow-motion through a traffic tunnel and looks pretty badass. Tim Kelly directs. Watch it below.

McGuinness’s album The Invitation To The Voyage is out 8/6 on Domino.

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  1. and here i was thinking that the lyrics couldn’t sound any sillier

  2. Best cover I’ve seen in a while is Ben Howard’s doing Call Me Maybe. Amazing what he does to that song! He can’t keep a straight face either ’cause the lyrics are so ridiculous.

  3. this band from NY called Vacation covered ‘blue jeans’ a few months back. i have to say its vastly superior to this. its a shame they get no love round these parts. ah well, the hidden gem is very rare these days.

  4. Awful cover. This is dreadful. And I hated how he changed the lyrics. “envy green” for real? Lame.

  5. i often wonder how certain bands get on sites like these. i mean, why was this even posted in the first place? does this tom character actually like the song/video. this eugene guy is on a pretty well to do label (domino) and i often fear that maybe some of these blogs get little “incentives” to post about certain bands a la the pay to play radio stuff that happened a ways back. oh well, something to think about.

    my friend is in the band Vacation. you can d/l the lana cover, and a bunch of other kinda awesome eps and singles here.

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