Coldplay - "Princess Of China" (Feat. Rihanna) Video

Here’s the visual for Coldplay and Rihanna’s collaboration “Princess Of China,” a clip packed with eye-burning images that would make both Ang Lee and Baz Luhrmann proud. Observations: it contains too may potential GIFs to count and Rihanna gets pretty friendly with the video’s main male, as she sometimes does. Adria Petty (Beyoncé’s immaculate “Countdown,” daughter of Tom) and Alan Bibby direct. Have at it below.

Mylo Xyloto is out now on Capitol.

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  1. my 2 favorite artists singing about my favorite subject!

  2. Well…. um

  3. Uh… What was this about other than cool graphics and the Chinese-Barbadian gateway to Chris Martin cheating on Gwyneth?

  4. Uhh well don’t panic is still a pretty good song…

  5. I guess you guys were paid pretty well to post about this. I mean, at least Dave Matthews is connected to a subculture. This time it’s really transparent.

  6. U serious bro?

  7. I can’t be the only one who saw picture/read headline and lol’d

  8. wow, that was ass.

  9. I don’t know why Obama keeps complaining about Congress not doing anything. The “Give Rihanna Incomprehensible Roles Act” is working perfectly.

  10. It looks like the visual artists for this video did their research about China by watching cartoons.

    Is that multi-armed thing supposed to be like the Hindu goddess Kali?? Do they know that Hinduism is mainly in India? Whatever, it’s all in the eastern hemisphere, right?

  11. Holy shit, what?

  12. How can you take Chris Martin seriously? Every time he tries to look all contemplative and smouldering it’s just hilarious. The man’s got the charisma of a wet flannel. Awful song too, but it’s Coldplay so you knew that already.

  13. blah blah Coldplay sucks blah blah Rihanna sucks blah blah video sucks blah blah

  14. As a huge Coldplay fan, the new album is a huge let-down, not a decent single coming out of it, and this one is not an exception. But I must say, video is awe-inspiring!! Love it!!!!

  15. the last album of coldplay is like a record of a boyband, rubbish

  16. Who’s Rhianna and Coldplay?

  17. hahahahahaha! Jokes are funny.

  18. The only thing I liked were RiRi’s gold bugle corn chip nails.

  19. The only reason I’d pretend to care about this song is because they sampled Takk… from Sigur Ros.

  20. A List Celebrating False Advertisement
    1. The Mexican – Brad Pitt
    2. The Last Samurai – Tom Cruise
    3. The Prince of Persia – Jake Gyllenhaal
    4. The Princess of China – Rihanna

    Maybe now that Europe has elected Rihanna the Princess of China, Hollywood can finally abolish political correctness and green-light The Last N—a on Earth starring Tom Hanks.

  21. This is pretty much the real-life “African Child.”

  22. Is there a Chinese version of seppuku? Please tell me there is…

  23. The hook in this song is a straight up rip off of Depeche Mode’s “It’s No Good”. Which is apt, because the song is no good.

  24. what would Gwyneth say?

  25. i don’t know how to say .. coldplay mix rihnna and mix China ..

  26. Chris Martin doesn’t look believable with his sword. Gwyneth would agree. Even Rihanna doesn’t look convinced. P.S I actually don’t mind the Kelly Clarkson BBC Live cover. Eek.

  27. I have an easier time believing of Rihanna as a Chinese woman than I do Chris Martin as a ninja.

  28. the two pop culture imposters i hate the most! yes i just clicked on this to say so! to say that either of these ‘artists’ does anything other than try to cash in on some lukewarm contrivance of initial success is to bloat the conceit of fiction! haven’t heard the song, don’t need to and don’t want to, but as i type this disparaging remark, it occurs to me that Coldplay and Rhianna sucking at being Coldplay and Rhianna is still probably better than that new Temper Trap really sucking at being Coldplay!
    hard to believe that the website that gave away that amazing Frank Ocean song would even flick a spasm in the direction of this mainstream auto-wanking!!

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