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Hot 97′s annual Summer Jam concert, which went down last night in New Jersey, is an annual mega-circus and a highlight of the year if you’re a particular sort of rap fan in the greater New York area. The stadium show generally adds tons of surprise guests to its already-packed lineups and plays like a dizzy, fast-moving live version of one of the station’s playlists. It’s something of a tradition for the show’s headliner to play a set utterly jammed with famous surprise guests. But last night, Nicki Minaj, the show’s headliner, pulled out at the last possible second because of something that one of the station’s DJs had said about her.

During the outdoor “festival” that always precedes the big stadium show, resident Hot 97 doofy white guy Peter Rosenberg said, “I know there are some chicks in here waiting to sing along with ’Starships’ later. I’m not talking to y’all right now. Fuck that bullshit.”

Pretty soon after that, Lil Wayne said on Twitter that “Young Money ain’t doing Summer Jam,” and that was it. As Billboard reports, Nicki and DJ Khaled both canceled planned sets. And that’s significant, since Nicki’s set was apparently set to include appearances from Wayne, Lauryn Hill, Nas, Foxy Brown, Beenie Man, 2 Chainz, and most of the Young Money crew. She also had a massive pink set built. Her set would’ve been a big deal, but it wasn’t to be.

In the end, Nas and Lauryn Hill cobbled together an impromptu performance to end the show, and station DJ Funkmaster Flex shared some harsh words about Nicki and vowed to end a career on the air tonight at 7. But if I’d actually paid money for a Summer Jam ticket and found my way to Jersey, I would’ve been pretty pissed at both Nicki and the station.

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  1. Who cares?

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  3. Wait who’s the DJ who vowed to end Nicki’s career? Angie Martinez?

  4. I don’t know about anyone else, but the lack of NIcki Minaj would make me MORE likely to attend. I’ll take an impromptu Nas performance over NIcki Minaj any day.

  5. wahhh, my feelings are hurt, so i’m going to rip off and ruin a good time for thousands of people who came to see me.

    • I dunno, I kinda think Nicki’s in the right on this one. I mean, it does suck for everybody who went to see her and it’s a shame they got screwed over because of it, but a DJ for the radio station that’s putting on the event came out and publicly dissed her at the event she was supposed to be headlining. That’s disrespectful, amateurish, and a bit childish. Honestly, Rosenberg is the one who should be apologizing. To the fans, to his employers, and yeah, to Nicki too.

      Not only that, but Wayne was the one who officially pulled the plug on the whole thing.

      • i’m with you that DJ whoever was a dick and should apologize, but screwing over all those paying fans is a realllllly lame response. i can’t even imagine how pissed i’d be if i went to coachella and, say, dr. dog dissed radiohead early on in the day, so radiohead didn’t play.

        side note – i only used dr. dog because i’m listening to them right now. nothing against those guys; they’re great.

        • No, you’re definitely right, the reaction was a bit extreme on Young Money’s part too. I suppose I maybe would have gone through with the event and then acted accordingly afterwards, maybe saying something during the performance as well. I don’t know, it’s tough to say. Mistakes were made and feelings were hurt.

          If it counts for anything, Nicki said earlier in an interview on Flex’s show (the one that he was supposedly going to ruin her on) that she planned on making it up to the fans by doing like a free show in New York or something.

      • Nicki’s in the right on this one? both you and her couldn’t be more wrong on this one. she completely screwed over thousands of paying fans that came to see her over 1 radio DJ’s comment. what an unbelievable cry-baby. if she’s as badass as she thinks she is, why didn’t she take the opportunity to get up on Hot 97’2 stage and tear them a new one??

        i’ve been to a show, where i spent money a ticket, drove hours to get to the venue, got a hotel room, got to the venue hours early to get front row and center only to have the lead singer of the band flake because he’s a junky asshole….i’m looking at you scott weiland!

        • One might say that those are just deserts for being a STP fan in the first place…..I kid, I kid ;) I’ll be sending you a Scott Weiland X-mas album as a makeup present :D

        • I suppose this isn’t technically your point, but it was not her decision to not go on. Wayne was the one who pulled Young Money from the show; Nicki didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter. Yes, she could’ve told him to fuck off, but that would have been a way worse move for her in the end.

          I guess I just feel like this whole thing stems from a general lack of respect for artists, and that’s why I’m kind of inclined to side with Nicki. Obviously it’s a lot easier for me to say that since I’m not one of the people who got screwed over by her not performing, but I just think that people tend to treat artists unfairly in general and then get pissed off when they push back, like when people pirate music and then complain when a song ends up in a commercial.

          That said, I recognize my opinion on this matter is somewhat questionable, but in the interest of not turning this into a full-blown essay I’ll concede that this could have been handled better by all parties involved.

  6. wow, way to burn those bridges nicki!

  7. While definitely a dick move by Young Money to snub the Tri-State area’s fans, I had to laugh at Flex “vowing to end a career”. Unless he’s going to fire Peter Rosenberg on air, the careers of everyone involved will remain intact. At this point in her career, Hot 97 needs Nicki just as much as she needs them–perhaps moreso.

    Of course, maybe Flex has naughty photos of one of those Young Money goons who pollute some of Wayne’s tracks. Those jokers are expendable.

  8. Flex vowed to “end the career” before Sunday even happened. It’s more than likely a new song from Pusha T responding to Wayne, as it had been confirmed to come out this week. But I’m sure he’ll talk about Nicki and them before he plays the song.

  9. Nicki Minaj is a hip-hop/rnb lady gaga rip off
    plain and simple

  10. Nas and Lauren Hill?!!!???!?!! Nicki Who?

  11. Aside from how lame Nicki is now anyway (I mean, I LOVED Nicki before I heard “Starships” and wanted to gouge my ears out), this was super disrespectful. I mean, I understand that the DJ’s shouldn’t have been talking shit (especially since it’s their job to promote and get people hyped in a positive way), but professionalism is professionalism. Then again, I’m sure she’s still mourning the loss of the real Nicki (via “Starships”)…

  12. Every time I listen to Nicki Minaj it just makes me miss Missy Elliot.

  13. If I had’ve had a ticket to it, I would’ve been pumped.

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