Grizzly Bear 2012

Behold, the opening track from Grizzly Bear’s full-length followup to Veckatimest. TODAY WE ARE ALL GRIZZLY BEARS. Fun Fact about that new Grizzly Bear press photo above: The fourth younger dude in flannel sort of obscured in the shot above is not Dan Rossen! But don’t worry, “Sleeping Ute” is definitely an electric Dan Rossen song. It’s in 6/8, and showcases DR’s “psychedelic tempest” songwriting side. Grizzly Bear, it should be said, likes to open albums this way. (See also Veckatimest’s lead-in, “Southern Point.”)

The new Grizz album is title TBA, though date and label certain (9/18 via Warp). The band has lined up a world tour which starts at the end of August in Europe and includes a headlining set at Radio City this fall. That’s all still a ways off. “Sleeping Ute” — along with the full album tracklist and those tour dates — is here:

01 “Sleeping Ute”
02 “Speak In Rounds”
03 “Adelma”
04 “Yet Again”
05 “The Hunt”
06 “A Simple Answer”
07 “What’s Wrong”
08 “gun-shy”
09 “Half Gate”
10 “Sun In Your Eyes”

8/28 – Cambridge, UK @ The Junction
8/29 – Nottingham, UK @ Albert Hall
8/31 – Stradbally, Ireland @ Electric Picnic Festival
9/1 – Salisbury, UK @ End of the Road Festival at Larmer Tree Gardens
9/16 – Knoxville, TN @ Tennessee Theatre
9/17 – Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
9/18 – Nashville, TN @ Ryman Auditorium
9/20 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
9/21 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
9/22 – Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theater
9/23 – Montreal, QC @ Olympia de Montreal
9/24 – New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall
9/26 – Toronto, ON @ Massey Hall
9/28 – Cincinnati, OH @ MidPoint Music Festival
9/29 – Champaign, IL @ Pygmalion Music Festival
9/30 – Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theater
10/1 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
10/4 – Portland, OR @ Keller Auditorium
10/5 – Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theatre
10/6 – Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom
10/9 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater
10/10 – Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theater
10/17 – Gateshead, UK @ The Sage Gateshead
10/18 – Manchester, UK @ Academy
10/20 – Glasgow, UK @ Barrowlands
10/21 – Coventry, UK @ Warwick Arts Centre
10/22 – London, UK @ Brixton Academy
10/26 – Oslo, Norway @ Rockefeller
10/27 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Berns
10/28 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Falconer
10/30 – Hamburg, Germany @ Uebel and Gefaehrlich
10/31 – Berlin, Germany @ Astra
11/2 – Koln, Germany @ Essigfabrik
11/1-3 – Paris, France @ Pitchfork Festival
11/4 – Brussels, Belgium @ Ancienne Belgique
11/5 – Amsterdam, Holland @ Paradiso
11/20 – Wellington, New Zealand @ Opera House
11/21 – Auckland, New Zealand @ Bruce Mason

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  1. The way I knew that wasn’t Daniel Rossen in the flannel is because Daniel Rossen is in clear view on the left of the picture.

  2. So good! Can definitely hear how Rossen’s experience making his Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP played into the formation of this. It’s incredible how immensely talented ever single member of this band is.

  3. i’ve never felt so much joy and happiness, it’s ecstasy at its best

  4. More like Sleeping Beaut! This is excellent, Grizzly Bear have made my day again. Bring on To-Be-Announced-Album-Title!

  5. 3:10- Leonard Cohen action! HOT HOT HOT

  6. so fucking good.

  7. It’s so good it momentarily made me forget they totally snubbed Detroit. Again. (That’s OK, guys.)

  8. I haven’t had an orgasm like that in awhile.

  9. listening on repeat for the rest of all time

  10. Let’s get this shit started!

    GBear2k12 > Centipede Hz.

    • Grizbear + centipede are going to form like Voltron as a giant 100 legged bear headed beast that will consume John Mayer and Katy Perry and leave gorgeous music in its wake.

      Shit is gonna be serious.

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        • Honeycomb aint even on Centiped hz! I’m convinced both of these records will be mind blowing.

        • Yeah I don’t know about that claim. The only things we know so far from both bands is the list of tracks and the album release dates.

          Honeycomb is not going to be on Centipede Hz and Avey Tare has said they are moving away from the MPP sound and going back to a “more AnCo sound” with Panda Bear back on the drums (which is a HUGE relief). I loved MPP but it’s not AnCo (Feels is my favorite AnCo album).

          Either way, Grizzly Bear and AnCo are the two bands that I am most looking forward to releasing album this year.

  11. Wow, these boys are good

  12. grateful bear….. love it!!!!

  13. balls to the wall

  14. Everyone is excused from work for the rest of the day!!! Go home, listen on repeat, enjoy life!

  15. The only band that makes me feel like every penny spent to purchase their music is used to its maximum. This is no exception…I just felt like I had a dry aged rib eye and a bottle of Caymus. Yeah thats right, I used food as a metaphor for Grizzly Bear. Call it an auditory meal and I’m stuffed. Check please.

  16. It’s not ALL in 6/8, it’s in sections that are in different time signatures.

    Which makes it even awesomer.

  17. This is overwhelmingly good!!

  18. The many weeks before the release date are going to be long.

  19. CONFIRMED: Jhvvrtykxsudt set for release on 9/18 via Warp!

  20. oh G-Bear, Thank you so much for including Seattle on your tour, its good to know someone cares

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  22. What an intense freak out! Just made my day/week/month!

  23. Hell yeah, this is my jam! You guys killed it. Couldn’t me more f*#king pleased!!! Can’t wait for more.

  24. This band is incapable of disappointing.

  25. loving the new Grizz bear, great work guys!

  26. Flawless, can’t wait to hear more! for now, on repeat.

  27. This is a dream! Can’t wait for the rest of it! BRING IT

    Thanks for making sweet, sweet sounds boys!

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  29. LOVE Grizzly Bear…

    But eager to hear an Ed helm’d song.

    The Droste with the most.

    (i’m done)

  30. Pfff, my above comment wasn’t supposed to be a reply to you, RJ! My b! But in keeping with the disorder, I’m posting this reply as a comment.

  31. GB does it again, if this is any indication how the album will sound, we’re in for another bang-star of an album.

    Keep the team straight and keep it G.

  32. I think I figured out the picture. Rossen is in sound booth marked “Do Not Enter”, recording a rushing river of guitar greatness. The engineer and rest of the band can only chuckle in amazement.

  33. I’m loving what’s coming in 2k12, pt.. 2. Also, Ed Droste is the sweetest man known to man. I wrote to GB once and he wrote back with the utmost sincerity.

  34. when i started reading i thought “today we are all grizzly bears” was the album title and thought that it sounded awesome. They should name it that

    • Alright my name’s Ed, let’s go it’s beat time, it’s hip time, it’s Grizzly Bear time!
      Or: I’m a Grizzly Bear, you’re a Grizzly Bear, we’re all Grizzly Bears!

  35. listen to it drunk and blasting on a big ass speaker. perfect


  37. grizzly bear , really lovely xx

  38. Needs more Winnie, though.

  39. picture yourself here for a moment: floating on that salt bed in Bolivia where the sky is reflected in the ground and you’re sitting there looking at your crystal clear reflection. and suddenly it all makes sense to you. you feel like you’re angellic and you realize you are in heaven on earth. everything is very perfect and serene. THEN A STORM COMES OVER AND EVERYONE IS VERY UPSET THAT YOU WENT TO BOLIVIA! and you’re like, “BUT IIII CAN’T HELP MYSELF!!!” and everyone kinda shrugs and soon forget that you were ever in Bolivia. and at the very end everything is very quiet. and suddenly Daniel comes out of no where with his guitar, picking it very quickly and it soothes a lot

    then you fall asleep in the water and wake up


  40. In Bolivia they’d be OSO PARDO.


  42. sooooo tight

  43. oh yeah, and they recorded it live.

  44. Chris bear is a genius, the drums really stand out on this track, very cool.

  45. Why the low rating for me? I mentioned that Grizzly Bear is quality, and made a simple suggestion….

    • Sounds too close to bear trap, and metaphorically, is what it feels like when we should instead be listening to more of Sleeping Ute. Sorry, if I sound like an asshole, I need to live up to my name every now and then.

    • generally when one gets excited about the temper trap around here you’re likely to get downvoted. Thems the brakes!

  46. I for one can’t wait until we get a 32k leak in July

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