Erykah Badu and Wayne Coyne

Last week, we posted the video for “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” the Erykah Badu collaboration from the Flaming Lips’ collaborative album The Flaming Lips And Heavy Fwends. The video, which was truly weird and pretty uncomfortable to watch, has since been taken down, but it featured Erykah’s sister Nayrok — who looks a whole lot like Erykah — rolling around very naked in glitter and blood and white goo. As it turns out, Erykah and Nayrok aren’t too happy with the way this video came out. And you don’t have to be a genius to know that it’s probably a bad idea to piss off Erykah Badu.

After the video went out into the world, the Lips issued a statement apologizing for letting an “unedited and unapproved” version of the video leak out. This apology was not enough for Erykah, who directed a long and pointed Twitlonger post at Lips leader Wayne Coyne. Here’s what it says:

then… perhaps, next time u get an occasion to work with an artist who respects your mind/art, you should send at least a ROUGh version of the video u PLAN to release b4 u manipulate or compromise the artist’s brand by desperately releasing a poor excuse for shock and nudity that sends a convoluted message that passes as art( to some).
Even with Window Seat there was a method and thought process involved. I have not one need for publicity . I just love artistic dialogue . And just because an image is shocking does not make it art.
You obviously have a misconception of who I am artistically. I don’t mind that but…
By the way you are an ass.
Yu did everything wrong from the on set .
You showed me a concept of beautiful tasteful imagery( by way of vid text messages) .
I trusted that. I was mistaken.
Then u release an unedited, unapproved version within the next few days.
That all spells 1 thing ,
Self Serving .
When asked what the concept
meant after u explained it , u replied ,”it doesn’t mean anything , I just want to make a great video that everyone is going to watch. “
I understood , because as an artist we all desire that. But we don’t all do it at another artist’s expense .
I attempted to resolve this respectfully by having conversations with u after the release but that too proved to be a poor excuse for art.
From jump,
You begged me to sit in a tub of that other shit and I said naw. I refused to sit in any liquid that was not water. But Out of RESPECT for you and the artist you ’appear’ to be, I Didn’t wanna kill your concept , wanted u to at least get it out of your head . After all, u spent your dough on studio , trip to Dallas etc.. Sooo, I invited Nayrok , my lil sis and artist, who is much more liberal ,to be subject of those other disturbing (to me ) scenes . I told u from jump that I believed your concept to be disturbing. But would give your edit a chance.
You then said u would take my shots ( in clear water/ fully covered parts -seemed harmless enough) and Nayrok’s part ( which I was not present for but saw the photos and a sample scene of cornstarch dripping ) and edit them together along with cosmic, green screen images ( which no one saw) then would show me the edit. .
Instead, U disrespected me by releasing pics and rough vid on the internet without my approval. (Contract breech )
That is equivalent to putting out a security camera’s images of me changing in the fitting room.
I never would have approved that tasteless, meaningless, shock motivated video .
Our art is a reflection of who we are . I have no connection to those images shot in their raw version. I was interested in seeing an amazing edit that would perhaps change or alter my thoughts . Never happened .
You also did the same thing with the song itself which displays crappy “rough “vocals by me . I let it go , perhaps iiiii was missing something, I thought.
I Should have followed my first mind back in studio when recording the vocals “your way”.
( Red flag.) It was uncomfortable.
For that I am at fault .
Consequently, brother, As a human I am disgusted with your what appears to be desperation and poor execution. And disregard for others . As a director I am unimpressed . As a sociologist I understand your type. As your fellow artist I am uninspired. As a woman I feel violated and underestimated.
Hope it works out for ya ,Wayne.
Really i could give a shit less.
Still love your live show tho.
And , you’re welcomed.
Lesson learned .
By the way I have guested in very few videos. But I have always been given the opportunity to see the edit and contribute to it when my roll is substantial. Not this time .
I guess u feel it better to apologize than ask for permission and be refused . Hey, Love u man, but your ways are not very nice .
O, And on behalf of all the artists u have manipulated or plan to manipulate, find another way .
These things have been said out of necessity.
And if you don’t like it
you can KiSS MY Glittery ASS .
O and Nayrok told me to tell u to kiss her ass too .
Almost forgot.

Ms. Badu

Honestly, the video seemed pretty gross and exploitative even before learning that the Badu sisters hadn’t approved it. Knowing that, it’s pretty easy to see why Erykah might be furious. Wayne Coyne’s response, however, was not exactly contrite. Here’s what he Tweeted: “Hey @fatbellybella I kissed it!!!! Thanks!!!!!!” That came with this photo, of Coyne looking smug, with glitter on his lips.

Further Coyne responses: “Yessss!!! Nice ass!!!!,” “Dang!!!!! @fatbellybella you really know how to do it!!!! You hatin on me has gotten the video 100,000 more views !!!LOVE LOVE LOVE,” “You were right on! @fatbellybella you said we gonna make a video that is controversial and gets everybody talkin!You the master!! Love you.” He also retweeted a whole bunch of people supporting him in the argument and calling him a genius. Pretty gross, Wayne Coyne!

Badu also responded a bit further: “again, you’re welcomed. You Enjoy it. People need to see the greed up close. AAAAnd you DO NOT have the ass of 26 year old.” And: “Enjoy your fruits. You’ll surely need them later, brother. Im just a man u met in the restroom.” (I have no idea what that second one means.) Badu also Tweeted this to Coyne’s wife: “hi was wondering when u were gonna sober up and say somethin.your husbands an ass and u know it-tell the truth.Do not lie.”

This isn’t Stereogum’s official opinion or anything, but based on all that, I’m firmly Team Badu on all this.

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  1. Longest tweet ever!

  2. Yeeesh. Very very weird situation and fun to watch from the sidelines. I have no idea who’s story to believe here. I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time for Mr. Coyne, but then again, if you’re agreeing to be filmed naked in a tub of blood and semen-y looking stuff…..y u mad bro?

  3. Wayne is on drugs right now and is clearly in a terrible place; at least that’s my sincere hope, because it’s the only excuse for acting like such an asshole. Otherwise, he’s truly a dick and I will now have trouble enjoying my Yoshi album.

    Erykah is hardly afraid of controversy or acting bizarre for the sake of art, but there’s indeed something exploitative about the whole affair. Again, the whole thing makes me think he’s on a serious bender. But I’m not sure he even has a history of this behaviour. He does have a history of showing some dickish tendencies though.

    • I guess I can cross off a Jay Electronica-Flaming Lips collaboration any time soon.

    • I don’t know. He seemed pretty happy and together on the recent WTF interview. Then again, I’ve kind of lost track of the Flaming Lips ever since they veered a little too far into the weird-rather-than-good territory for my taste.

    • “He does have a history of showing some dickish tendencies though”
      Please elaborate

      And what drugs are you referring to. Do you have proof, are you just dissing him based on vague impressions to sound cool?

      • Oh calm down. First of all, saying someone is on drugs isn’t necessarily a diss. In fact, a lot of my favorite artists are probably on drugs right now.

        Secondly, I have no idea if he uses drugs (I think I heard him mention he tried LSD), but anyone who thinks me saying “he must be on drugs” lends any credence to the notion he might actually be needs to reexamine where they get their information. Lastly, yes, you’ve uncovered my plot to “sound cool” by saying Wayne Coyne might be on drugs. Bummer :(

        As for dickish tendencies, see calling Arcade Fire Assholes, as others have alluded to on here. He’s also attacked Beck, Radiohead and the Verve on different occasions.

        In any event, I am sorry that the mean things I said about Wayne hurt your feeling. I really, really am.

  4. Exactly the kind of response you’d expect from a 51 year old man that accessorizes.

  5. I like Flaming Lips a LOT, but the only time I’d call Wayne Coyne a genius would be to say, “hey genius, pass me a beer.”

  6. Sad to see their professional and personal relationship deteriorate. Is Wayne known for being such a douchebag? Badu, although pissed, tried to remain somewhat professional about it. His juvenile responses are telling.

    • A while back, Wayne ran his mouth off about the guys in Arcade Fire being assholes, to which they humbly responded, “Huh?” I think Wayne kind of backpedaled on that one out of embarrassment.

  7. It’s disappointing. It could have been a cool collaboration. The twitpics Coyne was sending out made me uncomfortable because they did seem exploitative. One of Coyne’s supporter’s tweeted something like he’d rather kiss the top of some basketball player’s head than [Badu's] bush because he’d seen both-I’m paraphrasing, but it’s was really sexist/racist imo. I dunno. Grossed out by the whole thing.

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    • The point is that asking for permission is kinda important when you’re releasing naked footage of somebody. In this case just doing ‘it’ is, as Erykah pointed out, a breach of contract, both in the legal sense and in the sense of not being a complete douche.

    • But what about business people? They’re business people too. As business partners what he did was irresponsible. But before they’re artists OR business people, they’re just members of society and while you excuse artists from seeking permission (??), decent human beings still have to. It’s just kind of an unspoken rule of society that we treat one another w/ respect. When we *don’t,* it’s called being anti-social. Being dishonest, manipulative, vulgar, and invasive is obviously bad news breaux, and then on top of that to not show any sort of contrition….that’s called being a sociopath and when you behave at odds w/ society, you can pretty much expect society to turn it’s back on you. Belieb me.

      Also, ain’t no art so important that it’s ok to violate someone so it can get itself borned. Art is not some higher law we serve. I’m pretty sure it goes 1. God 2. Country 3. Ryan Gossling 4. Marines.

    • You understand artists so well, Mickey. It’s a good thing we have you around to teach us what artists do and don’t do.

      Also, eat a tub of scolding hot dung for us. Thanks!

  9. wait a second! wayne coyne being a dick to someone? you don’t say! you mean that phony, bashful facade displayed in the fearless freaks was not the mark of a truly genuine person?

  10. Long live the FEARLESS “Glittery” FREAKS!!!

  11. not really sure what the big deal is. really. i can’t believe people are taking sides. She claims that Window Seat even had artistic vision.. but the way i see it, you were naked, walking the streets in Dallas, the people of Dallas complained, and she was fined for it. Those people didn’t see her vision, did she publicly apologize to the city of Dallas for causing such a commotion on one of the most sacred streets with a lot of history? i may have missed it if she did but the point is, she is clearly capable of creating a stir and ruckus, i don’t think Badu should be pointing fingers giving other artists advice on ettiquette. Wayne may not have had the best replies (or maybe he did) and maybe someone should have reached out as its hard telling if he authorized “that” version to be released, to let Badu see the cut, but they are both artists, controversial in their own right. this he said, she said is crap.. and really going into this project surely someone should have seen the warning signs on the concept. sorry but i don’t think there should be side taking. Wayne acted like an ass, Badu took the bait. It may not have come out they way she envisioned, but she knew what she was getting herself into.. good lord. both need to own responsibility if you ask me.

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    • I’m sorry, but I really have a hard time seeing how you could identify as a feminist and not be pissed that someone released naked footage of woman without their complete consent and then shrugged off her very legitimate grievances by laughing at her.

      But hey, I don’t identify as a feminist, so what do I know?

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        • Okay, so then if it’s not about gender why did you feel the need to point out that you’re a feminist in the first place? Honestly, this is like a pretty by-the-book example of sexism. His complete disregard for her concerns that her body has been put on a display in a way she does not approve of is the exact sort of thing that, as a feminist, you should be concerned about.

          • No — I consider myself a feminist because I believe in complete equality of genders, not because I get all up in arms and shout “SEXISM!” when a woman is taken advantage of. Yes, what Coyne did was wrong, and it would’ve been equally as wrong if Badu were a man. The fact that she’s a woman doesn’t make me more outraged. She’s an adult and she can take care of herself, and implying that just because she has a vagina she’s ripe for exploitation is much more sexist than Coyne’s actions. IMO (and the opinions of many others in my women’s studies classes), what I’ve said in this pargraph reflects true feminism. There are many who disagree. Great! Dialogue drives the world.

            Besides, I have a feeling that Coyne would (or has) disrespected many men in the same way. Being an ass makes you an ass, not sexist.

            What concerns me most, as someone who believes that following the herd and conforming one’s opinions to a group is deadly to free speech and to open-minded dissention, is that you’re telling me what I should be concerned about.

          • (For some reason I can’t reply to it directly, but this comment is in response to Jordy’s next comment below)

            Really dude, that’s the part of what I said that concerns you most? My usage of the word “should”?

            You don’t seem to understand that shouting “SEXISM!” where sexism is present is a pretty big part of fighting it. If you truly believed in the equality of genders, you would also recognize that genders are NOT treated equally and that believing they should be also means standing up for that belief. The issue here (for me anyway) is not so much that the video got posted in the fist place, it’s that after Badu called him on his shit all he did was make stupid jokes and completely ignore the severity of the situation. And the reason this is an issue of sexism (and one that you SHOULD be concerned about, despite how much that word offends you, apparently) is because Coyne’s dismissal of her concerns is tantamount to implying that her body is his to do with as he wishes, which is a symptom of the institutionalized sexism in our society that has normalized this type of behavior.

            And if you want to speak in hypotheticals and talk about how this would be equally wrong if Badu were a man (which is pointless by the way, because I can damn-near guarantee you that this wouldn’t have even happened if she were a man), I bet you anything he would have been ready with an apology afterwards instead of smug comments about how great her ass looks.

            And you’re flat out wrong in saying that it’s sexist to imply her being a woman makes her ripe for exploitation. What do you think sexism is, dude? It’s the exploitation of someone based on gender, and the gender with the vaginas happens to be one that ends up being on the receiving end of that.

          • Nevermind that initial disclaimer, it posted below anyway…

          • I’m really glad your women’s studies class agrees. I don’t know if I could’ve formed my own opinion without their approval.

        • I’m with you on this, Jordy. I think Coyne’s a dick (especially for leaking the photos of Badu during the making of), but the video’s gorgeous. Your other point about there being much more to feminism was staggeringly thoughtful and mature–which is why I’m not surprised it received so many downvotes.

          That said, I think there are a lot of suspect things surrounding Badu’s problems with the song (and video):

          1) if she was that disturbed by the concept of the video, why did she agree to appear in it?
          2) if she was too disturbed by some of Coyne’s concepts to film them, why did she allow her sister to do it?
          3) if she was so concerned about the content of the video being a bit too problematic, why didn’t she take a bit more active a role in the editing?
          4) if she was that irked about the version of the song itself appearing with “raw” vocals, why didn’t she say anything sooner?
          5) would she really be this pissed off about the video if her original audience hadn’t been so scandalized over it not sounding like the Badu they’ve come to know and love?

  13. I hope Yoshimi P-We takes this opportunity to speak out against Wayne Coyne’s editing of Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Parts 1 and 2, and clarifies that she is neither crazy nor addicted to vitamins.

  14. Flaming Lips aside, Wayne has always seemed like an insufferable prick.

  15. Complaining about his “greed” after writing a diatribe about how he damaged her “brand” is hilarious. Also, if you read her twitter posts since the video was “released”, she spent plenty of time gushing about and defending the “art” in the video before some of her more conservative fans’ backlash caused her to consider her “brand” and backpedal. She’s also obviously no stranger to nudity for publicity rather than for art:

    • She addressed her “Window Seat” video in her tweet. The issue, to me, isn’t so much the material in the video as it is the way Wayne went about releasing a finalized video, without hers or her sister’s consent, that contained such graphic imagery.

      No doubt Erykah and her sister expected a video featuring some pretty racy shots, but for all we know, her sister may have been completely joking and saying, “Don’t put this in the video!” when the shot of her guzzling that white goop was being shot. We don’t know their thoughts on each specific shot, but to me the least a decent person would do is consult with the subjects of the video before releasing it and find out what they are and aren’t comfortable with having in the video.

  16. He probably just confused Erykah Badu with Ke$ha, because Wayne Coyne is not racist!

  17. And the video’s still up on Perez Hilton’s website. I doubt that he’ll take it down anytime soon. XD

    Was it proper for Coyne to release naked footage of somebody without full consent? No. But was it a stellar song and music video? Heck yes.

  18. idk i went back and read a lot of the tweets from Erykah, Wayne, his wife, and some Flaming lips members and it seems that this is basically a publicity stunt from both sides. If you look at the outcomes of this then really everybody wins. Wayne is viewed as ‘weird’, Erykah keeps her dignity (though if the video was praised she couldve taken credit), and they both get a shit ton of publicity.

    The song was out for almost a week and she didn’t seem to mind until some of her fans got upset with her, then it got ugly quick.

    She also played a set right before the Lips at a festival on Saturday and stuck around to see them, so she can’t be that pissed- though I heard her performance was off.

  19. She’s got his phone number, why doesn’t she just call him and talk it out instead of tweeting? Gawd I fucking hate twitter. It makes your argument a lot more ridiculous when you have to spell you as “yu”

  20. it’s a shame she can’t just let the freak flag fly. now she comes off like a uptight victim rather than than an adventerous artist.

    • Yeah, because part of being “an adventurous artist” is letting yourself be offended/dissatisfied by the work you’re involved in..?

      And “freak flag”? seriously? It’s 2012.

  21. I don’t own any Flaming Lips albums and have only read a handful of interviews with Wayne Coyne, but until now, it has been my general impression that he is a nice guy. However, I think the fact that Wayne Coyne actually said that the imagery in the video means nothing and was only meant to draw attention to him tells you everything you need to know. That was probably the most shocking thing in tweet for me. If he really did say that, then I don’t know how anyone can respect him.

    • I can respect him for continuing to make great music and for being a devoted showman. You don’t have to necessarily want to be friends with a person to respect him/her in some way or another.

      • Agreed. If musicians were judged by their personalities, Lou Reed would have zero fans.

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          • “Scum” comprises some of the greatest artists who’ve ever lived. Try sitting in a room with people like Beethoven, Orson Welles, Van Gogh or even Prince without being turned off by their personalities. If those guys are dicks, does that make it wrong to enjoy their genius output?

            (Not that I’m trying to compare Coyne to those gentlemen but man, your question “why support scum” undermines the importance of the male ego in entertainment)

          • So you don’t own any John Lennon albums? You’re missing out.

  22. I’d almost like to find his picture/lip puckered pictures funny, but I honestly don’t. This man is not a gentleman and seriously takes the sails out of his heart with a chauvinistic persona. I don’t know who would happily dream up a concept of a woman in a bathtub of blood and semen-like stuff other then an out of touch perverted person in need of therapy. It’s not shock art. It’s REALLY creepy. If you’re 21 in a newly minted rock band and you have a budget and a hunger to go out and be “challenging” by intention, cool, I guess. But at 51, it’s disturbing. For reals. Sorry for the bummer experience Erykah. I’ve never seen Flaming Lips live and hear that they are really good, but now all I can picture is a bath tub of blood and semen-like material and Wayne’s big mug pretending to kiss ass with glittery lips. Thanks for forever alienating me Wayne!

    • Nice summation, good sir.

    • Totally agree with you Luke. There’s a huge margin of emotional growth between a young band doing something crazy, sexist or exploitative ( like the Beastie Boys used to) THEN realizing how dickish it is,( just like how the Beasties turned away from being so crass and anti-feminist and taking mature allowance for it. Wayne is 51 years old. Grow up man.

    • how was was he supposed to react? Assuming the above events are in order and it did ‘get leaked early’ then he took it down and then Erykah had the whole crazy public rant instead of calling him up. He’s basically just playing along with it. All of Wayne’s comments seem to be very sarcastic and tongue in cheek

      The more i try to see what happened, the stupider this beef gets.

    • she told him to kiss her glittery ass over twitter, and he “did”. she was bitchy then he was bitchy. why does his bitchiness constitute pathetic immaturity? i thought it was kinda funny… and please don’t suddenly accuse the lips of crass exploitation because of the videos content. they’ve had nudity and more in their videos forfuckinever and no one complained. so now they’re “shock artists,” because there’s blood/semen with the nudity?

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  23. “I want to see the final edit of the video of my sister spanking her ass in a tub full of glitter, blood and semen-substitutes JUST IN CASE IT LOOKS WEIRD!”

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    • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • “I love how people call someone awful names and throw out insults about someone they do not know.”

      I thought this was the reason the internet was invented.

    • “you people make me sick”
      hahaha. that’s a very normal response to a relatively trivial dispute between two people that really don’t mean much to any of us beyond their music that we may/may not enjoy! Good job!

  25. Nobody knows what really went down except for Wayne and Erykah… and they can’t agree either..

    That said, the above post is heavily weighed towards Badu’s side of the story.

    The full context of the feud, plus the video (as well as a naked photo of Wayne) is posted at

    For the record, both The Flaming Lips and Wayne earnestly apologized and took full responsibilty for the video prior Badu’s rant yesterday. He only made a joke of it when she told him to kiss “KiSS MY Glittery ASS”
    It’s misleading for Badu to pretend she didn’t know what she was getting into (or to leave out that she disrespected him from the get go by apparently showing up to the shoot 6 hours late, on Wayne’s dime.

    The imagery in this video is basically in line with every other the Lips have made since 2009 (or for that matter, Wayne’s tweets). It’s hard to fathom how this new video could take Badu by surprise if she had seen them. The nude-overload music video for “Watching the Planets” for instance shows a crowd of people attack Wayne, rip off his clothes until he is fully naked (with all his body parts clearly showing) and carry him away as his penis wiggles to and fro – all while he sings the last two-plus verses of the song. They then shove him in the vaginalistic hole of a giant furry ball.

    Wayne also gave an explicit preview of this video to Badu – and all his followers – when he tweeted before the shoot, “Makin some fake semen for Erykah Badu @fatbellybella video shoot Sunday!!” on May 24th.
    ….As the old saying goes, “there’s only so many ways you can make fake semen look classy…”

    Additionally, last week – after the video shoot but before the the video upload (and thus backlash against Badu) – the singer praised the video on twitter:
    “it looks beautiful. Nayrok ( lil sis) looks amazing . U are a Tru visionary .. My fav is the glitter .”
    “Those nude photos posted by Wayne (flaming lips) are of the beautiful Nayrok my lil sister and bestee…Video looks cosmic.”

    She also happily anticipated playing Houston’s Free Press with them, tweeting “Badu and flaming lips in Houston sat. :-)”

    It’s unclear how Badu acted around the Lips at that show (by which time the video had gone viral, including a very visible posting at Rumor has it Wayne watched her from the side of the stage and handed her a bouquet of flowers afterwards. Lips recording partner Matt Duckworth claims Badu, “was jumpin around on stage with [Wayne] in Htown. guess it made her seem cool then…”

    Curiously, Badu’s tirade and insults at Wayne were preceded by her essentially polling her twitter followers. First she tweeted:
    “Official Flaming Lips Vid discussion. How does it make u feel? Ascetically, What does it make u fear? Anger? Joy? Freedom? Disgust? Discuss” Then she asked, “What if the video has no meaning at all ? Now how do u feel? Re: flaming lips/ badu”

    The reason she waited to see how her fans reacted before ranting and insulting Wayne is unclear. The video was uploaded last Friday and not until yesterday did she give any public sign of objecting to the video or how Wayne handled the shoot.

    It’s understandable why she would be annoyed if it was released without her approving the finished video, though unclear when her opinion of the work changed (if it did in fact change – in which case those earlier tweets were masking her true feelings with public praise for the project) and what motivated her to react with personal insults at both Wayne (i.e. he is an “an ass,” “old,” “self-serving”) and his wife, Michelle.

    Could it be to serve her own image as a spiritually-aware, artistic-integrity, feminist? Note she uses the word “art’ (or variants like “artist”) 14 times in her 3:33 twitlonger statement (included the crux of her argument – that this video “compromise[d her artist] brand”), and climaxes on the line “as a woman I feel violated and underestimated.” Whether it was intentional or not on Badu’s behalf, some of the media coverage of the feud, as well tweets reacting to her (including some by Janelle Monáe) overlooks she wasn’t asked to do anything Wayne wouldn’t do himself to portray her as a hero standing up for women and artists with loftier intentions.

    The irony (or clever marketing) is that insulting Wayne is getting Erykah more attention than any of her “art” has since Malaysia banned her use of Allah body art this past February

    Who’s using who, what should we do, well you can’t be a pimp and a prostitute too…

    Maybe she was mislead. Maybe Wayne did go about it all wrong. Maybe he is an ass. Maybe she’s the self-serving one, spinning her fans outrage to reclaim the repute she lost in some people’s eyes after “Window Seat” at Wayne’s expense. Or maybe it’s that she just really didn’t get what she was getting into – after all, as the song goes, “Wayne, I don’t understand”

  26. Go ahead and add Wayne to the list of people that cant use her phone.

  27. How about instead of a twitter rant you put on your big girl pants and call him? Otherwise this just reeks of publicity stunt. “Oh I’m all offended by this video and demand you take it down because its too personal, but I’m going to post my response in the most public forum I can find”. I call bullshit on both sides. I’m on Team Musicians Need to Stop Acting Like Twelve Year Olds.

  28. you know, if this video didn’t have nudity, no one would be complaining. if this was just a random music vid that coyne released without getting final approval from badu then badu would be pissed and wayne would’ve fucked up, but no one else would’ve really cared. but since the video feature boobies and blood and shit, everyone feels justified in calling wayne a perverted douche and a theif. the nastiness (and it was kinda nasty) in the vid has raised the stakes so now wayne’s mistake or malice isn’t just seen as that, but as an exploitative and immature manipulation. and as for those accusations of perversion, the lips have done this all before, go look up the videos for girl you’re so weird or watchhing the planets, both of which contain huge amounts of icky nudity that no one gave a shit about. the subject matter in the video wasn’t a unique event in the lips’ career, they’re known for this kind of shit, but now people are deciding to call them out on it because of some supposed foul play in the editing process and that’s just not fair.

  29. I don’t get the “Erykah should have called him” response. This is hardly a private controversy, so a public response doesn’t seem out of place; and personally I found it heartening.

  30. It’s a public controversy now that’s for sure. But, the solution should have been private, and that ball WAS in Erykah’s court until she decided to involve twitter.

  31. I am also on Team Badu here, but I will admit to being amused by her second-person pronouns. In order: u, you, u, u, you, you, yu, you, u, u, u, u, you, you, you, u, u, u, you, u, u, you, ya, u, u, you, you, u. Such diversity! Such flexibility!

  32. Wayne and Action Bronson should make a video

  33. Team Haven’t Watched the Video and Never Will

  34. no arguing with Erykahs reasoning, but I don’t think a man who takes bath on his front lawn is all that hung up on reason

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  36. wayne coynt. Am i right guys? i am right.

  37. Holy shit Wayne Coyne is an asshole.

  38. You guys called this video uncomfortable? I think seen even worse on the Video of the week column.

  39. …A lot of you are failing to realize that Erykah’s responses are just as immature, if not worse, than those of Wayne. At this point, she’s been retweeting personal insults and attacks for hours on end. Wayne’s stopped (if maybe because he’s travelling), but she need’s to age up and approach it maturely or privately.

  40. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  41. I’m in favor of them bringing back Celebrity Deathmatch so these two can solve this feud the only way it should be settled.

  42. This makes it official: there is no way to sound intelligent in tweet form.

  43. I’ll start by saying I’m not really a fan of either artist, though I do respect them both for doing thier own thing, with little to no regard for commercial considerations, over the course of their respective careers. That being said, this is the kind of dispute that almost makes me long for the days when MTV was the only place to catch music videos. ALMOST. I’ll explain:

    Back then, this video would never have been made, simply because no one would ever be able to see it. Remember when The Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” video came out ( 1997, I think) and was only shown between 2am-6am, with a disclaimer placed before it? This turkey would never have made it past the nearest trash can to the door. These days, with MTV showing zero music, the internet is where most of us watch videos. On one hand, this is awesome, because it lets the viewer find and watch videos they want to watch, as opposed to content being dictated at the corperate level. On the other hand, the availability of so much content means that a shocking and controversial video has a better chance of being seen, with quality (muscial or cinimatic) being secondary in many cases.

    Now we come to Wayne’s response. Much less a defense of the video’s artisitc merits than a ‘ha ha, look at all the views we got’. Did he truly believe in what was shot (whether what we saw was the final cut or not), or was he trying to stir up controversy for publicity’s sake? To me, that cheapens the music video as an artistic medium (stop rolling your eyes), as well as the song, if only by proxy. One man’s opinion.

  44. All might have been forgiven had that album been even remotely good.

  45. 1. Every video Wayne has ever done has been NSFW (Did she even know his work at all).
    2. Everyone should know by now that Wayne is a bit nuts and loves pushing boundaries.
    3. I’ve wanted to see her naked since the late 90′s, so I applaud Wayne for showing me her almost naked boobs.

  46. This is quite obviously a PR stunt, Wayne’s said so: “Just tell your fans you playing” and”She’s a great media manipulator!! I love her!!”. Although a PR stunt which makes no sense after Erykah Badu’s initial tweet to Wayne of “it looks beautiful. Nayrok (lil sis) looks amazing. U are a tru visionary .. My fav is the glitter.”

    They set out to create a controversial video that everyone is talking about. Well done, guys!

  47. If you could show Erykah Badu naked without getting her permission, would you do it?
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah.

  48. Her grammer and spelling is more offensive that that video.

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