Radiohead Soundcheck New Song "Full Stop"

On the past couple stops of their US tour, Radiohead has soundchecked a new song called “Full Stop,” an urgent, bass-heavy track. Listen hard to hear it — it’s barely there — below in some fan videos.

(via At Ease)

Would not be surprised if they debuted this at Bonnaroo, which they’ll headline Friday.

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  1. I’m sorry, but we cannot hear a damn thing here.

  2. get to work. check out RSS feeds. all say ‘new Radiohead song!’. mildly freak out. wonder in disappointment why this shit gets posted.

  3. Got to see Radiohead 2 nights in a row at Prudential Center! It was absolutely amazing. Lightshow was spectacular. Only 2 Ok Computer classics during the entire 2 night stand though. First night we got “Karma Police” and second night we got “Paranoid Android”. They also played “Go To Sleep” for the first time in 8 years. “Kid A’ was excellent. “Idioteque” was fantastic.

    • saw ‘em a few nights later here in DC. Go To Sleep KILLED. They decided not to play Idiotheque after the previous nights’ performances fell apart. Kid A made the night for me :)

  4. Why the fuck do people post shit like this? Its not audible.

  5. Here’s a link where you can actually hear it. Although there are some voices talking… Click on the image below to take you to the video.


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