Kool A.D. - "Gwyneth Paltrow" video

Das Racist member Kool A.D. has already released two solo mixtapes this year, and now he’s got a new song that doesn’t appear on either of them. O.G. Latin gangsta rapper Kid Frost produced the new weedhead track “Gwyneth Paltrow,” which features Victor’s Das Racist partner Himanshu, and the track’s video, directed by Victor himself, is all creepy-as-fuck footage of Mummenschanz. Watch it below.

(via Some Kind Of Awesome)

No word on where this track will end up, but I guess we now have to consider the possibility that Kool A.D. will release three solo mixtapes before the year is half over.

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  1. “New” track? That beat is The Recipe and Kendrick Lamar and Dre are on it.

  2. Lol this song has been out for like months now. It’s a freestyle, not a freestyle freestyle but when rappers go over other rapper’s production and call it freestyling. Not that doing that makes it any less good of a take, Wayne used to do it all the time when he was actually a decent rapper.

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