Killer Mike - "Big Beast" Video

This week for videos just fucking absolutely ruled, so before we get into what made this list, let’s take a moment for all the videos that missed the cut. Among the casualties: Two eye-grabbing clips for A-list indie anthems, a mind-warping and visually sumptuous CocoRosie clip, a great bare-bones performance video, a legitimately funny minute-long sketch, a fun-to-watch fantasy/empowerment thing, a typically-engrossing ASAP Rocky video, a visually gorgeous and kinda-racist treatment of a massive pop-star duet, and a Willie Nelson video that treats its father/son relationship so simply and tenderly that I found myself moved watching it. Now here’s what did make it.

5. BigBang – “Monster” (Dir. ?)

BigBang are obviously the greatest boy band in the known universe, and though their “Monster” video doesn’t approach the hallucinatory future-pop visions of “Fantastic Baby,” it still has explosions and high-kicks and inexplicable fashion decisions and a great beast’s-eye-view shot of a mad dash through a prison minefield, or something. Delightfully confusing, in the grandest K-pop tradition.

4. Danny Brown – “Grown Up” (Dir. Greg Brunkalla)

Obviously, we all love Danny Brown. But Brown’s greatest problem is that he isn’t a foulmouthed and gleefully destructive seven-year-old. This video thankfully addresses that issue. This kid! So great! Also worth nothing: This song is just gorgeous.

3. Die Antwoord – “Baby’s On Fire” (Dir. Ninja & Terence Neale) (NSFW)

Die Antwoord’s dizzily fucked-up culture-car-wreck aesthetic is a lot of fun in pretty much any situation, but it goes up another level when it becomes a violently Oedipal Looney Toons cartoon. The reaction shots here are all note-perfect and ridiculously funny, and the action-movie dork in me feels the need to point out that the car stunt that happens around 5:45 is just unbelievably badass.

2. Kanye West – “Mercy” (Feat. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz) (Dir. Nabil)

Kanye West’s visual ambitions can be a bit much sometimes, but when he keeps things simple, he can make magic. And that’s exactly what happens in this, the latest in a long and proud tradition of stark black-and-white posse-cut videos. The utterly stripped-down setting also serves to make the few dreamlike special-effects touches hit that much harder; there are echoes of “Virtual Insanity” in the little mind-warp moments.

1. Killer Mike – “Big Beast” (Feat. T.I., Bun B & Trouble) (Dir. Thomas C. Bingham) (NSFW)

Quite possibly the video of the year. Two of my favorite things on this earth are hardass rap music and violent low-budget B-movies, so I feel like this video was pulled directly from some reptile part of my brain. When Killer Mike opens up a convenience store robber’s skull with a fire-axe before grinning wide and delivering one of his all-time most ferocious verses, it’s so beautiful that I want to cry.

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  1. Really was not expecting a piano ballad after that opening, Big Bang. The lack of self awareness in their videos is what truly makes them great.

    “My eyes are glowing, my hair is in the shape of devil horns, and hey… that’s totally normal in Korea.”

  2. Also, really strong week but I can’t believe The Flaming Lips video feat. Erykah Badu didn’t make the top five… how totally shocking. It was so good.

  3. I see all videos black. Why?

  4. I cant stand Die Antwoord… the kid in that Danny Brown video’s pretty awesome though

  5. At least they got # 1 right.

  6. Bun B is such a good rapper

  7. Watching Kanye not really know what to do during Pusha’s verse is very funny.
    Also – Big Sean is kind of a loser. Sorry, man.


  9. Killer Mike video is pretty trashy. Beach House should have been there.

  10. BIG BANG MONSTER !!!!!!!!
    I LOVE BIG BANG !!!!!!!!!!

  11. Well, I saw that list and I think Monster should be in the first place!

  12. “BigBang are obviously the greatest boy band in the known universe” REALLY? what kind of crap is that to be on Stereogum. Utterly disappointed.

  13. BIG BANG is EPIC !!
    Love everything they do, even though I can not understand most words but the English does not stop me from listening to them

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