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What a week. It was a week of heroes and villains! It was a week of drama. It was a week of introductions (meet our new news editor, Michael Nelson!). We helped Beach House make their case against Volkswagen. We had Erykah Badu dutifully ask Wayne Coyne to “kiss her glittery ass.” We welcomed back Grizzly Bear via “Sleeping Ute” and recapped their individual activities during their collective hibernation. We heard new Radiohead. We canonized the Walkmen.

We got real this week, and thereby you guys did, too, with some absolutely terrific and absolutely terrible comments. Let’s do the honors:



Krzysztof Sadlej | Jun 5th Score:20

Everyone is excused from work for the rest of the day!!! Go home, listen on repeat, enjoy life!

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#9  plb102 | Jun 1st Score:20

“A beautiful and poignant ending to an otherwise hollow tale with boring dialogue and minimal character development.”

2 1/2 stars

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Kevin Broydrick | Jun 5th Score:21


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#7  georgie fruit | Jun 7th Score:22

She’s got his phone number, why doesn’t she just call him and talk it out instead of tweeting? Gawd I fucking hate twitter. It makes your argument a lot more ridiculous when you have to spell you as “yu”

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Joe Howse | Jun 4th Score:22

Love this, especially the screaming that comes in around 2:15

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#5  plb102 | Jun 1st Score:23

Not cool MUF. I’m obviously not sure, but I think it’s at least possible that Michael_ is legit depressed.

I’m a fan of M_’s comments, the whinier the better.

Isn’t it weird tho how if any of us dropped dead no one on here would know about it. Like if I got murdered the news story wouldn’t say I was survived by a wife, a son, and everyone who like PLB102′s comments on stereogum.

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Jun 7th Score:24

Exactly the kind of response you’d expect from a 51 year old man that accessorizes.

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Nathan Christensen | Jun 1st Score:24

I think the final chapter of this story should involve an action-packed sequence on a real erupting volcano, where raptor jesus and Michael_ discover the true meaning of friendship.

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#2  muffinman | Jun 1st Score:24

What’s his policy on top hats?

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#1  outrowithbees | Jun 7th Score:36

“I want to see the final edit of the video of my sister spanking her ass in a tub full of glitter, blood and semen-substitutes JUST IN CASE IT LOOKS WEIRD!”

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Jordy Kasko | Jun 7th Score:-11

Because there’s much more to being a feminist than making every dispute about gender and getting outraged at everything.

Anyway, the video was beautiful. All of the other crap does not affect that one simple fact.

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Scott Gallagher | Jun 1st Score:-11

Why is this news? Did this come from Axl and the GNR camp? Or are you just spreading rumors again?

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#3  indiecredible | Jun 5th Score:-13

Great stuff– Grizzly Bear is always true quality. However, I do wonder why Stereogum never posts anything about The Temper Trap! Honestly, its surprising with the new album being released in America today. “London’s Burning” is pure brilliance.

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#2  p00rtina | Jun 5th Score:-13

I’m gonna go down in flames for this but I really don’t like this song…….Some of the guitar sounds rule and background noises are cool….But overall the song is so boring. I know Jonny Greenwood said they were his favorite band but they need to get off Radiohead’s dick

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#1  MagicUnicornFairy | Jun 1st Score:-27

and would we be happy about it, if it did happen?
That is the real question.

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Robert Locke | Jun 7th Score:14

Go ahead and add Wayne to the list of people that cant use her phone.

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Comments (48)
  1. YAAAAAAAAAAY! I finally made it, and all it took was a guttural utterance.

  2. My first week commenting on this site and I’m on here twice! Gadzooks!

  3. I’m still thinking that indiecredible was trolling, if so 10/10.

  4. I’m moving up in the world!

    • But you only mentioned how much you enjoyed the music, you didn’t even make any references to other commenters. It just doesn’t make sense!

  5. It’s hot out there kids. Stay cool. Don’t move too much.

  6. My favorite stories on Stereogum this week were the easter eggs that no one else probably found interesting (or maybe I’m just a selective reader who focuses on such things):

    - Amrit is a lawyer. When did that happen on top of being a full-time music blogging kingpin and aspiring film maker? My employer has pretty much banned the Internet, which is funny if you knew how much I needed the Internet to do my job. Had I known that becoming a professional arguer would allow me to work on my blogging skills during my lunchtime, I would done just that.

    - In the CrimSane post, Tom announced the imminent arrival of baby Breihan #2. While congrats are due, the sad news is that apparently he may be taking a brake from by-lining us for awhile during its “release party.” I’m worried for Stereogum’s hard / edgy content if that happens… The good news? He gets to name the second child, and word on the street is that he’s chosen “Donnytillafreshié_ RaptorJohnny Breihan” — even if the child is a girl.

    • Also, I am willing to throw good money into a Kickstarter fund if someone can develop a mobile app for Stereogum that will allow you to log in and comment.

      • I ran into this problem this week as well.

        “Goddammit, I need to make my Seinfeld laser pointer reference, that one person will get, on this Kanye West post while it’s still relevant!!!”
        I thought to myself while at dinner with my parents.

    • you just got my eyes wet.

    • Can we get a Premature evaluation of Tom’s baby?

      Is Donnytillafreshié_ RaptorJohnny Breihan the best baby of 2012?

      After what can only be described as a “leak” early yesterday, the new collaboration between Tom and his wife became public early this morning. While some will criticise baby Donnytillafreshié_ RaptorJohnny Breihan for being derivitive (she has her mother’s eyes, her father’s nose) it is likely that, like last year’s The King of Limbs, this one will be a grower. Asked about the birth of sophmore baby, Tom replied “when I first saw her, she reminded me of that Erykah Badu clip”. The sound of crying at 1AM is the odds-on favourite to be Tom’s number one summer jam.

  7. someone getting -13 for mentioning temper trap, I <3 you stereogum

  8. It’s the weekend! Turn up your stereo systems! It’s a party!

  9. I made an effort to comment on posts other than Shut Up, Dude this week, but the only way I make it into the top ten is by commenting right here. Fuck articles about music, I’ll catch y’all next friday.

  10. I’m now following 327 musical figures on Twitter, analysing each tweet and retweet, and hoping that I’ll be able to predict a Where’s The Beef section where I can make a comment that can be adored by literally tens of people.

  11. Well, now that I have gotten worst comment of the week, I can’t really beg for a Jason Segel / Justin Vernon post…

    So, I give you….. Jason Segel in a pirate costume looking almost exactly like Justin Vernon:

  12. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  13. I’m still chuckling at Robert Locke’s comment. Good show, mate.

  14. I feel a little bad for Mr. Jordy Kasko. His first two comments/points for that article were admittedly questionable and poorly developed but he later elaborated on his opinion and actually got 5+ points for his last comment.

    It makes you wish that the week’s “Worst Comments” were only fractionally about the numbers and more about how a reader’s post fits in context with its respective article and how that reader defends or develops upon his/her thoughts through further comments.

    Then again, it’s not as if this weekly column should be taken too-too seriously. :P

    • Haha, thanks, man. I’m not surprised about the downvotes, though. Two reasons: first, in both real life and on the net, I often come across as a dick because… well, because I am a dick sometimes. But there are two types of people in this world: those who admit that their shit stinks and those that don’t. I try to be the former, and I tend to get annoyed with the latter, which is how the everything-is-sexist commentator in that thread seemed to me.

      Second, I’m not surprised because it’s the nature of this kind of internet rating system. I honestly think it’s the worst thing Stereogum has ever done — it may not be as bad as YouTube, but it’s all too similar — and I’ve been lurking on this site for at least seven years. By nature, the rating system breeds a culture wherein quips and cheap japes are celebrated while insightful comments that inspire debate, out-of-the-box thinking, or honest assessments that don’t accompany jokes are often shown disdain. Yes, the internet as a whole does that too, but the rating system intensifies the effects exponentially. I hope Stereogum removes it at some point, but I’m not keeping my hopes up. After all, creating competition in the comments section results in more commentators, which in turn results in more hits for the site. But it also results in that dreadful, immature culture of quips I mentioned earlier, which eliminates or denigrates most of the genuine and mature conversations that could occur.

      • Alright, not to reignite our debate or anything, but I kind of feel like you indirectly called me out here, so I need to get this off my chest…

        I don’t think it’s very fair for you to refer to me as the “everything-is-sexist commentator” considering our discussion was only focused on whether or not one particular thing was sexist, with only a brief mention of what I think is the larger issue at hand. I don’t often call things or people out for being sexist, but you brought it up in the first place by trying to qualify your statements by saying you’re a feminist. I really don’t think I would have felt the need to mention it otherwise.
        I also hope I didn’t honestly come off as someone who believes their shit doesn’t stink. I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong (seriously, it happens a lot, that’s how we learn), I just didn’t happen to agree with you here. Sorry if I came off like a dick in the process though.

        All that said, I hope there’s no ill-will between us. We may not agree on this issue, but I think we were at least able to keep it civil. I think while everyone on here may not agree all the time, we’re all at least reasonably mature people who can enjoy an insightful debate just as much as the cheap jokes and quips. What I’m trying to say is: you seem like a smart dude, don’t be afraid to keep commenting!

        • It was a cheap jab, but it was half in jest anyway — the internet really makes that difficult to get across, though, doesn’t it? I apologize. I don’t bear you any ill will, and I’m glad you don’t bear any towards me, even though I came across as a bit of a troll in my first few posts. I look forward to future conversations with you!

  15. For those of you who actually wanted to hear Radiohead’s song that they soundchecked in Cincinnati, here is a link where you can hear the actual music (although there are people talking):

    Click right here, yo!

  16. Can I say I’ve enjoyed the ad the last couple says? I can? OK. I’ve enjoyed staring at Aubrey Plaza the last couple days.

  17. Glad to see Mr. Howse is doing well. He was absolutely correct: Beach Howse on vinyl is the only way to go. The opener to “Myth” sounds divine. Plus the silence on “Irene” is shortened.

    Me? Just picked up WIXIW on vinyl and it actually came with a CD instead of a download code. Only seen that done on The Field vinyls, very nice touch. Giving Liars some more listens because there is something going on with this record that I intend to figure out. As I said last night to my friends, “Liars have always made paranoid music, but this is the first time they’ve made ME feel paranoid.”

    Too much good music out now. A pleasant situation to be in, though.

    • Do you know if that’s how all copies of WIXIW come, or did you purchase it some place specifically where that was a bonus?

      • I think it should be all of them.

        I just went to Guestroom Records and bought what looked like a normal copy, even though it had a sticker stating it was the “Deluxe Version” — still looked pretty normal to me. Except once I opened it up it had a basic CD case that also had the album cover and track list on the back. But the record store did NOT give me a copy, it was sealed inside.

        I’d hope they released all the versions like that, because a CD copy >>> Download code.

        After a dozen repeat listens, WIXIW is starting to stand out. “Brats” is one of the best Liars tracks to date. Even though it doesn’t have many jarring stand-out tracks like previous albums, it’s impressive how easy it is to listen to WIXIW all the way through in one sitting. Really enjoying it.

  18. Can’t believe I just spent an hour following the saga of Michael_ and Raptor Jesus. Now I don’t feel so bad for not reading the Hunger Games.

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