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  • Radiohead @ Bonnaroo 6/8/12
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Radiohead played Bonnaroo last night, and though they didn’t play the new song they’ve been soundchecking, they did dedicate “Supercollider” to Jack White. “This song is for Jack White,” said Yorke. “We saw him yesterday. A big thank you to him, but we can’t tell you why. You’ll find out.” Do with that what you will. Watch the entire show below.

The Jack White mention happens at the 1:38:48 mark (via CoS).

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  1. I want to have a dance off with thom, but i feel like i wouldnt have enough stamina.

  2. also, ed looks like the man with no name minus the poncho

    • I have a theory that being Ed is probably one of the best jobs in music. You have unquestioned cred and respect as a result of being in the most important band of the past 25 years. Yet you don’t have all the responsibility of being Thom or Johnny. You get all the perks of traveling and meeting amazing, and unlike most of his counterparts, Ed like a good smoke and a good time. And with the exception of Thom when he’s doing the Thom Dance, no one looks like they had more fun last night.

      • Ed is definitely the most chill and “normal” one of the group i’d say hahaha you got thom the mentally unstable weird kid who had some life changing moment as a child involving worms, jonny the quiet sonic architect who is constantly sulking, colin the hilariously awkward but awesome bass player and phil the master timekeeper monk of percussion.
        On a real note though i feel like Ed is underplayed as a key member too often, or is perceived to be.

        • The thing about Ed and that hat is that it makes him look even taller, which makes Thom and Johnny look shorter. Heh.

        • Oh yeah, was in no way trying to dis Ed, he is essential to the band as an instrumentalist and provides some great backing vocals on certain song. Only suggesting that he looks like he’s actually enjoying himself much more than Thom and Johnny, who give off the tortured genius vibe at times. When you’ve been together as long as this band, and have such a unique dynamic, I think every part is essential.

  3. Watching this is nowhere near as much fun as being at a radiohead concert.

  4. Saw the first Bonnaroo concert they did back in 2006 and it remains the greatest of my life. This was pretty damn amazing in ad of itself as well. Being a bit of an old head, it would have been nice to hear a few more tracks from OK Computer and one or two from the Bends, but this band just moves forward, and Supercollider was awesome!

    Anyone band that will give 3 hours and 25 songs to you in 80+ heat at night is truly special. There’s just no way you can overrate them in opinion, and that says something give the sycophancy they inspire.

  5. RadioDead Weather? :p

  6. I cant wait for the release. Hope it happens…

  7. Seeing them on Monday. It’s like Christmas is coming and I’m five again.

  8. I’ve watched most of this entire show twice now and it’s pretty clear that they really went for it throughout. Even when things went a little “off” on occasion, and they did, they definitely weren’t holding anything back. Not sure I’ve ever seen a BAD Radiohead show, but this one just had a little something “else” goin’ on.

  9. I totally posted a comment here last night that is not here. I even went back and tried to post it again but the site said it was a duplicate. A duplicate of an invisible post, evidently. Radiohead: Causing teh internets to break since 1985.

    • Hey Cerebus –
      I just pushed it live. Not sure why it was stuck in moderation. Generally the only thing that keeps a comment in the moderation queue is if it has more thank 2 links in it (’cause then our CMS thinks it’s spam).

  10. It’s about time we heard a Radiohead country-western song.

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  12. God loves his chilerennn-o
    God loOoves his chillren………YEEEAAAAHHHHH

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