Stream Fiona Apple 'The Idler Wheel...'

Fionna Apple’s return has yielded some mesmerizing singles — “Werewolf,” “Every Single Night, and “Anything We Want” — as well as a new video and an impressive return to the stage. Her new record, The Idler Wheel…, isn’t out until next week, but it’s streaming now at NPR. I have a feeling we’re going to be talking about this one for a while. It’s out 6/19 on Epic.

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  1. i think the idler wheel will be a serious contender for the album of the year in various end of the year lists just because its so damn brilliant

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    • A Lilith Fair leftover? Are you really equating this woman to Jewel right now? Go fuck yourself.

      • Oh and i love Bobby Womack’s new album. But you should stillll go fuck yourself.

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        • Um, you clearly have no idea what you are tallking about.

        • you clearly don’t understand how to perceive music.
          just listen to it, don’t try to appoint money or business or plans how to get rich to art, that has been made not for the sake of wealthiness, but in most cases for art itself.
          and one’s music has never been about one’s image, but if you really like someone’s music for them getting naked go watch some paris hilton and then jerk off to her sex tapes

  3. And there ain’t nothing more hipster-baiting than name-checking Bobby Womack on Stereogum.

  4. Okay, i’ll give an example. Werewolf is a great piano ballad full of evocative lyrics, expressive singing, and tasteful instrumentation. However, would someone please elaborate on how that screaming sample adds anything to the song thematically or sonically besides a superficial signifier to analyse and write think pieces about? I would really like to hear the wise commentator’s opinions on this element; seriously what do y’all think the sample brings to the table?

    • How is that an example of any of your previous comments? I don’t see any relevance between that over-analytical question and your previous trolling. And even if it were relevant, are you seriously going to try to make people justify every noise or blip in a song before you allow them to like it?

      The main points of your original posts were to diminish others – those silly bandwagon-jumping hipsters and Jonanna-Newsom-loving Lilith Fair goers. Which is pointless and lame.

  5. Really excited for the new Fiona album on the 19th. Just preordered it on itunes and I can’t wait to hear more of her new material. Been a fan since “Tidal” and the new songs sound like a welcome return!

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