Radiohead - "Full Stop"

Radiohead has been soundchecking a new song, and that song, called “Full Stop,” made its live debut over the weekend in Chicago. And guess what? At least one person at the show had a smartphone/recording device! The song is a swirling, uptempo thing in the lane of something like “Jigsaw Falling Into Place,” and it features Yorke chanting harrowing stuff like “The truth will mess you up” and “This is a foul-tasting lesson” before the song arrives at a starry breakdown. Watch the performance below.

Another angle:

(via AtEase)

Radiohead’s entire Bonnaroo performance is also online, so if you’ve got two hours to kill, you know what to do.

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  1. Was one of the best concerts I went to.

    • I’m glad someone enjoyed it. I thought the sound was good and everything they played was find, but I guess I realized why I don’t do large venues very often. It was less like to going to a concert and more like going to watch other people going to a concert. That’s not Radiohead’s fault, of course. It was probably a great show from the actual seats. I thought their stage set up and all of the video screens were really cool and well done.

      • I was in the lawn and I thought it was great. The sound was amazing. I did have a good spot and I’m 6’5 so that helps I guess. Hopefully you weren’t standing right behind me.

        • You are officially the tallest, and quite possibly the largest, cat on the planet, plb102.

        • I wasn’t behind you, fortunately, but I was behind a few poles installed for the monstrosity of the structure they built for the suites. And in all honesty, the only other amphitheater shows I’ve been to are in SoCal, which are built much differently, thanks in large art to the topography and the lack of a superstructure housing a bunch suites (at least 10 years ago). My reaction is more a reaction to the venue than to the show itself.

          • Last night was my first time ever at this venue. It’s the clubhouse suites or whatever they are called that are the issue. I saw that a bunch of first pavilion seats went on sale the day of the show but soon after realized they were limited visibility seats because of the way this venue is set up.

            We stuck with our lawn seats. We got a great spot and, even though I had heard horrible things about sound at this venue and worried that the lawn would be too far back, on such a beautiful, breezy night I’m so glad we were where we were at and I thought the sound was great throughout Caribou and Radiohead’s sets. I liked being far back enough to see the stage set up in its entirety but close enough that I could still see what was happening onstage without having to stare at a screen.

  2. This is like most of their recent material: meh. The thing is, if you want bubbling electronics, there are plenty of groups doing that style way better than Radiohead are at the moment.

  3. seeing them in MI tonight… been waiting too long for them to come here. hope to hear this live myself

  4. What you meant to say was “Watch Jim Ignatowski Debut ‘Full Stop’ in Chicago”

    • Ok, so I don’t care if my little post here gets a ton of upvotes…I really don’t (although, I’ll admit I’m a bit surprised that more people didn’t find the comparison of Thom Yorke’s picture atop the page to crazy Jim).

      But I do have to point out it had two upvotes yesterday and now it has one…which means it got downvoted. Who takes the time to downvote something this harmless? I’m a huge Radiohead fan but I wouldn’t be offended by this…people need to get the taxi out of their ass and lighten up.

  5. Radiohead are the best band since the beatles, pink floyd, the smiths, Can ;D

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    • I made a critical post above, and it didn’t get downvoted—but that was because it didn’t just boil down to “Radiohead sucks”; I had an actual, specific and reasonable point to make.

      It’s not fascism. It’s just about having standards.

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  10. So guys how is it going?

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  12. Just letting you know, I do like Radiohead

  13. woozefa  |   Posted on Jun 12th, 2012 -2

    i haven’t loved a radiohead album since ok computer. the bends is still my favorite.

  14. I hate TKOL. But this one actually sounds alright. Bring us 10 more songs like that one, and we’ll let bygones be bygones.

  15. The song is actually called Ful Stop.
    It has been listed as such on every setlist so far, like such:

  16. The show in Detroit probably sounded a little better cuz of the indoor volume clarity, but it was not as fun as the outdoor vibe in Tinley Park…BUT, to see both shows was brilliant cuz they changed the set by at least 6 songs from one to the other. very cool, very surprising:) though i still think the high point was the Chicago show ending with Street Spirit, totally did NOT see that one coming…very oldschool and it sounded amazing.

  17. I hope they play this in Taiwan next month. Lovely2 song!

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