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  • White Strips Triple Inchophone + 3
1. White Strips Triple Inchophone + 3" Records: Supposedly the rarest of all White Stripes creations, the Triple Inchophone is a Japanese record player that plays 3" records. Only 400 players exist and the records rarely, if ever, appear on Ebay. Reading this, you know you want one just because you can't have one.

Sure, Radiohead have come up with some cool merch in their day but they’ve got nothing on potential collaborator Jack White.

Think about it: How many times have you found yourself in dire need of a stylish balsa plane that represents your choice listening tastes — but you can only find a Plane Jane model flyer? The White Stripes frontman knows the feeling, and being the beneficent generator of pop-kitsch that he is, he’s got you covered. Where lesser artists fail to merchandize beyond T-shirts and beer koozies, White has taken pains to prove that you can brand anything. Endless collectible output has led to a rabid culture of collectors who eat this stuff up and — naturally — they have their own forum.

Whether it’s daily essentials like Raconteurs soap, cool variations on familiar vinyl records, or nesting dolls for your nightstand, an appropriate piece of merchandise exists for every one of us — especially if you’re vinyl-minded. Between the White Stripes, the Raconteurs, the Dead Weather, and his recent solo work, the world of Jack White merchandise is wide and weird. These are 10 of the weirdest. Dig in.

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  1. Where’s the weird little vintage plastic picture viewer keychain they gave away for free at the 2004 NYE show with the flaming lips. I got a dozen of those things but I’ve never seen one on ebay or mentioned anywhere else…… oh well I guess I got some rare number 11 stuff.

  2. the kilt picture is from halifax, NS, Canada. wooooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. Bitch please, Stereolab have been doing that since the early 90′s. Beach towels, umbrellas, puzzles, Dinner plates,….. endless assortment of odds and ends.

    • Stereolab worked with the same merchandise company as The White Stripes. I still have my Stereolab beach towel from Lollapalooza and a Stereolab washcloth from a later tour. Bitch please, that is some functional merchandise!

  4. is that stylophone the same thing that Minus the Bear used on their single, “My Time”?

  5. I actually was waiting for a Meg White blow up doll to be available for purchase…. Never got it.

  6. Jess H. Livinghouse  |   Posted on Jun 11th, 2012 0

    Should be titled Jack White’s 10 Awesomest Merch Items

  7. Nobody likes Jack White. Not enough 311 content.

  8. No Guinness Book of World Records?

  9. I actually have the Jack White Holga. Bought it several years ago mostly because it was the cheapest way to get a Holga with a fisheye lens. Definitely a little silly though.

  10. Someday, Jack White might end up selling more crap than Gene Simmons.

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