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In the short timespan where Kitty Pryde has become a “thing,” it’s been pretty difficult to assess the phenomenon, or at least it’s been difficult to discern the right approach. Kitty Pryde, on the surface, is a Florida teenager posting homemade rap demos with lyrics that resemble mash notes, or at least whatever modern form the mash note has taken (is there an app for that?), songs like the viral, memorable “Okay Cupid.” She’s got co-signs, collaborations with the Most Viral Human Being In Music, production from production scene up-and-comer Beautiful Lou and ink in the New York Times. While there’s something interesting going on, it’s hard to put my finger on what; is Kitty Pryde’s music a portal to a world of modern teenage expression, or something else? Is the product, in this case a debut EP called Haha, I’m Sorry, a piece of work that says more about music’s direction or is it just the latest rendering of a new kind of Internet celebrity? I’m asking a lot of questions, and I don’t have a lot of answers. But we can talk about it below if you guys want to. Download the EP at Bandcamp, which definitely features a remix of “Call Me Maybe” called “GIVE ME SCABIES.” Stream it below, too.

(via her Bandcamp)

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  1. I’m not going to pretend I understand my feelings toward Kitty Pryde, but I do know that I just listened to and enjoyed a remix of Call Me Maybe featuring a white teenage girl rapping over it, so that’s certainly something.

  2. I feel like she’s like a tween combination of kreayshawn posturing and lana del rey self-objectification. Now excuse me while I go listen to the ep again

  3. This is absolutely fucking terrible. It’s not even funny.
    Something really frightening is happening in hip hop/ pop music and I’m guessing it’s like, some sort of post-passe hangover from all of odd future’s hype last year.

    i guess “tumblr” is a genre of music now.

  4. Kitty is my girl! I’m from the Orlando area and she has long been a prominent figure on the local music scene. Despite what it seems, she built buzz the old fashion way through constant local appearances and word of the mouth press. Only recently have the tastemakers caught on but she is definitely of the DIY nature; not at all like the faux authentic posturing of LDR or Kreayshawn. However you may feel about her and her music, she is legit and should be applauded as a great representation of indie values and ideals.

  5. in the first thirty seconds of this music video: a tall can of pabst, a cupcake made of stick-on gems, a supreme sticker on the back of a macbook.

    yeah guys no pandering going on here, totally “authentic indie”

    • It’s post ironic, obviously she’s aware of the connotations of those signifiers but chooses to include them as subtle but clever admission to the general demographics she is chasing. While her irony is obviously therefore carefree and playful, Lana would lead you to believe that her persona is completely sincere which makes it all the more manufactured.

      • Is this like in punk where the real punk rockers were actually The Knack since they sold out and told everyone they sold out so selling out was punk as fuck because it was rebelling against the idea of authentic punks not selling out when really they were the biggest sell outs of all the sell outs because they never sold out and made a big deal about not selling out which made them look petty and childish for not selling out?

        • no, this is teenage girl singing about 1st world problems of a teenage girl. if you are a teenager i would understand you digging this. but digging to find the deeper meaning seems like a waste of fucking time. shes not a punk, shes not post-punk, shes not post anything. at some point some random person making music that a bunch of people happen to cling onto has to stop being about “what is really going on here” and just face facts that its a face value, guilty pleasure.

  6. Lana Del Lil B…

  7. Our corporate overlords (i.e. the old white guys who tell us what to like) are becoming very cynical. Coincidentally, I LOVE THIS!

  8. Kitty Pride is the “Girls” of the modern indie music scene.

    “Girls” the TV show, not “Girls” the now-defunct band…

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