Rufus, who is a hero, puts a little too much acting into his head movements during his line reads on this Funny Or Die sketch, but this is a minor quibble in light of hearing the vaunted Wainwright vibrato roll all over the gum commercial songs of your youth. The whole thing’s meant to be silly, and it is, but also you will know all of these jingles, and they are actually amazing compositions in their own right, and Rufus’s renditions bring out their core: Juicy Fruit’s innuendo, Double Mint’s harmonies, Big Red’s sappy sentimentality. It’s just like I’ve been telling my father for years now: people in the ’Gum business know what they’re doing. Watch here:

(via Funny Or Die)

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  1. Biiig surprise…rufus Wainright sings about chewing – oh, you said GUM??

  2. I really miss the days when every Juicy Fruit commercial was a song about engaging in some athletic activity while chewing their gum. They only stopped making them when they ran out of sports to insert into the song.

  3. This is funny, and Rufus’s performance is surely inspired, but Accordion Troubadour Jason Webley has been doing something similar in concert for years, and does it as one big medley…

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