Danzig at Bonnaroo

Glenn Danzig has made an absurd amount of great music in his time on this earth, but he’s apparently not the guy you want to book to your music festival. With his Danzig Legacy show, the man performed at Bonnaroo over the weekend. And though his set reportedly wasn’t the fiasco that his Fun Fun Fun Fest set was last year, it still didn’t go off without complications. Apparently, there was a bit of a miscommunication: Danzig doesn’t like getting his picture taken, but Bonnaroo staff still let photographers stand in front of the barrier while he was performing. At one point during his set, Danzig jumped down and went after one particular photographer, with one of his security guards being forced to pacify him. Watch video below.

(via Metalsucks)

To Danzig’s credit, he reportedly returned to the stage and performed well afterwards. But still. Yikes.

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  1. Danzig constantly pulls stupid shit like this.

  2. go ahead danzig, start shit and get knocked the f-out again. im sure we have all seen the video lol.

  3. “I Got something to say, I saw your bald spot today”

  4. Guy who has to be Danzig’s handler. /sadguy

  5. Yeah Glen, just try to start shit with someone and get dropped on your ass again like in 2004.

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