Stream The Smashing Pumpkins 'Oceania'

Earlier this year, our T. Cole Rachel spoke to Billy Corgan about the forthcoming Oceania as well as the suite Teargarden By Kaleidyscope that contains it. On the origins of the project, here’s Corgan:

We’re in Sedona, Arizona, and about a week after that, everybody went home, and I was still there, working on my book. Mark Tulin, our friend and bassist from the Electric Prunes, died suddenly of a heart attack on Catalina –- he was doing a beach cleanup and just collapsed at 62 and just died -– so a week after we had parted as a band we were all back together for Mark’s funeral. It really, really shook me up and I can’t explain why. I mean he was a close friend, but it shook me up in a way I just couldn’t explain and something about it just led to this weird journey of like “OK I’m gonna go back and listen to all the work I did with Mark at the beginning of this process with Teargarden and then reexamine all this stuff that we’ve done recently.” And it took me on this weird journey of “What am I doing?” and “Why am I even bothering anymore?” and I had this kind of weird epiphany where I realized that some part of me was disengaged. And in a weird kind of way to honor Mark I thought, “I’m not gonna run away from that part of myself anymore. I’m actually gonna go there.” And that opened me up and a lot of the songs were figured out in the next six weeks. And we started convening in Chicago in April. And then worked about five and a half months straight, and the band would come and go at various times depending on who needed to do what. And that’s it.

Now, Oceania has hit the web as a free stream, so head to iTunes (warning: opens external application) to hear it. It’s out 6/19 on EMI.

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  1. this link, just comes back to this post. please fix. I just posted to Reddit and don’t want down votes.

  2. I preordered this last week, and I just listened to it and wasn’t impressed at all. Hopefully it grows on me, because Topspin has a no refund policy and won’t let me cancel. Those bastards.

  3. Billy’s voice sound really odd here ha. Production is a bit off and it doesn’t sound as good as it does live, but I really like it.

  4. the new production puts his voice too far up in the mix, its a weird change after being used to the wall of guitars and thundering toms. Also, mike byrne, IM REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU AND IMMA LET YOU FINISH BUT JIMMY CHAMBERLAIN WAS CLEARLY WAY BETTER THAN YOU.

    • Considering Jimmy is the grunge generation’s Neil Peart, yeah. There was no contest to begin with. I think he is actually the only thing holding this album together at all.

      As for the album…it’s Zeitgeist with some 60′s psych synth stuff going on. I REALLY wanted this to be good.

  5. I think the production is better than the rest of teargarden, though not there with the 90s stuff. But overall I’m pretty happy (I just wish there were a few less synths), for me the best thing from Billy Corgan since Machina 2.

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