L$D - "Don't Smoke My Blunt Bitch"

On Sunday afternoon, the L$D video “DONT SMOKE MY BLUNT BITCH,” a collaborative effort from Grimes, Kreayshawn, Blood Diamonds, and Tragik, debuted on Tragik’s Tumblr. The video was accompanied by this bit from Tragik: “We did this song in 10 minutes and the video in under an hour…. TRIPPY.”

It was an interesting, almost brag-like note — L$D were bringing attention to the speed with which they created their collab and unleashed it upon the Web. “DONT SMOKE MY BLUNT BITCH” is raw and clearly DIY, and it probably won’t win a production award unless it’s in the quickness category. But the fact that a music video so hastily thrown together can garner so much attention, so quickly, illustrates the sea change in the way music can be created by tech-savvy and budget-conscious musicians. (A note to tech-savvy and budget-conscious musicians: Having Grimes and Kreayshawn in the mix doesn’t hurt.)

Less than 24 hours after posting the video, Grimes tweeted, “@KREAYSHAWN @ladytragik @BLOOD_DIAMOND5 already getting emails of ppl trying to book L$D for shows haha.” Tragik tweeted back, “@Grimezsz damn…. It started with you sneaking off in the middle of a convo to make a punk beat real quick lol.” Tragik’s initial Tumblr post credited the song to “@KREASHAWN @Grimezsz @ladytragik @BLOOD_DIAMOND5,” fitting for a project that is firmly post-Internet, as Grimes once described her music in a sit-down with Interview Magazine.

“If you have a microphone, a little MIDI interface for like $150, and Logic, that’s pretty much all you need,” says Michael Thurber, the musical director and co-founder of the YouTube channel “CDZA.” CDZA, short for Collective Cadenza, creates experimental music videos featuring original compositions on quick turnaround. “You can knock it out.”

I came across the “DONT SMOKE MY BLUNT BITCH” video Sunday night on Facebook, at least one social network removed from Tragik’s original post on Tumblr. That’s the way L$D meant it to happen. For post-Internet performers like Kreayshawn and Grimes, social media isn’t second nature, it’s first nature. Hell, on Wikipedia, Kreayshawn’s music is described as “Tumblr-wave.”

The endless process of reblogging and sharing across social networks is nothing new, and allows a video like L$D’s to disseminate exponentially faster than it would have in the pre-social networking age. The video now has more than 76,000 views. One YouTube commenter left a comment on the L$D video that joked, “Kreayshawn plus a lot of other ’post-mainstream mainstream satire’ acts that i will NOT mention now have been created by anonymous producer “Steinvord” in his spare time, mainly for a laugh but for societal experimentation purposes too.” 

Grimes later replied, via Twitter, of course, “its true that L$D is really a secret project of Steinvord.”

“TRIPPY” is right.

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  1. just…. no.

  2. so a bunch of faux fame whores made a shitty video with no real effort or purpose and quickly posted it online… so what?

  3. It’s true, absolute shit is now being created and delivered with astonishing speed and at very low cost.

  4. can we all just ignore kreayshawn for however long it takes?

  5. Why? Why!!?

  6. I think the article overstates how big a deal this video is. I mean, 70k views in 3 days is impressive for an unsigned act, but it’s not exactly earth-shattering. And at this point, the members of LSD have nothing to lose by posting hastily-thrown together garbage. It’s just a bunch of kids messing around and posting weird things they made to the internet. This has been happening since the dawn of the web.

  7. Tumblr-wave?

    I’d say our generation has finally vomited itself onto itself.

  8. Grimes has some sort of awkward charisma goin on

  9. I actually think this is amazing in some bizarre and awful way. I am also prepared for the downvotes.

  10. i think this is dog diarrhea but to each their own

  11. Awesome minstrel show. Amos n’ Andy would be proud.

  12. I think HRO reported on this bullshit “song” pretty well. http://hipsterrunoff.com/altreport/2012/06/grimes-and-kreayshawn-collab-write-worst-song-world-did-it-melt-ur-ears.html

    Also, I guess you’d have to be pretty blunted (Grimes) to think that collaborating with kreayayatioinshun (however that shit name is spelled) would be a good idea aside from the obvious and shallow “perk” of attaining instant gratuitous attention.

  13. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  14. This is why people hate millenials. I’m always going to bat for our generation and then these kids have to ruin it for everyone else.

  15. These guys just created a 90′s video that would have been dissed on Beavis and Butthead.

  16. “If you have a microphone, a little MIDI interface for like $150, and Logic, that’s pretty much all you need,”

    I’m sort of intrigued by this. In spite of having as little musical background as a kid raised by parents and teachers that prize “creativity” can, I’ve been really fascinated by the kind of stuff Grimes does, and am curious how to break into that–but I have no understanding of the way that one even makes it. I’ve been screwing around with Ableton Live for a little bit, and have been having a lot of fun making loops, but how few components could one use to make, basically, a Grimes song? Would a microphone, a MIDI keyboard and Ableton be enough? Would it be cheaper to get a mic, a MIDI keyboard and Logic?

    Basically, if I want to start making music that is just loops and vocals, how would I go about doing that? And how cheap could it be?

    • I like how someone upvoted you but then didn’t answer your question. Get a mic, a MIDI keyboard, and whichever program is the cheapest and that should suffice for what you’re looking to do. Of the little bit of Grimes I have bothered to listen to, I would imagine you could do something similar to her on Garageband (or not, I don’t know, but it seems plausible).

  17. I don’t get it… is it supposed to be ironically bad or is it just bad?

  18. yall crazy… this video is fun and those gurls are SEXXI

  19. So can we just stop saying post-internet already? it does not make sense. Even a little.

  20. I really liked Visions, and I was not particularly into Geidi Primes or Halfaxa. That being said, Grimes is clearly going to be one of those artists with no God damned filter and if you want to enjoy her music, you’ll have to wade through a lot of muck. This is muck, no doubt. Kreayshawn is muck and always has been and has shown no signs of being anything but. But still, I don’t wanna write Grimes off as worthless.

    • Also, I do have ProTools and Ableton, and I do wanna make a shit beat, put on an oversized tee (hard to find in a size billion) and a bunch of stupid shit that isn’t jewelry and make a cheap video. People will be all “who is this fat hipster asshole?” until Pitchfork crowns it as BNT and then everyone’s like “well, he’s quite a personality.”

  21. I think you guys need to go smoke a blunt yourselves. Its just a bunch of creative kids goofing around. They didn’t do this for any reason other than for fun. I fucking liked it.

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