Drake and Chris Brown

This is probably going to end up as one of those pop-music legends where nobody ever knows the entire truth, but apparently, Drake and Chris Brown both ended up at the New York nightclub W.I.P. last night, and things got out of hand. Drake has recently been linked with Rihanna, and Chris Brown, of course, famously beat her up when they were together a few years ago. And at the club last night, both artists and their entourages got into it, throwing bottles and punches.

As Rolling Stone points out, TMZ reports that, according to eyewitness claims, Drake and Brown were hanging out together in the VIP section when Drake jumped up and started yelling and pointing at Brown. Both entourages ran in, somebody threw a bottle, and punches were thrown before security broke up the fight. When police arrived at 4 a.m., Drake and Brown had left. No arrests were made, but a few people were injured enough to require medical attention. There was also a lot of property damage in the club.

On Twitter, Brown posted some since-deleted taunts at some nameless assailants, and he also Tweeted a since-deleted picture of a cut on his chin; Rap-Up has a screenshot. Meek Mill, who’s been touring with Drake and who’s also been rumored to be linked with Rihanna, was also apparently there, and he may have encouraged Drake to confront Brown.

My favorite version of the story is the mostly-discredited one I saw on Vulture. According to this particular (probably false) rumor, Chris Brown sent a sort of conciliatory bottle over to Drake, and Drake returned the bottle with a note that said, “I’m fucking the love of your life, deal with it.” If that’s true — and, once again, it’s probably not — it’s just awesomely cold.

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  1. Chris Brown probably looked like an asshole. Who the hell fights with someone in a wheelchair?

  2. Lol Chris Brown tweeted then deleted “Throwing bottles like girls?”

    ahhh how I wish Rihanna would have tweeted “Hitting women like men?”

  3. Chis Brown always tweet sand delete. he is so young and dumb..

  4. At least we know whose side the Autobots are on.
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  5. Yo how ironic would it have been if this brawl had gone really badly for Drake and he ended up paralyzed

  6. There is absolutely nothing more deserved than Chris Brown getting his ass kicked by the guy dating the girl that he beat (in a rented Lamborghini). Incredible!

  7. you would think Drake would be smart enough to not mess with this thug

  8. Looks like Drake had a nigga moment. I wouldn’t have put my image in danger fighting with lame-ass Chris Brown in a nightclub.

  9. we are lost and have no right to exist on this earth

  10. I lost 154%+ respect for Chris Brown when he beat up RiRi.

    I knew that when she came on the scene that the way Rihanna would be treated would set the tone for a decade or more of the African American community’s treatment of women. Granted, The Destiny’s Children and others have not been through such brutality, but RiRi’s situation just brings up the whole Tina Turner decade yet again. It is sickening and completely unacceptable.

    Good job Chris Brown.
    Go f*ck yourself, cause any WOMAN (not GIRL) in her right might wouldn’t do so!!
    bassgeisha out. :P

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